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Premier League name and numbers black/white

Manchester City name and numbers | EPL kit black/white

The second most popular color variation of the Premier League names and numbers is the black/white variant.

The by most widely used is white/black while navy, red, and gold are used rather seldomly.


Man City girl displaying the EPL names and numbers


and lets look at the plain letters and see how they look like when applied to the garment.


Man City EPL names and numbers

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Premier League Champs badges

Premier League Champs badges | EPL gold badges

Premier League gold badges are worn by the reigning champs of the previous season.

Manchester City won the English Premier League for the season 11/12 thus during the season 12/13 they have been wearing the gold badges.

For the season 13/14 Manchester United as the reigning champs will be equipped with the golden badges.

Contrary to other leagues the Premier League has decided that there should be a badge featuring the league on each sleeve so in fact there is a set with two badges.


Man City EPL champs badges 11-12


The Manchester City gold badge features the EPL logo prominantly as well the sponsor Barclays.


Man City champs badge right arm sleeve