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Premier League name and numbers black/white

Manchester City name and numbers | EPL kit black/white

The second most popular color variation of the Premier League names and numbers is the black/white variant.

The by most widely used is white/black while navy, red, and gold are used rather seldomly.


Man City girl displaying the EPL names and numbers


and lets look at the plain letters and see how they look like when applied to the garment.


Man City EPL names and numbers


New Germany away jersey 2012-14

 Germany away jersey EURO 2012

The new Germany away jersey from adidas has been released end of February 2012.

The theme of the jersey is reflected in the collar. It says 1972 – 2012. 40th anniversary of the German 1972 victory. Germany has now gone without a victory in a major tournament since 1996. Long time for the Germans whom have won titles in 1954, 1974, 1990 and 1972 , 1980 , and 1996. In other words the longest draught since the 20 years between 54 and 74. 


Germany away jersey EURO 2012


The jersey is green with white 3-stripes and white bands at the arm edges. Crew neck collar and the usual suspects of adidas and DFB logos to the chest.

The name and number kit is white – adidas 2012 style.

Manchester United Product Reviews

Review: Man United home youth jersey 10-11

 Review: Man United youth jersey 10-11


by MM Sports Joker ambassador AH

Today I am writing a review of a Manchester United boy’s medium size jersey. First off, my daughter Marley is 10 years old and loves Manchester United. Her favorite player is Wayne Rooney. Her eyes lit up when this jersey arrived in the mail. I own a few United jerseys and my 9 month old son has United baby clothes so my daughter was stoked for this. I think there is a family picture in our near future. But back to the jersey. It is in last year’s style with a white collar that you can stick up and pretend you are Eric Cantona wearing his old Sharp jersey from the 90s. The Aon logo is prominent on the front of the jersey with the Nike swoosh above the right breast. Above the heart is the United crest but on the inside of the jersey on the backside of the crest, it says “BELIEVE”.  That is an awesome touch to it. Every United fan knows that you never give up or stop believing. While Sir Alex Ferguson is manager, the team will always have that dynamic that they can overcome any obstacle. True Reds always believe. On the left front there is a small patch that says “Authentic designed to the exact specifications of the championship athletes.” Also on the patch is another swoosh and a 9 digit number. The right front has DRI FIT stitched on it. A stripe runs from shoulder to shoulder with a devil on the left shoulder. Behind the collar on the back is a MUFC. The fabric feels nice and cool on your skin according to my daughter. “This is the coolest Jersey in the entire world,” Marley said. “I am so happy to wear this.” Then my daughter went on to sing the Gary Neville song. This jersey is truly great and would be a treasure for any young United supporter. Any parent who loves their kid should buy this now.

Manchester United home jersey 10-11 youth



Manchester United Product Reviews

Review: Manchester United away shorts and socks

Manchester United Teamwear Socks.

 The 2011/2012 Manchester United Away Nike Socks are beyond anything you could ever expect from a pair of socks.  Not only are they dri-fit and ventilated in the calf they have built in arch support.  These socks are extremely comfortable on the pitch.  The specialized cushioning on the pads of the foot adds noticeable support.  I really love the ventilation in the calf, which helps with the normal chaffing from shin guards.  As a woman, I do not believe I find much of a difference then men do.  They fit incredibly well from the foot to the knee.  This is a plus as most soccer socks have a tendency to not fit the calf shape on women.  These are knitted for a snug fit and excellent performance.

They also have a very stylish look with the all black calf leading to a blue band at the top.  As a big fan of Manchester United, the Red Devil on the back of the calf is a personalized touch that is quite fun and adds a unique flare.  Off the pitch I found the Nylon Polyester blend to be useful for wearing under my winter boots.  As a student in Midwest America, I spend a lot of time walking through snow in my boots.  These socks double as excellent winter socks, aside from the indoor pitch, by keeping my feet warm and dry.  In winter boots or soccer boots, these socks are a useful buy for any Manchester United fan who plans to be on or off the pitch.

Manchester United Teamwear Shorts

The 2011/2012 Manchester United Away Nike Shorts are quite the buy.  As a female reviewer I have found two aspects that have stuck out: style and quality.  Starting with style, these are quite the pair.  I am usually one to borrow my boyfriend’s shorts when lounging around and these are very nice.  I would suggest a size larger then you would normally buy as they are Nike and run slightly smaller then other companies.  One female specific problem is that the short are not very accommodating for female hips, but as mentioned order a size larger would solve this minimal problem.  Other then this feature, I find them to be both comfy and look nice.  The style of solid black is always a nice choice, and I really like sporting my favorite team’s patch on the right leg.  A nice accent is the blue trimming on the bottom back of the legs, as well as the Red Devil insignia on the back.  The length is also very nice just slighty above the knee.  Now to the quality, I have said now in numerous reviews how much I love the Nike Dri-fit Polyester.  This fabric is as always excellent for both running and exercising.  Dri-fit is breathable, but still offers the support of compression.  The make of this item is of an excellent level of quality and I deem it a worthwhile buy.  I can see these shorts lasting for quite a while. If you plan to wear then on the pitch as a woman, make sure you pay attention to the sizing.  If you are just wearing them for comfort they are still a good choice.   These shorts are stylish, comfortable, and an extremely worthwhile purchase.


Manchester United

Manchester United collection 2011-12

 Manchester United Nike apparel collection 11-12

In Nike’s promotional activities they produce athlete photos in order to make the link between the player and the gear for sale. The players chosen to feature in these photos are almost exclusively player wearing Nike footwear. In the case of Manchester United the players picked for the job: Ferdinand. Hernandez. Rooney. Evra.


Manchester United Nike collection 11-12


The collection is broken down into three categories or silos:

The leisure wear / match day gear as symbolized by Rio Ferdinand.

The training wear worn by Hernandez Chicharito.

The playing kit presented by Wayne Rooney.


Man Utd collection broken down into 3 silos


The various backgrounds borrow heavily from the most sacred and most typical places in the world of football.

The stadium. The field whether being the training field or the pitch at the stadium. And here below the locker room or the dressing room.


Manchester United training gear locker room


Manchester United away kit 11-12. The photos must have been shot before May 2011 since they have decided to equip the jerseys with standard EPL badges rather than the gold Champs badges 10/11 which the club proudly wears this season. The short number barely visible is clearly the EPL standard style and size. So the photos have been made to resemble matchday action.


Manchester United away kit 11-12 Evra on pitch


And another distinctive look at the new Manchester United favorite Javier Hernandez. This time featured out on the training pitch with the statist frame in the background to emphazise the context.


Man Utd training field Javier Hernandez


No portray series is complete without the player tunnel leading to the pitch.

In this case featuring Pat Evra.


Man Utd away kit proudly worn by Evra featured in the player's tunnel


Manchester United Product Reviews

Review: Manchester United training top 2011-12


By Man Utd ambassador Bulent Bahadir


As you are reading this review, you are probably supporting a team, a football team. You follow your team, with every matches they play, with every club and transfer news, and one another thing supporters wait with great enthusiasm is clubs new merchandises. Here we have the Manchester United’s training shirt. A true fan has already noticed the training gears and I will try to review this great training top for you.


Manchester Untied training top 1



Main colour of the training top is old royal blue with randomly placed white accents. This gives a quite modern and unique look to the training top. As usual Man United club crest is at the left of the chest while Nike Swoosh is at the right. The fabric of the top is Nike Dri-Fit as football shirts are too.


Manchester United training top 2

Plastic printed Manchester United Crest

The training top came from MMsports is like a player issue one. There are some differences from the regular-commercial ones. First the club badge is not embroidered, plastic printed same as the match shirts that footballers wear at matches. That gives more comfort to the person who wears the top. There would be no tiggling or any other extra feeling that the back of the badge could give.



Manchester United training top blue 3

Air ventilation holes under the arms

There are plastic patches at the shoulders and back of the shirt. We can see these plastic patches at player issue shirts too (authentic jerseys). The last and most important difference from the regular training top is air ventilation holes below the arm pit. I haven’t seen any commercial top and shirt sold at shops with air ventilation holes. Only player issue items have them.

Man Utd training top Man Utd training top another view

 Embroidered crest and no ventilation holes

Note: I was in London two weeks ago. I also visited the MU Megastore at Old Trafford. These sneaky pics were taken at Megastore and some other football shops. You can see the differences I told before by looking at the pics. Thanksfully MMSports have the player issue version of this training top.

Manchester United training top window shopping

Training top displayed at MU Megastore

With the player issue details this training top looks absolutely stunning. You feel yourself like a pro while wearing it. It is great for personal excercise, football matches with friends or even for a casual top. This sponsorless shirt can match every occasion. Support your team with this training top, it is up to you where to wear it.


Ambassador Challenge 2

Football clubs usually launch 2 or 3 football shirts every year. And we supporters always await the launch with great expectations. Some first impressions could be very high or sometimes we dont like what we see at first. At the end this is our club’s shirts and we would get used to it with the start of the league. One shirt (Home shirt) will be for sure with usual colours and Away shirt with some changing colours. You dont have so much option about the colour selection. With the big price tag of the shirts, club’s other merchandises could come in front, with T-Shirts, Tops, Jackets, Coats, etc. Great alternatives to club shirts heavy price tag, you can also have various options of design, colour and price for t-shirt, jackets and coats. I preferably wear football shirts at match days only. But other days, I show my support for example with wearing a polo,a small red devil embroidered at the chest (as simple as it can be), or if the weather is cold, just put on my Man United jacket. You dont have to go to work with a big sponsored shirt, the most beneficial design of leisure wear is that they have no big sponsors printed to ruin the design. You dont have to walk like a big commercial billboard. I have the flexibility of club wear merchandises that football shirts couldnt offer. You have only two options for football shirts every year, home and away. If you dont like the design, you can choose whatever you want from the leasurewear selection to support your team. Isnt it the reason, SUPPORT YOUR TEAM?

Bulent Bahadır / Istanbul 




Manchester United Product Reviews

Review: Man Utd away jersey 11-12 mens

 The Men’s Manchester United Away Jersey 2011-2012: A Female Perspective

By MM Sports Joker ambassador Katie Scharra


While much of what I have to say about this men’s jersey is similar to my review of the women’s jersey, it is always nice to give the female take on how the men’s version of a jersey fits.  I will start with the style of the jersey, the royal blue and black stripes I find to be very appealing and quite different then most jerseys. 


Manchester United away jersey 11-12 mens



 As I have said the style of the Manchester United Away kit this year is my favorite.  While wearing a men’s jersey is usually a choice of comfort, I found this particular jersey to have many of the same problems of it female’s counterpart in terms of fit.  I found that the nike jersey for this type of style runs very slim in the hips and across the shoulders.  This prompts me to say if you are a female looking for a comfortable jersey to watch the game in- go for a size larger then you normally would.  Although I have my qualms with the style of the fit, I think that ordering a size would make it a comfortable game day shirt with that classic boyfriend fit.  The length and slim fit also makes the jersey go really well with a pair of black leggings or shorts.  The wide stripes as well are broken up with solid royal blue side panels making for a very slimming look, similar to the women’s version.  As always, the Nike Dri- fit technology helps give the fabric of the jersey both extremely comfortable feel and functional use.  I do think that the men’s fit will be a good candidate for the average kick about unlike the female style.  I generally like wearing men’s jerseys for their wider fit and added comfort, but this year’s Manchester United Away Men’s Jersey seems to be more a fashion piece then a comfort piece.




Manchester United Product Reviews

Review: Manchester United home jersey 11-12

Review: Manchester United home jersey 2011/12

By MM Sports Joker Ambassador Aaron Holtsclaw, LA

 When the famous red shirt of Manchester United arrived in my mailbox, I was excited. Though I own versions from the past, pulling on the kit of the greatest team on God’s Green Earth never loses its appeal. The jersey arrived unadorned with number which I am told is how adults should wear it. A famous podcaster educated me to that tidbit. With the rise of the other half of Manchester to prominence, it has never been more important to wear the shirt once worn by Best, Law, Charlton, Cantona, Beckham, Keane,  Scholes and countless other legends. Though the shirt sponsor changes, the crest that those greats kissed is the same. I like the addition to this shirt of the black and white stripes to the collar and armholes.  They add a little touch of color that doesn’t diminish from the overall look but makes it stand out from previous versions of the shirt. The crest remains above the heart of the wearer as it should be. Those who pull on this jersey should have the club in their heart. Since Nike began manufacturing United’s jerseys this is my favorite. The simplicity of the design harkens back to the pre sponsor days when the kit was all about the team. The swoosh is over your right breast smaller than the club crest as it should be. Nike is a great company but not more important than the club. Just below the back of the collar, a single red devil sits saying, “I will watch your back in case some City supporter tries to sneak up on you and cause trouble.” He really doesn’t say that but I am glad he is there to watch my back. The kit is put together expertly. There is no stray strings showing and all the stitching is nice and tight. Overall, the jersey is of excellent quality and something any proud Red should wear.

Manchester United home jersey 2011-12


Manchester United Product Reviews

Review: Manchester United away jersey 11-12


By MM Sports Man Utd ambassador Bülent Bahadır

It is a great honour for me to write a review of the Glourious Manchester United team kits. Every shirt with a Manchester United crest on it would definitely look fabulous but I try to be as objective as possible in this review.

Man United away jersey 11-12 Champs badges


This season’s Manchester United jersey is again supplied by Nike since 02/03 season. As its becoming a tradition Manchester United’s away jerseys are white and blue seperately for recent years. This season’s away jersey is blue and black colour, inspired by the blue kits worn in their several famous victories, including the 1948 FA Cup final and the 1968 European Cup final as in 08/09 third jersey was inspired from too. Main difference of this jersey from 08/09 third jersey is midnight navy blue and black striped hoops. These hoops are inspired by a previous United away jersey with the colour of red and white hoops and was worn for seven seasons between 1932 and 1939. With the combination of the old red-white away jersey worn at 30s and the victorious blue jersey, here we have the nice and modern looking 11/12 away jersey of Manchester United.


Manchester United team photo 1934-35 season

Manchester United 1934/35

There are eleven stripes on each hoop representing each member of the Manchester United team. There is a big difference from previous season’s jerseys, the club crest is no longer placed in a shield as it was in a shield since the season 07/08. With every merchandise of the club including the jerseys, training shirts, polos and etc, Nike used shielded club crest. Without a shield around it, club crest gets bigger compared to previous seasons so that it gives a nice and detailed look especially on TV.

Manchester United badges 2010-11 and 2011-12

Bigger club crest this season

Both Nike swoosh at the left side and the Manchester United crest at the right side of the chest are embroidered and AON sponsor printed on white colour. Jersey has a nice simple black collar and inside the collar “Manchester United“ printed. The back of the jersey features the famous devil symbol of the club in white colour which gives a nice detail to the jersey and reminds the club although team name was not written as most of the clubs do at the back top of their jerseys.

Man United away jersey devil

Famous devil of Manchester United at the back top of the jersey

Manchester United Jersey is made from Dri-Fit material, that’s recycled from plastic bottles(up to 13 discarded plastic water bottles used for each jersey) which keeps the body ventilated. Jersey’s template is same with the New France jerseys as they were the first 11/12 Nike jerseys announced. 


Manchester United away jersey Nani 17

Felt player name and numbering

Manchester United has EPL name and number printing as all of the Premier League team should have. After one year break, this season club will be carrying gold EPL champions badges on both of the arms. (Special thanks to MMSport, they are one of the few online jersey stores that apply Player Size Senscilla (Sporting ID) EPL Name&Numbering and Patches).


Man United away kit Champs badges 2010-11

Gold EPL patch 

All these small details come together and make this jersey look attractive and modern. This stunning jersey can be worn as a casual shirt, during the game or on the field. Previous two CL Final defeats with white away jersey, I wish this beautiful blue and black coloured away jersey brings the Champions League cup to Sir Alex and his lads. Glory Glory Man United.


Bülent Bahadır

Istanbul / 17th August 2011

Manchester City Product Reviews

Review: Manchester City home jersey 11-12

 Product Review: Umbro Manchester City Home Jersey 2011/12

 Immediately after being selected to a “joker” position by the MM Sports Staff, I was extremely excited to see what would be coming in the mail.  A few days after receiving my first shipping confirmation, the package arrived.  I felt like a young boy on Christmas, I had absolutely no idea what was in the package and I feverishly began to open the parcel.  I pull away the tissue paper and…Manchester City! My first reaction was utter disappointment…could I really review a team that I loathe so much?  It wouldn’t take me long to realize that despite our opposing views on how a team should be built, Manchester City knew how to dress with class.

It didn’t take long for the disappointment to subside because as I inspected the jersey closer, I realized that Umbro had produced one of the classiest kits I have seen for some time.  Since being purchased in 2008 by Nike, Umbro has specialized in producing kits unlike any of the other larger manufactures.

Manchester City home jersey 2011/12


                 The jersey is made like their newer England kits with the jersey almost feeling like a t-shirt.  The outside feels like cotton while the underside feels more like a traditional jersey. It is odd at first but the comfort is unsurpassed.  The vibrant sky blue color really stands out and received many compliments while being worn later that day.  There is mesh for ventilation around both arms and down either side of the shirt.  There is also an additional strip of ventilation on the shoulders located on the backside of the jersey.   The club badge and Umbro logo are both embroidered to perfection.

The color scheme is flawless because the “Etihad Airways” sponsor and Umbro logo are both in a dark charcoal color that sits on top of the sky blue beautifully.  The collar is v-neck and there is an inner collar that a checkerboard pattern of blue and white.  On the backside, there is a “Tailored by Umbro” and a line design embroidered on either bottom side.  The front of the shirt has polka dots that are dark on the bottom hem and they lighten and fade away towards the collar.  This was a nice touch because I think it brings the entire jersey together.  Aesthetically, it is a beautiful shirt.

In summary, I think Umbro did a superb job on the new Manchester City home jersey.  The color, sponsor logo, badges and overall aesthetics are all great.  It looks great to play in or for walking down the street and being casual.  Despite not being a fan of Manchester City, I can admit that it may be the best looking kit in the premier league this season.  It appears to me that Umbro did not hold back and wanted to produce a top-notch kit for City’s first champions league campaign.  I would recommend the kit for fans of City and for collectors looking to add a beautiful piece to their collection.


-Zach Jepson