FC Bayern Munich

FC Bayern home jersey 11-13

FC Bayern Munich 2011/2013 Home Jersey Review

(With player #31, Schweinsteiger customization.)


Bayern Munich, as it stands, have an impressive 12 point lead at the top of the Bundesliga table in Germany. In 20 matches, they have obtained 51 points from 60 possible, and that’s just because of a single loss and three draws. If that was not impressive on its own, their goal difference is an astonishing +44, that’s 51 goals scored, and just 7 conceded! Why does this all matter? Because Bayern Munich are veteran German legends, and their feisty lunge to retrieve what they believe is rightfully theirs, the Bundesliga title, needs to be supported by the look of a champion on the field. Bayern Munich’s 11/13 Home Jersey does just that, bringing a simplistic yet intimidating look that keeps the roar of Die Roten ringing throughout the competitive premier football league of Germany.


With an astounding league run, a top-notch squad, and the incredible incoming manager of Josep Guardiola just around the corner, the only thing Munich fans need to know is to keep their feet on the ground so that they don’t take off in heavenly bliss. It’s going to be hard to deny the title to FC Bayern Munich this year.


As I review their home jersey, as seen in the 11/12 season and now in the current 12/13 season, I’ll be looking at some deeper perspectives than ever before, appreciating and detailing the custom value of a jersey such as this, printed with “31 SCHWEINSTEIGER”, the impeccable German midfield maestro as seen on the field for Munich and the German national team.


FC Bayern home jerseyFC Bayern name and number kit


The Look


I’ve always been a part-fan of Munich to put it one way. I favor other clubs but I can and have appreciated the raw strength and machine-like consistency and performances of the wondrous Germany club. But in all honesty, I’ve never been a big fan of their kits. I find that their most recent kits have had way too much white and have given too much of a carnival-like feel, but this is just a matter of taste and does not likely convey the majority opinion. With this new home-kit, my taste wins.


FC Bayern fabric patternFC Bayern 3 stripes sleevesFC Bayern collar


The strong red color that is now the basis of the entire jersey is powerful. Gone are the large white stripes, be they vertical or horizontal. Adidas and Munich have brought a new look to the table that is simple and clean, yet manages to capture the ferocity of Munich with its small touches and elegancy. The cool red encompasses the entire shirt, but it is greatly enhanced by the decision to use gold as the trim and secondary color. The signature Adidas stripes down the shoulders: Gold. The thin ring at the end of the sleeves and the lines about the neck area and the lower-sides of the jersey: Gold. The personalization name, number, and club title on the back: Gold. I feel that the selection to use gold, and in particular, a shade that perfectly matches the four stars above Munich’s classy emblem, makes this a really nice jersey that looks very nice and regal. It’s sporty, both in its nature and use, but the design has its chin up in the cleanliness and simplicity. The glossy zigzag design on the front of the jersey, easily seen in certain light, adds a nice detail to the shirt that is subtle and suppressed.


The Deutsche Telekom AG sponsorship goes well with the new jersey, their signature “T” logo is not intrusive at all and it makes for a well-cut presence on the front of the shirt.


FC Bayern sponsor logoadidas logoFC Bayern club logo


On the back of the inside-neck area, the motto has been included: “Mia san Mia”, Bavarian text for “We are who we are”, a brief and proud expression that holds the clubs players, fans, and origins in high regard. It complements the comment opposite of it, on the back of the shirt at the neck. In bold text it reads, “REKORDMEISTER”! Shouting out the undeniable fact that Bayern Munich are a highly titled, record breaking team, the “Record Holding Champions”. It is a shirt with an exceptional touch of high-standing, but if not at the top, where else could you place the 22 time national title champions?


FC Bayern collar Mia San MiaFC Bayern sleeve Bundesliga badgeFC Bayern collar


My finishing comments on the look are that it just complements itself so well. The red color accented with gold is just such a nice look, and the choice to leave out obtrusive white segments and an over athletic design have paved the way for one of Munich’s nicest shirts in years. I’m a big fan of the look and I’m happy with their changes and the direction.


The Fit


Munich’s new shirt is a real piece of production excellence. I have many jerseys and I’ve been able to appreciate a broad diversity of fits, feels, and fabrics. I rate FC Bayern Munich’s 11/13 Home jersey as one of the best quality shirts.


FC Bayern adidas hologramFC Bayern clima cool polyesterFC Bayern size


The overall product, as manufactured by Adidas, is a work of art. The Adidas stripes are silky smooth and the club’s crest has a covering fabric on the inside of the shirt to avoid discomfort to the wearer from the embroidery. The quality is top-of-the-line.


The jersey fits very well. I always get my jerseys in USA Size “L” (Large), though I actually may fit medium better. I prefer a slightly looser feel of a jersey and it works well in all seasons for me. As is the case with pretty much all Adidas jerseys, I have no complaints with the fit and size.


I always approach the fabric of jerseys with a “is it thin or thick?” test and I consider this jersey to be a comfortable, mid-level material. Some jerseys can be great but the thickness creates too much heat or is abrasive and uncomfortable for movement, but Bayern Munich’s 11/13 home jersey does not suffer these issues. I’ve enjoyed this jersey in many conditions and never found it to be a hindrance to my task at hand.


The Customization


Once again, the generosity of MMSports means I have a great chance to review the added customization to a jersey, in this case, we can take a look at the printing of Germany’s one and only Bastian Schweinsteiger, number 31 midfielder for Bayern Munich, and number 7 for the German national team.


FC Bayern name and number


The number 31 is written in gold text, matching the accent of the jersey itself. The numbers are tall and thin; their bottom area containing the Bayern Munich crest in the color of the jersey behind it, as is the standard with most clubs and their customized fonts and decoration.


Beneath the number, the last name of the player, in this case, “SCHWEINSTEIGER”, is written in a slightly compressed text. I’m always iffy with longer names on jerseys but having sported “IBRAHIMOVIC”, “SERGIO RAMOS”, and now, “SCHWEINSTEIGER”, I can say that the text is perfectly sealed to the shirt and will in no way be a noticeable bother.


FC Bayern fontFC Bayern numbers logoFC Bayern club logo in numbers


Lastly, above the number, the title of the club, “BAYERN MUNCHEN”, is written in a smaller text than the name. I like the Club > Number > Player look on the back of the shirt.


Deeper Look on Customization and Personalization


Here’s a great opportunity for me to capitalize on the value and scale of a custom, personal jersey compared to an “off-the-rack” one.


If you like association football, you are most likely a fan of some particular club.

If you like a club, you are most likely a fan of a particular player.

If you like a player, you may be a fan of their national team and almost guaranteed, a fan of your own.


The way that tastes, preferences, and favoritism link together tend to go on and on, like a vine. That means that there are quite a few things that you like and directions that they go in.


For example: I’m Spanish, I like football, I like La Liga, I like Real Madrid, and I like Iker Casillas.

In some way or another, each of those things are chained, and I have a liking to each and every subject on the way. Here’s another great example, but this time, in reverse.


I like Miroslav Klose, I like Lazio, I like Serie A, I like football, and I like Europe.

Now, these aren’t representative of my favorite things, but they are representative of what I like, and what I would be willing to display when I go out to any destination. Maybe when I go out shopping, I’ve got my 2010 World Cup jersey of Miroslav Klose for the German national team on. It’s got a team I like with “my” player and it’s just “my” size. I can sport it when I go out and know that I’m not wearing a particular brand or a certain new fashion style; I’ve got my own shirt, my own style, my own look.


The true value in having a custom jersey is knowing that it’s “yours”. Everyone has their own tastes, preferences, and opinions, and a custom jersey lets you tell the world your side of things. An authentic jersey, even more so. To be able to watch your favorite club in official competitions in your own jersey or to be able to out with a custom shirt is where the value truly lies. Back in high school, I used to go in with jerseys all the time. I’m a big football fan, and to be able show my dedication and joy for the sport by wearing a jersey of one of my favorite clubs or national sides, I had a way to express myself in my own way. It was when I purchased a customized jersey that I realized the real strength of that expression.


FC Bayern name and number kit


Wear it loud and proud; getting a personalized shirt with your favorite player, number, or maybe your own choice of name and number, is a great way to make your own look while keeping to the things you like best.


The Conclusion


Bayern Munich’s 11/13 home kit is a great piece of eye candy. It’s got a powerful red base with fitting gold accents, it’s got a sense of nobility and flair about it that speaks volumes about the strength and history of the Bavarian football club. The simpler look than those of the past has created an incredible jersey that doesn’t need to be foolishly complex to satisfy the need for a modern design. It has been, and will continue to be worn by an overwhelmingly powerful force on the football field, at least until the end of this incredible run that FC Bayern Munich are making for the Bundesliga title. The jersey is of the utmost quality, accurate to size, and comfortable to wear. The player customization is clean and bold; the printing is very good.


FC Bayern home jersey front


My final say on FC Bayern Munich’s home jersey? Well, if you are a fan of Die Roten, you should get it right now. This is the best jersey Munich has had in years; the design, the quality, and the fit are all what define the legacy of Adidas. The simplistic approach to creating Munich’s home jersey has paid off with a beautiful jersey that will look good on the field, good in the store, and good on you!



Macron new technical sponsor of Lazio

 Lazio in Macron from the season 2012-13

LAZIO and Macron have announced the signing of an agreement for the technical sponsorship of the Rome club that  will last  the next  5 years, from 2012-13  until the end of 2016-17 season.

After 14 years Lazio – one of the Italian  most important club – has decided  to change the technical sponsor and it is quite significant that Macron has been their choice.

“The decision to link us for so many years to Macron” said the President of Lazio “reveals the confidence we have  in the programs and in the reliability of the company. We’re sure we will develop, over the next few years, important projects that will go far beyond the simple technical sponsorship”.

The same opinion came from  Gianluca Pavanello, CEO of Macron: “After the renewal with Napoli, this agreement with Lazio is a confirmation of appreciation towards us from  the top clubs of Italian League.. It is needless to emphasize the overwhelming importance of an environment such as Rome’s for the whole movement. We are confident that from this partnership with Lazio will arise over the next five years amazing  projects both for the team and Its supporters. ” On this regard  Macron and Lazio have already outlined  the presentation of a collection “Linea Fans” of leisurewear, available in the  “Lazio Style 1900” and in all retail stores Macron from next  August.

During the summer it will be presented the new official jersey of the Roman team that, for the first time, will have a custom label tag with a catch-phrase, that will surely  arise curiosity among its fans.

“The massive passion and the overwhelming enthusiasm of the Lazio fans” concluded Gianluca Pavanello “will be a great motivation for us to create ideas and initiatives always up to the tradition of the Biancocelesti team”.





Spain away jersey EURO 2012

 Spain away jersey | Spanish EURO 2012 national team jersey

Spain away kit for the EURO 2012 jersey. Xabi Alonso is endorsing adidas and is therefore often chosen by adidas for Spain national team athlete photos.

The name and number kit is black on jersey and shorts.

The game kit consists of sky blue jersey, white shorts , and sky blue socks.


Spanien ude trøje EM 2012 - Xabi Alonso 14


Other adidas players in the Spanish national team endorsing adidas are Javi Martinez, Fernando Llorente, Xavi , and David Villa. These athlete photos are also used for promoting the official EURO 2012 match ball – Tango 12. Each player is photographed with ball in hand.


Spain away kit 2012 for the EURO 2012


Product Reviews Real Madrid

Review: Real Madrid T-shirt

Review: Real Madrid T-Shirt

By the MM Sports Ambassador Sean Moran


The Real Madrid Tee is a very stylish and sleek looking t-shirt that any Real Madrid fan would love to own.  This t-shirt is a classic Adidas product made of cotton and polyester which is very breathable.  This shirt would be a great product to wear for training, fan wear at games, everyday activities, and it has a sleek look that would work in a party oriented scene.   It fits true to size and perfect for anyone with a muscular body because it accents the shoulders, arms, and chest.


 Real Madrid tee black gold



The jersey is a classic Adidas jersey style for Real Madrid but as a t-shirt with the Adidas symbol on right side of the chest and the Real Madrid crest on the left. 


Real Madrid tee sleeve Real Madrid tee top logos



The shirt has a classic v neck style with Adidas signature three strips down the shoulders and arms to the end of the sleeves in gold.  At the bottom of the sleeve it has R M stitched on the shirt witch stand for Real Madrid.


Real Madrid t-shirt logo details



The shirt also has a golden line down the side of the shirt that starts at the armpit and ends at the bottom of the shirt.  This gives the shirt a very sporty look to it that any sports fan can appreciate.  All together I feel that this shirt is a solid product that any soccer fan would love to have for the team and lucky for us Real Madrid we can have for a very affordable price.






Arsenal Product Reviews

Review: Arsenal home shirt 11-12

I’m reviewing the latest 2011/12 Official Arsenal Home football shirt. Made by Nike. This was released in June 2011. Made In Thailand

The shirt is very similar to the 2010/11 shirt but this shirt celebrates the 125th anniversary of arsenal football club.


Arsenal home shirt 11-12


The Shirt is Red with a ribbed style collar with white sleeves which feature a red rubber stripe down both arms.


Arsenal crest Laurels


The Arsenal Crest has 15 Lauren leaves to the left which represents arsenal’s strength “which arsenal and their fans needed at the start of the season” on the right of the crest there are 15 oak leaves which mark the founders of arsenal football club. Just Under The Leaves there is the dates 1886 & 2011. This is very similar to the original woolwich arsenal shirt but obviously without the dates. “Take a look at the history books” Under the crest there is the word “forward” this is to show the club will continue to grow and be a future force again!!!


Arsenal crest laurels close up


Nike tick is embroidered. The sponsor, arsenal logo are rubber material. All are well made and show quality which you would expect from Nike. Wash labels in the shirt are quite large & are explained in several languages.


Arsenal chest Swoosh


Arsenal sponsor logo Fly Emirates



Authentic Label on the bottom right corner – designed to the exact specifications of championship athletes product code 015948302


The shirt is Dri Fit which is the latest technology in sports wear- label reads Pulls away sweat to keep you dry and comfortable which I totally agree with as I often wear my arsenal shirt in the gym


The shirt size seems to be slightly bigger than other previous seasons, which gives more room for movement. The shirt is also light in weight which makes it more comfortable to wear


I have owned all arsenal shirts from the past 10 years and always wear them with pride this one will be no acceptation knowing the clubs history has been thought about and built into this shirt


Review by

Simon Gregory / Hull / UK


Manchester United Product Reviews

Review: Manchester United training top 2011-12


By Man Utd ambassador Bulent Bahadir


As you are reading this review, you are probably supporting a team, a football team. You follow your team, with every matches they play, with every club and transfer news, and one another thing supporters wait with great enthusiasm is clubs new merchandises. Here we have the Manchester United’s training shirt. A true fan has already noticed the training gears and I will try to review this great training top for you.


Manchester Untied training top 1



Main colour of the training top is old royal blue with randomly placed white accents. This gives a quite modern and unique look to the training top. As usual Man United club crest is at the left of the chest while Nike Swoosh is at the right. The fabric of the top is Nike Dri-Fit as football shirts are too.


Manchester United training top 2

Plastic printed Manchester United Crest

The training top came from MMsports is like a player issue one. There are some differences from the regular-commercial ones. First the club badge is not embroidered, plastic printed same as the match shirts that footballers wear at matches. That gives more comfort to the person who wears the top. There would be no tiggling or any other extra feeling that the back of the badge could give.



Manchester United training top blue 3

Air ventilation holes under the arms

There are plastic patches at the shoulders and back of the shirt. We can see these plastic patches at player issue shirts too (authentic jerseys). The last and most important difference from the regular training top is air ventilation holes below the arm pit. I haven’t seen any commercial top and shirt sold at shops with air ventilation holes. Only player issue items have them.

Man Utd training top Man Utd training top another view

 Embroidered crest and no ventilation holes

Note: I was in London two weeks ago. I also visited the MU Megastore at Old Trafford. These sneaky pics were taken at Megastore and some other football shops. You can see the differences I told before by looking at the pics. Thanksfully MMSports have the player issue version of this training top.

Manchester United training top window shopping

Training top displayed at MU Megastore

With the player issue details this training top looks absolutely stunning. You feel yourself like a pro while wearing it. It is great for personal excercise, football matches with friends or even for a casual top. This sponsorless shirt can match every occasion. Support your team with this training top, it is up to you where to wear it.


Ambassador Challenge 2

Football clubs usually launch 2 or 3 football shirts every year. And we supporters always await the launch with great expectations. Some first impressions could be very high or sometimes we dont like what we see at first. At the end this is our club’s shirts and we would get used to it with the start of the league. One shirt (Home shirt) will be for sure with usual colours and Away shirt with some changing colours. You dont have so much option about the colour selection. With the big price tag of the shirts, club’s other merchandises could come in front, with T-Shirts, Tops, Jackets, Coats, etc. Great alternatives to club shirts heavy price tag, you can also have various options of design, colour and price for t-shirt, jackets and coats. I preferably wear football shirts at match days only. But other days, I show my support for example with wearing a polo,a small red devil embroidered at the chest (as simple as it can be), or if the weather is cold, just put on my Man United jacket. You dont have to go to work with a big sponsored shirt, the most beneficial design of leisure wear is that they have no big sponsors printed to ruin the design. You dont have to walk like a big commercial billboard. I have the flexibility of club wear merchandises that football shirts couldnt offer. You have only two options for football shirts every year, home and away. If you dont like the design, you can choose whatever you want from the leasurewear selection to support your team. Isnt it the reason, SUPPORT YOUR TEAM?

Bulent Bahadır / Istanbul 




FC Bayern Munich Product Reviews

Review: FC Bayern Schweinsteiger tee

Review: FC Bayern Schweinsteiger tee

By MM Sports’ FC Bayern ambassador Ben Roden


 As the best and most successful team in German football, FC Bayern München have secured a spot beneath the international spotlight. To the joy of FC Hollywood’s fans, and the dire chagrin of everyone else in Deutschland, Die Bayern have become the face of German club football to the world at large. Like Spain’s Barcelona or England’s Manchester United, Bayern represent the best and brightest their nation has to offer.


Bayern showcases the strengths of an impressive football nation, so it’s fitting that their talisman, Bastian Schweinsteiger, does the same. Schweinsteiger possesses the all traditional qualities for which the Germans are known – physical strength, defensive prowess, and an unconquerable work-ethic – but also exhibits the vision and passing prowess that has propelled Die Nationalmannschaft to the top tier of the international game.


FC Bayern tee Schweinsteiger



If you’ve been dying to show your support for Bayern’s very own Vice-Captain-Fantastic, you’re in luck. This official Bayern Munich t-shirt showcases Schweinsteiger in all his glory. The black 100% cotton tee   features a full-color image of Bastian superimposed over the Bayern crest, accented by the player’s signature and kit number.  The print on the chest is vivid and glossy, as is the smaller Bayern crest on the bottom left of the shirt.


FC Bayern tee logo close-up



Since this is an officially licensed item, the Bayern crest is all over the place, from the holographic tags to the collar label – it’s cool to have product directly tied to the club, and it allows for the use of propriety fonts and images unique to FC Bayern.


FC Bayern crest 4 stars



In terms of material and fit, you’ll get what you expect – a standard, comfortable tee. It is 100% cotton, so plan for a bit of shrinkage.


My only complaint is a small one; an item of personal taste. While the design is clean and clearly rendered, it does seem a bit too colorful and garish – the kind of image that would look great on a youth shirt, but might be a bit loud for an adult supporter.  Overall, this is a well-made and fun shirt from the official FC Bayern Shop – it’s a perfect match-day homage to one of Bayern’s brightest stars, but I find myself wishing it was better suited for everyday wear. We don’t expect subtlety from Die Roten on the pitch, however, so perhaps it’s a tall order to expect it of their merchandise.  

Chelsea Product Reviews

Review: Chelsea FC base tee

Review: Chelsea base tee

By MM Sports Chelsea ambassador Ray Pottenger 


Chelsea Soccer Tee (Grey) A Simple Shirt for Complex People.


     There are seven days in a week, and society, with their “rules of decorum,” or at least your significant other, necessitates you change and launder daily. Sure you have the home, away and alternate jerseys, but what will you wear on the fourth day while you’re doing laundry? How about the Adidas Chelsea Soccer Tee?


Chelsea tee base



The tee comes in a great heather grey with blue adidas stripes running along the shoulders.  It also has a royal blue ringer collar. No one will forget what side you’re supporting as there is a Chelsea patch stitched onto the left breast and the adidas logo embroidered on the right.


Chelsea base tee closeup logo



The material is 100% cotton and is as soft as Mata’s first touch. Unlike a lot of shirts where the sleeves are attached at the shoulder, these sleeves are attached at the collar, much like the baseball tees that have come into style over the years.  The fabric, the stitching in the seams and the details are very high quality and should last a good long while.


Chelsea base tee 3-stripe sleeves



In case you were wondering about what I mean about the sleeves.


                      The shirt fits well but runs a bit loose. If you are on the small end of your normal sizing you may want to order down a size. Also, because of the style of the sleeves, they hit the upper half of the arm a little bit lower than your traditional jersey or tee.  

                      In sum, this is a great addition to my shirt rotation. It’s great for hitting up a pub to watch the match or lounging around the house.   Adidas makes a quality product and, barring unforeseen staining issues, this shirt should last a long time. 





Inter Product Reviews

Review: Nike Inter fan T-shirt

 Review: Inter fan tee from Nike

By MM Sports’ Inter ambassador Joe Palatano




The Nike Inter Milan t-shirt is an authentic piece of Serie A fan-wear.  It features crisp lines in the shirt’s construction, an athletic fit and bold color ways that make great use of contrast.



Inter tee screen graphics


Some standout points of this Internazionale t-shirt include the no-stretch collar, the durable yet comfortable material and of course the aggressive screen-print. 

The crew neck collar of the Nike t-shirt is made to last. Fitted from high quality cotton and made to hug and mirror the neck, this is one collar that seems fit to last without dreaded the crumple affect.


Inter fan tee full size


Unlike your average t-shirt, the collar is reinforced in the shirt’s interior with a ring of stitching and comfort fabric for optimum shape retention – added confidence that this shirt can be worn time and time again.

I would describe the material of this Inter tee as a silky cotton. It’s comfortable to wear, yet feels like it’s got some substance to it.

Quality stitching creates the athletic cut with its defined shoulders and appealing fit that can be worn casually or to classically pair with some jeans out and about to show your colors.

Last, but certainly not least, we have the essence of the graphic tee – screen print that is just plain cool.


Inter t-shirt screen print graphics



The front of the shirt features some unique and artistic imagery that really let the onlooker know – Internazionale mean business!

FC Internazionale Milano is known as Il Biscione, ‘The Big Grass Snake’ – and with this product we see an image of Il Biscione practically lunging off of the material. It is seemingly only anchored to the deep black background by the heavy block lettering “FC Internazionale”, being threaded through the script – very appealing visually, and sure to get some looks.

Also notice the bold and modern Inter Milan crest, well positioned in the upper right corner of the chest. With the dark contrast of black and blue graphics, the proud crest has some definite high visibility. 

Inter fan tee club logo





AC Milan Product Reviews

Review: AC Milan soccer tee

 AC Milan Soccer Tee Review

 By MM Sports AC Milan ambassador Enrique Madrona Jr. 

Outside of the realm of jerseys, AC Milan’s line of additional merchandise encompasses a diverse selection of products right for particular fans. For review, courtesy of MM Sports, I received the AC Milan Soccer Tee from Adidas. So, what is there to say about this shirt from the 2010/2011 Serie A champions?


AC Milan tee cotton black



The Look


This Adidas shirt is just as it looks; the base color is black and the entire shirt is just that. This tee does not try to do anything new or experimental, but in doing so, Adidas has perfected the art of the general shirt, and in their long line of official club shirts, what differentiates these products are the designs.


The back of the shirt, as well as the sleeves and all edges, simply displays black. This is all to bring the attention to the urban styled design on the front chest area. The lowest layer of the visual design shows the enlarged number, “1899”, representing the year of AC Milan’s creation. The text has abstract cuts and slashes, with a cool, almost urban design. Overlaying “1889” are five white lines, treated with the same look as the numbers below. Once more upon the previous layer, the recognizable Adidas emblem shape, the rounded triangle found on the bottom side rims of their jerseys, sits upon the white streaks and red year number. This shape is filled in black and upon a red line running across the middle sits the eye catching AC Milan crest. The layered look is refreshing as Adidas opted to use such a design in place of a simpler, colored shirt with just an emblem. Above the front reads the text “AC MILAN” and finally, the Adidas logo on top. Together, the shirt portrays a great representation of AC Milan, using a combination of Milan’s signature black, red, and white palette. Having the design enclosed within a sea of black is a great look that puts the focus on the sleek imagery.


The Fit


Adidas’s careful attention to physical fitting on their jerseys is not lost here. This AC Milan soccer tee is lengthened to give a great slim look and it fits fantastically. I have many large sized shirts and they all feel a bit oversized; this tee fits a bit tighter on the upper-torso, and extends downward a little farther than most shirts. The result is an apparel product that can look really great and stylish if the right size is purchased.


The fabric is very smooth, properly assorted through the sleeves and chest to keep it comfortably tight. It never feels too tight or movement impairing and truly, like all shirts, it all comes down to picking the right size. I would recommend that those that dislike light tightness to just pick one size larger. In terms of touch, Adidas shirts are always maximum quality at great prices, and that is exactly what you’ll find here; very smooth material that’s great for any occasion.


Like all fans, I love jerseys, and they are almost my primary matter of apparel for representing, but when it’s not match day and you want that subtle fan look with great comfort, these sorts of shirts are the ultimate solution. Along with other merchandise, this shirt can help you show your “Cuore Rossonero” at a great price. I recommend all AC Milan fans to grab this shirt now; the mixture of classic il Diavolo colors, the low price, and the casual comfort are all great positives of this product!