Liverpool home kit 2019/20

The new Liverpool home kit from New Balance has now been released!
Liverpool home kit 19/20
The outfield jersey is red with yellow logos and white pin stripes. The collar this time around is crew neck style.
The goalie jersey is black with gold contrast.
All in all a very beautiful and stylish kit.


Liverpool in Nike come the season 2020/21 ?

The latest rumors from the rumour mill indicate that Liverpool may sign the largest kit deal in Premier League history:
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The new kit deal is said to he with Nike and is supposedly going to surpass the 75£m which Adidas is currently paying Man Utd  a season.
Liverpool Nike home shirt 20/21
New Balance has the right to match any offer as part of their current contract which pays Liverpool 40m£ a year. But will they be willing to double that amount . . . ??


Liverpool kit deal starting in 2020 with ………………… ?

The current Liverpool kit deal with New Balance will expire after the season 2019/2020.
Negotiations are currently under way for a new contract. Either with NB or most like with one of the following 3 heavy weights: Nike, Adidas, Puma.
Click here to read a speculative article regarding who may take over . . .
Puma having signed with Manchester City just recently,  Adidas having signed recently with Arsenal, and already having Man Utd under contract as well, as Nike being represented by Tottenham, Chelsea, and the English national team – well, none of them are really desperate to land yet another deal. Even if Liverpool is large prize to catch.
Liverpool will wear what in 2020 ?
New Balance will be left without any top team if Liverpool slips away. Celtic, Porto, Lille while being strong sides domestically and locally do not have the global appeal of a club like Liverpool.
Our money will be on New Balance renewing the current deal but at a high price. Most likely in the 70-80m£ a year range.


New Liverpool home kit 2018/19

New Liverpool home kit for the season 2018/19 has been released.
Liverpool home jersey 2018/19
The printing is white with black outline.
The goalie kit is yellow.
Liverpool home kit 18/19
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away kit due in June, and third kit in July.


Liverpool Champions League jersey – M. SALAH 11

The Liverpool home jersey is the same for the Champions League as for the Premier League. However, the printing is vastly different between the two.
Sleeve badges as well as name and number sets.
Liverpool UCL printingTo the left arm sleeve there is the UEFA honors 5 Cups badge + the UEFA Respect patch.
Liverpool starball badge UCL Salah
To the right arm sleeve there is the StarBall badge.
LFC UCL printingThe numbers on the back are in the special Liverpool style. LFC logos in the bottom of the numbers. The name is curved and not straight.
CNN visits Mo Salah in Liverpool click here to see the interesting reporting from the ground!


Liverpool third kit 2017/18 – orange

A third kit in orange with black contrast. A neon goal keeper kit as well as a training / leisure wear collection in black with gold contrast.
That is what you get from Liverpool for the season 2017/18.
Liverpool third kit 2017/18
The name and number printing is black with white edge.


Liverpool home player jersey – Coutinho 10

Liverpool home kit for the season 2017/18 is the 125 years anniversary jersey.
Liverpool home jersey player Coutinho 10
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Printing style is Premier League white/black.
The away kit is white with green contrast
The third kit is orange
Both will have black printing.
The name and number kits are from Sporting ID and the design is new for the season 17/18.


New Liverpool away jersey 17/18

New Liverpool away jersey for the season 17/18 has launched.
Liverpool away jersey 17/18
The jersey is white with green and black contrasts.
The official PL name and number kit for the jersey is black with white outline.
Liverpool away kit details
The home kit 17/18 is dark red
The third kit 17/18 is orange
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Official name and number print Premier League style is available for all jerseys.
and so are the official Premier League sleeve badges.


Video: Liverpool voted Remain | You'll Never Walk Alone!

The city of Liverpool voted Remain at the 2016 Brexit referendum set up to determine Britain’s relationship with Europe. Liverpool is the name of a city though it is often used as a reference to the its’ famous resident the Liverpool Football Club. LFC was founded in 1892. Thus 2017 marks its’ 125 years anniversary.
Liverpool FC is very popular across Europe and in particular in Scandinavia.

In Russia the 3 most popular international teams are: FC Barcelona, Manchester United, Real Madrid! But Liverpool might be 4th or 5th in a popularity ranking fighting it out with Chelsea and Arsenal has to who the most support among the Russian fans. AC Milan used to be popular when Shevechenko was in shape but lately focus has slipped away from the Italian game and most attention is directed towards the Premier League.

Liverpool home kit for the season 2016/17.
Watch Liverpool video here!
Liverpool home kit 16/17 from New Balance and with sponsor logo Standard Chartered.
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Very stylish 125th anniversary jersey.
Liverpool home jersey 2017/18
New Premier League name and number kit 17/18 available to accompany the new LFC kits.


New Liverpool home jersey 2017/18! Launch 19th of May!

New Liverpool home jersey has now been presented officially.
It is up for pre-order with shipping around the 19th of May.
The jersey is a 125 years anniversary jersey!

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A very elegant and classy jersey! Definitely a worthy design for the anniversary.
Liverpool home jersey 2017/18
A new style of Premier League printing has launched for the season 2017/18.
Liverpool will now have names printed in straight line rather than in a curve as has been the case until now.
EPL printing 2017/18
The printing for the home jersey will be white with black outline.
For the away and third jerseys it will be black with white outline.