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New Ajax away jersey 2013/14

Ajax 13/14 away jersey

The new Ajax away jersey was launched back in early May. It is black with pink or rose.

Ajax away jersey 13/14


It looks like the stripes and logo may be hallucient and thus illuminated in the dark.



Most popular US sports ?

Where is Soccer ?

Click here to read the story on CBS Sports!

So which are the most popular sports in the US ? According to a Harris polls these are the most popular sports:

Of the adults polled, 34 percent said pro football was their favorite sport.

Baseball checked in at No. 2 with 16 percent of the vote.

Followed by college football (11 percent).

auto racing (eight percent),

men’s pro basketball (seven percent)

hockey (five percent)

men’s college basketball (three percent).


and soccer ? where is soccer . . . . ))


FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona away jersey 13-14 authentic

FC Barcelona away jersey 2013/14 authentic

The FC Barcelona away jersey for the season 2013/14 will be launch mid-June.

The theme of the jersey is the Catalan flag Seynara. The same theme has been used from time to time with Valencia.

Since Real Madrid will use orange in conjunction with both their new home and third jersey one may say that the general theme of 13/14 is that of Valencia. A good sign for the club by the sea ? we hope so )

But back to FC Barcelona. The jersey in the image released by Nike is the authentic player’s version.


FC Barcelona away jersey 13/14 authentic


FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona home jersey 13/14 authentic

FC Barcelona home jersey 13/14

The technical apparel sponsor of FC Barcelona Nike finds it opportune to launch different versions of the Barca jersey.

Thus there is an authentic players version. A replica version and a stadium jersey.

The authentic jersey is a performance jersey while the replica version is very similar but not quite the same tight fit. The stadium jersey is in a different material and the colors not quite so bright.

In the image below released by Nike the authentic jersey has been picked as the object.


FC Barcelona home jersey 13/14 authentic


Various Clubs . . .

Athletic Bilbao and Nike 2013-14

Athletic Bilbao in Nike from the season 2013/14

The Spanish club from the Basque Country Athletic Bilbao will start playing in Nike from the start of the season 2013/14.

Click here to see the presentation of the new Nike Athletic Bilbao kits!

It does look like the format of the jerseys is a regular teamsport uniform propped up with a couple of logos for club and league.

But maybe time was scarse and there was simply not enough time for a custom design.

Click here to see the Bilbao home jersey 13-14!

Shorts and socks will be black!



FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona and Neymar but which number?

Neymar will join FC Barcelona for the season 2013/14

But which number will the Brazilian artist wear ?

For the Brazilian national team he wears the number 11. But number 11 with FCB is already taken up by Thiago.

Another option would be the number 7. Number 7 is currently with David Villa but since he is rumored to be leaving Barca it might become available to take up for Neymar.

Watch this video clip from Brazilian TV visiting the Barca megastore and talking to a fan!


In any case number 10 is not available. Number 9 is with Alexis and apart from that there are no more prestigeous numbers for an attacking player. So it has to be either 7 or 11.

Well , eventually it seems like number 11 has pre-vailed. So it will be NEYMAR #11.

Latest development is that apparently the writing of the name will not be NEYMAR but NEYMAR JR ! but he will continue with the number 11 as he was assigned just recently.




Football Shirt Collar style 1213

Shirt collars of the season 2012/13

One of the major decisions to make prior to designing a football shirt is which collar to apply.

It gives the jersey a radically differnet look depending on which type of collar is applied.


AC Milan home jersey collar


Next we have a hybrid. Not the high collar but not a crew either. Slight mix.


Liverpool hybrid collar


Then we have kind of v-neck which also counts as a hybrid between high collar and crew neck.


Napoli v-neck collar


Finally the typical crew collar which we know from t-shirts but which can also be used with football replica shirts.


Paris SG crew collar



Various Clubs . . .

Napoli name and number printing 12-13

Napoli home printing 12/13 | Napoli name and numbers

The Napoli printing for the home jersey 12/13 is white with an accent of blue.


Napoli name and number kit 12/13


The club logo is actually made up of the fabric of the jersey filling in the hole cut of in the number.


Napoli club logo close up


White and sky blue like bay of Naeples.

The jersey comes with an additional badge. The Coppa Italia badge which comes pre-printed to the right chest.


Napoli home jersey Coppa Italia badge


The Coppa Italia badge is for the reigning champs of the Italian Cup tournament.



Various Clubs . . .

Official Paris SG name and number print

Official Paris Saint-Germain name and number printing 12/13

The official style of PSG name and number printing is white with a red edge.


Paris SG name and number printing 12-13


The logo at the bottom of the number is the LFP league logo. The LFP is the French Professional Football League similar to the English Premier League.


PSG official numbers for the season 12-13


The style of printing will continue throughout the season 2013/14.

For the season 2012/13 the printing was used for the home as well as for the away jersey.

For the season 2013/14 this style of printing will surely be used for the home jersey and potentially also for the away jersey.

The away jersey will be white but since the printing has the red edge it may work anyway.




Real Madrid

New Real Madrid printing 2013-14

New Real Madrid printing 2013-14

3 new Real Madrid outfield kits will be presented for the season 2013/14 + 2 goalie kits.

Base colors, design, and contrast colors will be different from the season 2012/13 thus it calls for new style of printing to go along. So there we go. 2 new styles of printing to accompany the 3 + 2 new kits.

Black will be used with the home and the third jerseys + the goalie away jersey.

White will be used with the away and the goalie home jersey.


Real Madrid home printing 2013-14


The logo at the bottom of the number is orange which matches well with the orange contrast color in the home jersey and the base color of the third jersey.