Manchester United Product Reviews

Review: Manchester United away shorts and socks

Manchester United Teamwear Socks.

 The 2011/2012 Manchester United Away Nike Socks are beyond anything you could ever expect from a pair of socks.  Not only are they dri-fit and ventilated in the calf they have built in arch support.  These socks are extremely comfortable on the pitch.  The specialized cushioning on the pads of the foot adds noticeable support.  I really love the ventilation in the calf, which helps with the normal chaffing from shin guards.  As a woman, I do not believe I find much of a difference then men do.  They fit incredibly well from the foot to the knee.  This is a plus as most soccer socks have a tendency to not fit the calf shape on women.  These are knitted for a snug fit and excellent performance.

They also have a very stylish look with the all black calf leading to a blue band at the top.  As a big fan of Manchester United, the Red Devil on the back of the calf is a personalized touch that is quite fun and adds a unique flare.  Off the pitch I found the Nylon Polyester blend to be useful for wearing under my winter boots.  As a student in Midwest America, I spend a lot of time walking through snow in my boots.  These socks double as excellent winter socks, aside from the indoor pitch, by keeping my feet warm and dry.  In winter boots or soccer boots, these socks are a useful buy for any Manchester United fan who plans to be on or off the pitch.

Manchester United Teamwear Shorts

The 2011/2012 Manchester United Away Nike Shorts are quite the buy.  As a female reviewer I have found two aspects that have stuck out: style and quality.  Starting with style, these are quite the pair.  I am usually one to borrow my boyfriend’s shorts when lounging around and these are very nice.  I would suggest a size larger then you would normally buy as they are Nike and run slightly smaller then other companies.  One female specific problem is that the short are not very accommodating for female hips, but as mentioned order a size larger would solve this minimal problem.  Other then this feature, I find them to be both comfy and look nice.  The style of solid black is always a nice choice, and I really like sporting my favorite team’s patch on the right leg.  A nice accent is the blue trimming on the bottom back of the legs, as well as the Red Devil insignia on the back.  The length is also very nice just slighty above the knee.  Now to the quality, I have said now in numerous reviews how much I love the Nike Dri-fit Polyester.  This fabric is as always excellent for both running and exercising.  Dri-fit is breathable, but still offers the support of compression.  The make of this item is of an excellent level of quality and I deem it a worthwhile buy.  I can see these shorts lasting for quite a while. If you plan to wear then on the pitch as a woman, make sure you pay attention to the sizing.  If you are just wearing them for comfort they are still a good choice.   These shorts are stylish, comfortable, and an extremely worthwhile purchase.