Real Madrid

Real Madrid away jersey 23/24

Real Madrid will typically launch 3 outfield jerseys over the summer. 2 goal-keeper kits. Later a third goal-keeper kit might be applied though it might not be available for retail. And after Christmas a fourth outfield kit might be launched.

For the season 23/24 Real Madrid would have black/grey away kit.

The man of the moment being of course Jude Bellingham.

Sleeve badges: can either be UCL or La Liga. In the example below it is the new La Liga logo introduced at the outset of the season 23/24.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid 22/23 away jersey – Vini Jr. 20

Real Madrid is going well. Everything is quiet at the club currently. A defeat at some point might blow up the supposed harmony but it would take a lot more than just that to take down the house.

The hottest property right now is Vinicius Junior. VINI JR. 20 as the shirt reads.

The other main actor on the scene at the bernabeu is Karim Benzema. Together the two make up quite a leathal duo upfront.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid 21/22 away jersey – Customization

The Real Madrid away jersey 21/22 is blue with orange contrast. The club logo plus sponsor logo are in white. The official name and number set is white as well. The away kit is used in the Spanish La Liga as well as in the European UEFA Champions League. Badges vary though.

Real Madrid away jersey

The sleeve badges in the photo relate to the UEFA Champions League. The tournament badge + the campaign badge, UEFA Foundation.

Real Madrid has won 13 Champions League titles thus far and therefore they have the 13 number inserted in the logo.

Real Madrid away jersey – Benzema 9. The by far best selling player for the season 21/22 though he faced stiff competition during the fall of 21 from Vinicius. During the spring of 22 “benz” has reigned supreme though!

Modric is the classic never go wrong… who delivers year in year out.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid 21/22 L/S away kit – Modric 10

Real Madrid away kit for the season 21/22 is a beautiful blue strip with orange contrast.

The printing is plain white , with perforated outline in order to highlight the color of the jersey below.

Whether long sleeve or short sleeve this jersey is a beauty.

Luka Modric’ definitely deserves the pick. He has served the club well and like any good thing he keeps on giving, delivering night in and night out.

The triumvirat of Casemiro, Kroos, and Modric is the engine of the entire machine. And the engine that keeps on humming.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid away kit 2015/16

The new Real Madrid away kit for the season 15/16 is an all grey affair.
Different shades of grey are used though for jersey, shorts, and socks respectively.
Real Madrid away jersey 15/16The contrast to the grey base color is neon green, while the sponsor logo is white.
The name and number printing to the back of the jersey is also white.
Real Madrid away shirt 15/16
The fabric is very soft and smooth and the pattern is slightly molded.
Full Real Madrid away kit 15/16
The t-shirt like character of the jersey vanishes somewhat when the jersey is paired with shorts and socks. The darker shade of the shorts makes the jersey come alive and become more business like. After all football is a serious matter.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid 14/15 away jersey Model Golden Boy badge

The Real Madrid away jersey was released back in June along side with the home kit.
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The pattern in the fabric resembles a star which is symbol to honor the rich and successful history of Real Madrid in Europe. When the design was conceived little would they know that Real Madrid would regain European glory the very same year that the jersey would be released.
Real Madrid away jersey 2014/15
The badge to the left arm sleeve is what we call the Golden Boy badge 2013 and is to honor the best individual player in the world of football for the season 2013.
Real Madrid away kit + Golden Boy 2013 badge