Juve home kit /22 – standard printing

The official name and number printing is a licensed product and thus the price is significantly more expensive than a standard transfer print. Below and example of a standard printing and not the official style.

Below is the official font from the same season 21/22.

The main difference being the club logo in the numbers.

Various Clubs . . .

West Ham 21/22 home jersey

West Ham United has managed to establish itself as one of the main contenders to the much fabeled Top 6. West Ham in the second tier of the PL in a group alongside with Leiceister, Everton, Southampton.

While the top 6 are all kitted out by the Big3 in sporting goods and apparel: Adidas, Nike, Puma, West Ham is kitted out by Umbro.

Leiceister is by adidas, while Hummel sponsors Southampton, and Everton.

The home colors are always brown and skyblue.

In this version of the jersey the logo has been sharpened with a more contemporary design, and a Premier League badge has been added to the right arm sleeve. All in all a pretty stylish kit.

Manchester United

Man Utd away kit 17/18 – McTom #39

Man Utd will always wear a red home shirt. However, the away and third kits can come in many different colors and design variations. Among the variations which are rotating is a black colorway. The away kit for the 17/18 season was indeed black. Below we will try to rotate the jersey 360 degrees in order to be able to show it from all sides, all angles.





The printing is from Sporting ID / Avery Dennison.

The badges are from Sporting ID. Last season with 2 Premier League sleeve badges. Starting with the season 18/19 there would be a sponsor log oon the left arm sleeve.


Denmark EURO 2021 3rd kit – Højbjerg 23

Denmark like most other national teams have 2 strips as standard. But for the EURO 2020 hosted in 2021 a third kit was introduced on top of the standard red home kit and the standard white away kit.

This third kit was an all red affair based on the design template from the World Cup 1986. A very neat jersey.

The printing is from Jetsport in the Danish town of Viborg.

A bright white color and a rather stylish font.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid 21/22 jersey – Vinicius Junior 20

Real Madrid starlet wears the number 20 jersey for now. But how long until he will be promoted for the number 7 jersey. . . Or maybe he happens to be happy with the number 20 he wears for now.

The printing on the jersey has gone from Vinicius Jr. to now just featuring VINI JR.

Very stylish design for the season 21/22. The jersey is provided by adidas while the printing is from Avery Dennison.

The away jersey is also a smash hit. Deep blue. Orange contrast. Bright white name and number.

The Long Sleeve home jersey does not reveal much compared to the short sleeve jersey. Nothing detracts either though.

AC Milan

AC Milan 21/22 away kit – Ibra 11

The AC Milan away jersey for the season 21/22 is a stylish beige colored strip. The light beige color goes well with the red and black contrasting colors. Rosso/Nero. The real treat though is the name and number kit.

The official name and number printing is a very stylish outfit with a beautiful pattern all kept in black and red.

In order to truly appreciate the details a close-up shot provides better coverage.

Great job by Stilscreen which is the exclusive provider of the official and licensed name and number kit.

The jersey itself is of course by Puma.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid 21/22 UCL badges

Real Madrid has won the Champions League 13 times. Thus they have the right to wear the UEFA badge of honors with the number of the titles they have won engraved.

The design changed prior to the season 21/22. Previously there was the BoH badge to the left arm sleeve alongside a Respect logo. To the right arm sleeve there was the Star Ball. Now the three badges have been comprised into two and both of them placed on the right arm sleeve.

The main idea behind this change is that it leaves the left arm open for yet another sponsor logo.

UEFA foundation for children is a new program launched by UEFA in order to support children in impoverished areas of Europe.

The badges go onto the short sleeve version as well as the long sleeve version.

Various Clubs . . .

Ajax 21/22 kit – standard printing

Ajax is having a great run in the Champions League this season 21/22. Is there another group of young talented players about to make the leap to the upper eschelon of the football world ?

Ajax does not have a big fanbase outside of Holland though. Thus it is not worth it to offer the official Ajax printing for their shirts. However, it came out that the official printing for the Denmark EURO 2021 shirt was actually a very good fit. The main advantage being that the design was rather narrow whereby it fits onto the red bar of the Ajax shirt.

Even on a relatively small youth size is it possible to fit in the name and number kit, at least upto around 6,7 letters.

The sleeve badges though are the real deal from Sporting ID. An UEFA licensed product.

Ajax Amsterdam has won the UCL 4 times. Thus they have the right to wear 4* StarBall badge. Below the StarBall is the sponsor logo UEFA Foundation which is a program by UEFA in order to help youth football in impoverished parts of Europe.

A beautiful and stylish kit with a cool logo which has benefitted from a re-design. The new design is more simplistic and it is easier to destill the details.


Arsenal home jersey 21/22 – Smith Rowe 10

Arsenal plays in the English Premier League thus they have to apply a specific name and number kit as well as sleeve badge for the matches in the EPL.

Furthermore there is the latest addition with the No Room For Racism badge below the EPL badge.

The rising star on the Arsenal team is Emile Smith-Rowe who also got his debut with 3 Lions during the fall 21 campaign.