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Spurs 19/20 home kit – custom name

The Tottenham home jersey 19/20 was a classical Spurs home kit. Lots of white and a bit of navy contrast.

The sponsor logo in red does not disturb the serene expression too much.

The name is a custom name. No player in the squad is called Benjamin. The printing is the standard Premier League font. Numbers come with the PL logo engraved.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid 22/23 home kit – Benzema 9

New Real Madrid home kit for the season 2022/23 was launched shortly after the UCL final on the 28th of May. 2022.

The new home kit is white (surprise , surprise….) and this time around with purple, black contrast.

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Real Madrid 22/23 soccer jerseys and custom printing!

The sponsor continues to be the airline out of Dubai, Emirates.

The name and number kit at the back of the jersey is black. The club logo is purple. The font is new for the season 2022/23.

Two options are available for sleeve badges. UCL and La Liga.

First up the UEFA Champions League version.

Followed by the badges to be used during the La Liga season 22/23.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid pre-match jersey – printing

Real Madrid and other teams wear a pre-match top which is used just for warm up before the match. After warming up they will return to the locker room to put on the match kit.

Below is the kit used by Real Madrid for the season 2021/22 for pre-match appearance.

And the same kit from a different angle, perspective.

Finally is an image showing the top with the official name and number kit applied.

The printing is the official name and number kit 21/22 used with the away and the third kit. The players do not have the pre-match top customized thus you will not be able to spot this variation in the stadium. This is a service offered to the fan who likes the top but would like to add the printing as well.

Misc. Clubs . . .

Newcastle United 21/22 home jersey – Player Name & Number

The official Newcastle United kit sponsor is the UK brand Castore. The NUFC logo remains the same as always. No fancy new design there. The basic outline of the home kit: black/white stripes remains the same also.

Button down collar, and mandarin collar. The sponsor is a Chinese betting firm I would assume.

The left arm sleeve is left blank. No sponsorlogo.

The right arm sleeve carries the official Premier League sleeve badge. This is an add-on and does not come as standard from the kit producer.

The printing at the back is an add-on as well. From the producer it comes blank. Retailers can then offer the customer to customize the kit. Like in this example with a player name and number.

The official Premier League letters and numbers are provided by the company Avery Dennison.

All clubs in the Premier League wear the same style of printing. The only distinction is as to which color to choose. There are 5 different to choose from: white, black, navy, red, neon yellow. All with a white outline, except “white” where the outline is black.

In the example above the choice has fallen on red/white.


Errea x UEFA Kit Assistance program

Small countries do not sell a lot of kits thus it is difficult to pursuade any brands to produce a unique custom built kit. The result being that they usually end up with standard teamsport wear + a federations logo.

UEFA stepped up the plate and paid a brand to produce unique kits for these smaller nations. First company to produce the selection was Macron. Now another Italian company got the nod, Errea.

So here is what they came up with. Pretty stylish outfits.

Which countries are not present there ? Well, how about Gibraltar, Monaco, The Vatican, and other countries of a scale similar to Luxemburg or Cyprus: Montenegro, Moldova, Iceland…

FC Bayern Munich

Bayern 22/23 home jersey – Meister #10

FC Bayern M√ľnchen won yet another Bundesliga title for the season 21/22. In fact it was the 10th in a row. Thus they have the right now to wear a Bundesliga Meister 21/22 gold sleeve badge to the right arm sleeve for upcoming 22/23 season. The jersey is always red but occasionally incorporates a contrast color.

T-mobile is sponsor once again.

Mia San Mia is the club’s slogan. For some unknown reason the club’s name is written on the back of the jersey. Bundesliga tradition it seems.

Qatar Airways is the sleeve sponsor. Behind the club is logo is lurking to the chest.

And finally we get to the main feature of the 22/23 kit. The gold patch to the right arm sleeve. 10 League titles is what is shown below the Bundesliga logo.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid Champions of Europe 2022

Brilliant team performance by Real Madrid last night!

Man of the moment. Vinicius Junior made the decisive goal.

Player of the year 2022 will be ……. Karim Benzema … Who else is out there ?

He will join another Madrid legend, Luke Modric #10 who won the award back in 2018.

Impressive performance by los Blancos!

Real Madrid

Real Madrid 17/18 home kit – Ronaldo 7

Today is the 27th of May 2022. Tomorrow it will be the 28th of May 2022. On this day Real Madrid will play Liverpool FC in Paris in the UCL final. A repeat of the match on the 26th of May 2018 in Kiev.

On that day in Kiev Real Madrid wore the kit here below. A apart from the fact that the badge was the UCL sleeve badge and not the La Liga patch.

Ronaldo was not the man of the moment in Kiev, at least not directly.

Benzema and Bale , the BB of the BBC trio provided the goals for the Madrid 3-1 victory.

Will there be a repeat by tomorrow ? BBV (Benz, Bale, Vini)

Last time a non-European club won the FIFA World Club championship was back in 2021 when Corinthians beat Chelsea. European clubs have been increasingly dominant since then.