Real Madrid

Real Madrid home shorts 12-13

Real Madrid home shorts 12/13

The Real Madrid home short for the season 12-13 is white with blue stripes.

The shorts numbers are in the same style as the back numbers for the jersey.

They even include  the RM club logo at the bottom of the number.



Real Madrid home shorts 12-13



The adidas logo is placed on the backside of the shorts.


Real Madrid home shorts backside



 Also the clima cool logo is on the backside of the short. So if the shorts number is included there ornamentation front and back on both legs.


Real Madrid shorts number 7


The shorts come with a string in order to adjust the width.


Real Madrid shorts waist elastics


The strings come with an interesting detail since they carry the club name.


Real Madrid shorts strings





AC Milan Product Reviews

Review: AC Milan home shorts and socks

 AC Milan Shorts and Socks Review


When it comes to the broad spectrum of merchandise offered under the license of an association football club, or any sport team for that matter, you know you will come across a wide variety of products, from those aimed at casual followers, to hardcore fans. Courtesy of MMSports, I’ve been able to review some great AC Milan products, with jerseys ranking as generally favored products and others such as the beanie hat and scarf acting as products for the slightly more dedicated fan, but of valued use. Well today, I’ve got my hands on two great Milan products essential to any heavily absorbent fan of the Rossoneri: the 11/12 AC Milan shorts and the correspondent socks. I’ve enjoyed observing these two for the sake of giving an in-depth view of all aspects of the products and their respective values. Let’s go!


AC Milan home shorts and socks



The Look


(I’ll be starting each section with the shorts, then the socks; following that, I’ll portray their function together.)


I’ll admit myself, I don’t consider myself to be at the dedicative level of purchasing much clothing other than jerseys and the occasional shirt when it comes to raw support for my favorite teams, but thanks to MMSports’ shipment of a pair of shorts for review, I’ve been given great insight into something that I’ve overseen for years as a football fan. Matching shorts make any jersey look much, much better. I’ll say it myself; I’m the kind of person you see outside wearing a jersey adorning a normal set of clothes, regardless as to whether I’m out playing, shopping, or otherwise, but the way that the shorts look with the jersey is just so fitting, that I find myself wearing them much more then I expect, in fact, I’m treating them a lot more like casual everyday shorts then one would think. What I’m trying to say is, there’s much more value to having your club’s shorts then just for diehard spectating and dedicated representation.


AC Milan’s latest set of shorts, fortunately, has not changed much at all. Milan is legendary in its iconic color scheme, as many teams are, but in my opinion, this year the shorts look better than ever. But if they have changed minimally, how can this be so? Take the following photographs into account.


AC Milan uniform Pato



AC Milan’s 10/11 kit, as you can see in the image on the left-hand side, sports a more focused, darker theme, with an emphasis on the large black and red stripes across the home jersey. Look around the kit, there is no white to be found, other than the shorts. So now, if you take a look at the 11/12 home kit on the right-hand side, you should get a bit of the “vibe” that I got with the shorts. With the thinner stripes, meaning less black, and the white collar and cuffs, it all comes together so much better. It’s ironic that the change in jersey improves the visual appeal of the shorts, but that’s not to take away from the value of the shorts in accordance to all AC Milan jerseys of all time, for I’ve come to learn that they just go great with anything Milan, not being Inter Milan that is.


AC Milan home shorts 11-12 full



To get to specifics, AC Milan’s shorts are one great big flood of maximum white. Along both sides, the symbolic Adidas stripes can be seen in a red/black/red scheme, one that matches that of Milan’s away kit stripes, as well as the general color set of everything AC Milan. It’s almost double value for the fact that these are the shorts worn in the away kit as well, so you could consider them, outside of the third kit shorts, almost universal to all jerseys of Milan. Sewn into the lower-right side of the shorts is a high-quality AC Milan emblem, just as it is on the home and away jerseys. On the back of the lower-left side of the shorts is the forever present Adidas logo, its own priceless brand of quality and clean, abstract design making itself known. Lining the outer rim of the bottom of both sides is the same, thin-line Italian national colors present vertically upon the jerseys.



AC Milan home shorts logo


AC Milan home shorts 11-12 adidas logo


The shorts pretty much go perfectly with any AC Milan top, be it a shirt, jersey, or otherwise, you name it and it looks great. The bold, total whiteout look compliments any top, obviously preferring red, black, or white clothing. Maybe the changes from previous shorts are minimal, but Adidas has really done a great job of respecting the main kit design this time; the upper-kit is a large influence upon the visual display of the shorts and really, I can’t stress enough how good they look with many different clothes, they serve the representation values of a jersey in a simply less extravagant way; I’ve been wearing them with completely unrelated shirts and they just look so good. The shorts are definitely the ideal addition to any Rossoneri fan’s set.

AC Milan home shorts


Ac Milan jersey + shorts taken together



Visually, the shorts are easy to see as either dedicated or casual; you could wear them to watch a match or play outside, but you could wear them when you go out in the summer and it would be no different from usual, everyday clothes. Unfortunately, the socks don’t work like that, but that’s not to take away from their value. I’ll talk more about this later but for now, here’s a review of the visual aspect of the socks.


AC Milan home jersey and home socks



AC Milan’s latest socks, produced by Adidas like the rest of the set, are totally black, other than a few other features. Near the top of the socks is another three-stripe design as sported on almost all Adidas products; the stripes are red, as is the text in the middle of the socks reading “AC Milan”. Near the bottom of the socks is the Adidas logo in the matching red of the other images, completing the main look of the socks. Around the feet, the socks sport many thin, colored patches and cushions, clearly for athletic purposes, and they are tinted with reds and grays. Overall, the socks look very sleek and go well, as with the shorts, with pretty much any Milan top, though you’ll be looking more to put these with a whole kit rather than just one piece.


AC Milan socks packaging


AC Milan full uniform jersey shorts socks


So what’s the deal with the socks? It’s very easy, they are great, and they match all Milan merchandise well, but they are what they are, athletic socks. You probably wouldn’t find yourself slipping these on when you need to go out to buy something or take a walk, but that’s not what their purpose is. They are great looking socks for playing a match and especially great when you want to really put yourself behind AC Milan as they step into a  difficult 90 minutes on the pitch. They lean a lot more to the dedicated fan style then casual follower.


AC Milan home socks 3 stripes


AC Milan home socks adidas logo



The Fit


Regardless of what they are for, both the shorts and socks are supposed to be comfortable, right? Luckily, Adidas has done another great job with sizing, build, and fit to make a couple of really good products here.


The AC Milan shorts are very, very fitting and comfortable. I recreationally play football outside and find that I need to find a nice mix between tight yet loose when it comes to shorts to play with. Well, no more, because football shorts are what any fan that plays as well is looking for. The semi-elastic waistband is easily adjustable, courtesy of the laces with which you may tighten the shorts, but you’ll find that even without using them, the shorts are tightened just right to adjust as you move. From there, the rest of the shorts are a thin and light material; you will never find them obstructing your movements. They hang with an almost featherlike grace that makes them ideal for any athletic exercise or movement. The shorts are most assuredly a great fit, all you need to do is pick a relative size and you know you can’t go wrong with the adjustability.


The socks are brilliant; they are a specialized fit with the fabric technologies of Adidas making themselves known. If you’re like me, you look at the packaging for something such as football socks, and you’re probably thinking, “what are these complicated words doing on sock descriptions, they’re just socks?!”. You’ll find that it’s all of the tiny little details that make them so great for slipping into your boots and moving, all the meshes and cushioning is subtle yet effective; the socks are even shaped and built around studied features of the human leg and its muscle movement! I’ve had other football socks before but they don’t quite hold up like these, others always begin to slide down quickly with minimal grip. I have zero complaints or negative comments on the socks and from an athletic and comfort perspective, they are the ultimate solution in socks. That goes for all socks of the Adidas line, obviously not just AC Milan’s socks.


The Final Word


Recently I reviewed the AC Milan beanie hat and scarf together; I was pleasantly surprised to find that though they are club merchandise takes on normal, accepted clothing, they easily seam into casual wear without a problem. I would definitely place the AC Milan shorts in that segment too, if you wear them right, they go well with certain clothes and you can hit a mix between an athletic and striking style. The same is not true for the socks, they are great in their own way, but you logically would not factor them in when getting ready to head outside for an everyday sort of activity.


Purpose wise, both products hit the spot. The shorts are great for slipping on with a jersey and watching AC Milan duke it out with another team and the socks are a fantastic addition as well, helping to compliment an already attractive fan set. Once again, both products are also great for athletic activities like walking or playing a sport, in the end that’s what they are designed for.


In the end, I think both products are very, very good, but I would consider the shorts to be perfect for any AC Milan fan, and the socks to rank more as an athletic or diehard fan’s piece of merchandise. They both fit the entire Milan look and work well with any jersey of any year, home or away, and there are definitely fewer ultimate ways to yell “AC Milan!”, then putting these on for a good, fun match of the beautiful game, no matter whether you’re playing or watching. I recommend both of these products to all AC Milan fans that are big on wearing jerseys, for these two will make the kit look complete, and you can’t beat a full set.




Chelsea Product Reviews

Review: Chelsea home shorts and socks

Review: Chelsea shorts and socks

 In this blog I’ve gotten to cover a lot of things Chelsea, from scarves to home and away jerseys. There is, however, one area that I have yet to cover, and that’s any area below the belt. So a Chelsea Fan is supposed to go through life barefoot with his bits all out and about, right?  I thought so too. Then MMsports set me straight with the official Chelsea FC home socks and shorts.


Chelsea FC home shorts and socks combo



The official home socks are white with blue bands around the top.  CFC is embroidered in blue across the front and a blue adidas logo on the back. The socks extend all the way to the knee. The bottom of the foot has grey padding that really helps give you a little extra padding when you’re blasting shots past goalies. Because the padding is designed to be anatomically correct, the socks are labeled left and right.  The material allows for your feet to breath a bit while inside your shoe.


Chelsea FC home socks CFC




If you’re lacking confidence, draw strength from the blue four on your sole representing the 4Premier/First division championships.


Chelsea FC home socks sole


The shorts are a great addition to your Chelsea gear.  Made of the same blue Climacool material as the jersey, they do a great job of wicking away the first bit of sweat.  The Chelsea emblem adorns the right front.  The white adidas stripes run down the sides giving it that race car feel.  I received a large and they fit quite nicely, with the bottom seam falling right above the knee.  They are also roomy and don’t cling like some shorts have a tendency to do. Whether you’re running up and down the pitch or just lounging around your apartment, you’ll be comfortable and look good in these shorts.


Chelsea FC home shorts 2011-12



                      While I would recommend both products, if you’re only going to get one I’d say get the socks.  I’ve become a huge fan of the padding and find myself wearing them a lot with my actual boots that I wear to slog through the day to day muck and mire. I may even try using them as my ski socks on an upcoming trip.  


By R.P. MM Sports Chelsea ambassador – Phili , PA – Dec. 2011




Manchester United Product Reviews

Review: Manchester United away shorts and socks

Manchester United Teamwear Socks.

 The 2011/2012 Manchester United Away Nike Socks are beyond anything you could ever expect from a pair of socks.  Not only are they dri-fit and ventilated in the calf they have built in arch support.  These socks are extremely comfortable on the pitch.  The specialized cushioning on the pads of the foot adds noticeable support.  I really love the ventilation in the calf, which helps with the normal chaffing from shin guards.  As a woman, I do not believe I find much of a difference then men do.  They fit incredibly well from the foot to the knee.  This is a plus as most soccer socks have a tendency to not fit the calf shape on women.  These are knitted for a snug fit and excellent performance.

They also have a very stylish look with the all black calf leading to a blue band at the top.  As a big fan of Manchester United, the Red Devil on the back of the calf is a personalized touch that is quite fun and adds a unique flare.  Off the pitch I found the Nylon Polyester blend to be useful for wearing under my winter boots.  As a student in Midwest America, I spend a lot of time walking through snow in my boots.  These socks double as excellent winter socks, aside from the indoor pitch, by keeping my feet warm and dry.  In winter boots or soccer boots, these socks are a useful buy for any Manchester United fan who plans to be on or off the pitch.

Manchester United Teamwear Shorts

The 2011/2012 Manchester United Away Nike Shorts are quite the buy.  As a female reviewer I have found two aspects that have stuck out: style and quality.  Starting with style, these are quite the pair.  I am usually one to borrow my boyfriend’s shorts when lounging around and these are very nice.  I would suggest a size larger then you would normally buy as they are Nike and run slightly smaller then other companies.  One female specific problem is that the short are not very accommodating for female hips, but as mentioned order a size larger would solve this minimal problem.  Other then this feature, I find them to be both comfy and look nice.  The style of solid black is always a nice choice, and I really like sporting my favorite team’s patch on the right leg.  A nice accent is the blue trimming on the bottom back of the legs, as well as the Red Devil insignia on the back.  The length is also very nice just slighty above the knee.  Now to the quality, I have said now in numerous reviews how much I love the Nike Dri-fit Polyester.  This fabric is as always excellent for both running and exercising.  Dri-fit is breathable, but still offers the support of compression.  The make of this item is of an excellent level of quality and I deem it a worthwhile buy.  I can see these shorts lasting for quite a while. If you plan to wear then on the pitch as a woman, make sure you pay attention to the sizing.  If you are just wearing them for comfort they are still a good choice.   These shorts are stylish, comfortable, and an extremely worthwhile purchase.


Product Reviews

Review: Nike team wear womens shorts

Nike team wear shorts women’s

 The Nike women’s teamwear shorts are the perfect choice for any women’s sports team or any woman looking for a comfortable pair of shorts.  I really like these Polyester shorts, and for me the fit was perfect.  Unlike most Nike products, these shorts do not run small, so please keep that in mind when ordering.  Sometimes I find that Men’s shorts can get tight around female hips, but with these made for women short there is no such problem.  The drawstring waist fits very well, and the lining is also comfortable.  For me the choice time to wear these is lounging around the house, but they are just as comfortable to go for an afternoon jog or play a game in.  I find that they are good choice to wear because they stay on without falling down, thanks to sticky elastic around the drawstring.  Likewise they do not attract static like other shorts, so you do not have the problem of them becoming too short when you run.  Along those same lines, the length of the shorts is also on target.  The shorts are not as long as men’s meaning they have a sort of stylish look, but also not to short that you would feel uncomfortable working out in them.  Unlike most Nike products, these shorts do not run small, so please keep that in mind when ordering.  I have not compared them to other companies such as addidas, but I think you will find the sizing to be about the same.   The color of my pair is Navy Blue and it did not fade going through the washer like others might.  Although it may not beat the shorts made out of Dri-Fit or Underarmour the Nike team wear still holds up as an efficient alternative.

FIFA WC | UEFA EURO Product Reviews

Review: Denmark DBU shorts and socks

Review: Denmark soccer shorts and socks

By Aaron Holtsclaw

 Today I am reviewing the remainder of the kit for the Danish National Team. I previously reviewed the jersey and I went into the history of the team and their success on the European level. That being done, I am going to focus on the parts of the kit that is often overlooked and under purchased by football fans. Myself being a Manchester United supporter, I own plenty of their jerseys but do I own the equal amount of shorts? No. There is not often times where you would wear the full kit for a team but seeing it together in this light makes me want to. The shorts are mainly white and made out of Adidas Climacool fabric. The fabric feels nice on your legs as you run or walk in these shorts and the contrast to the mainly red jersey looks very attractive to the eye. Above the right knee is the crest of the team which I explained the meaning of in my previous review. On the back of the left leg is the Adidas logo which features the manufacturer prominently but doesn’t detract from the main focus of the kit which is the team logo. As always, the Adidas stripes run down each leg in red rounding out the details. Of the few football shorts I own, these are one of the nicest. The overall look and feel is awesome. I would highly recommend these shorts to any supporter of the Danish National Team or to any American Football fan that has Danish roots. It’s a nice way to show off your heritage and support a great side in Europe. The last part of the kit is the socks. The socks are the same color of red as the jersey. The only other color is white in a few places. First, the Adidas stripes at the top of the sock where the elastic is dominates the look and says, “These are Adidas socks.” On the front of the sock is the DBU from the crest letting the wearer know that these aren’t average socks, they belong to the remainder of the Danish kit. The back of the calf has the Adidas logo in a raised pattern sewn into the socks like the DBU showing the quality of the craftsmanship put into these socks. Some socks have a heat transfer or thin construction to them which gives draws attention to the bootleg quality. It is clear that these socks are made of pure quality. The last feature is a number 5 within a circle. I am not sure if that is a sock size or something else but in US sizes, I wear a size 13 shoe and my feet fit comfortably inside these socks. They have the right amount of compression and room so they aren’t too constrictive. I am a big fan of socks and these are some of my favorites.  Though I am American, getting the chance to review this kit and explore the history of this team has turned me into a supporter. I can proudly wear these when I watch the team play in the future.

Chelsea Product Reviews

Product Description: Chelsea youth shorts 11-12

Look Cool And Stay Comfortable With The Adidas Chelsea Youth Soccer Shorts Item #V13912 



Manufactured by Adidas, these shorts are guaranteed to keep you comfortable while helping you look good at the same time. The shorts are made from 100% Clima Cool Polyester, so your sweat is pulled away from your body and you stay cooler whether you are playing a game, working out, or just relaxing around the house. The Adidas Chelsea soccer shorts are made to be durable, so they can stand up to all of your great moves and last a long time. The exquisite logo on the right front panel of the shorts add to the appealing look of these shorts, and the elastic waistband ensures a proper fit and comfortable wear. Available in sizes ranging from youth extra small to youth extra large, it is a sure bet that every young soccer player will love to wear these shorts out on the field.


Chelsea home shorts 11-12 youth


Buying the Adidas Chelsea youth soccer short is very easy and convenient when online ordering is used. These shorts can be found at fantastic savings when you compare prices online, and the price you pay can be less than $50. The white striping on the sides of the short add a decorative edge, and the comfortable fabric offers flexibility in movement that many other shorts can not provide. The blue and white colors offer a nice contrast and sporty fashionable look, and the fact that this apparel is machine washable is just an added bonus. Designed to stand up to rugged wear and hard play, these shorts are also designed to look great the entire time and offer an ideal fit both on and off the field.