Real Madrid

Real Madrid 23/24 home shirt – CARVAJAL 2

Dani Carvajal has been with Real Madrid for quite a while already. But more recently he has started to be featured more prominently than what was previously the case. He is Spaniard and the only Spaniard who sees regular playing time with Real currently. In the future he might have become the captain of the football club.

Not many jerseys are currently sold with the CARVAJAL 2 at the back. But it is not impossible that once the Mbappe fever has faded that this could happen.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid 23/24 home kit – CAMAVINGA 12

The Real Madrid home kit 23/24 is indeed a beauty. The printing on the back is a blue font and the club logo embedded in the number provides an elegant contrast. Orange.

The name is constructed by aligning letters thus the line of letters takes up more space than when a name is delivered as a nameblock.


Denmark 1986 home jersey – retro

The World Cup 1986 in Mexico was remembered for the antics of Diego Maradona more than anything else. However, a side story to the main narrative was the Danish Dynamite taking the world by storm before crashing out in a crushing defeat to Spain. The Hummel shirts worn during the tournament have become legendary regardless.

The official printing at the time would only include back number but no name and no front number. Thus the image below is not 100% true to history. But the player featured was indeed an important of the 1986 team.

Elkjaer-Larsen as he was known in Italy was the prolific striker netting 4-5 times in Mexico and ending among the topscorers of the tournament not far behind Gary Lineker.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid 23/24 away jersey – VINI JR. 7

Player of the year for the season 22/23 Vinicius Junior is also among the top players for the season 23/24.

The new La Liga design is out. Not sure why they opted for a red/white color scheme. But regardless this is how the official badge looks like.

The official RM away/third printing for the season 23/24 is an orange font. Looks decent. Replicates the shade of the contrast color of the home jersey.


Liverpool 3rd jersey 2023/24 – SZOBOSZLAI 8

Liverpool FC third jersey 2023/24 is purple with black contrast. Quite stylish regardless the dubious choice of color. It has to mentioned as well that there are also a number of white features front and sleeve.

The sleeve badge is clearly visible though the color scheme is slightly similar to the purple color of the jersey.

The white outline of the Premier League logo does help to make it more visible.

and finally the official Premier League name and number kit. White with black outline, and black PL logo at the bottom of the number.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid 17/18 home jersey – SERGIO RAMOS 4

The hero from Kiev, Sergio Ramos, whom alongside with Gareth Bale and Kareem Benzema took out the wild northeners from Liverpool FC.

White background and bottle green contrast. Quite an elegant kit.

and full size to the front.

And finally the official name and number kit.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid 16/17 home jersey L/S – BALE 11

The Real Madrid 16/17 home jersey in a Long Sleeve version with La Liga sleeve badge and the official name and number printing BALE 11. First up the close-up of the jersey to investigate the finer details.

Next let’s take a look at the jersey as it unfolds. The shape is a bit inward which makes it folds at the lower part.

And let’s move on to sleeve badges and printing. A cursive style font very difficult to align as the image will indicate. LFP is out at the marker on the sleeve badge and the new design sports La Liga instead.

And from a slightly different angle. same jersey as above but in the below photo the alignment of the printing looks better.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid 16/17 home jersey – RONALDO 7

Real Madrid home jersey 2016/17 comes with a polo collar. Not always a fan favorite. Bottom down collar carries a bit of the same stigma. But at least it is white ))

adidas had opted for stripes down the side rather than the traditional positioning on the shoulders.

Blue purplish name and number kit. In this case with the player who among many fans is considered as the best Real Madrid player EVER – the man himself: CR7 aka Cristiano Ronaldo …………

Real Madrid

Real Madrid 16/17 goal-keeper jersey – NAVAS 1

Keylor Navas came in to replace Iker Casillas, the Real Madrid and Spain legend. Navas did a decent job during his time at the Bernabeu landing many titles during a very successful spell in the club’s history.

The LFP logo which had been staple of the Primera Division for a long time was exchange with the more simplistic La Liga.

The printing was a rather complex cursive which caused all kinds of trouble to align correctly.

Not perfectly aligned but fairly decent nevertheless.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid 13/14 home jersey – Custom Name

A very stylish jersey is the RM 13/14 home kit. Very simple in style but with a very beautiful interplay of colors, and a great pattern woven into the fabric.

Orange was used much to the dismay of some but it does offer a bit of freshness in the color scheme.

The sleeve badge is the LFP version which is to say that the league is yet to change the name to the more simplistic: La Liga

The name and number kit is pitch black with orange logo in the numbers.

The font is rather creative or artistic depending on the point of view.