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AC Milan home jersey 2014/15

The new AC Milan home jersey for the season 2014/15 will launch on Sunday the 18th of May.
Last match of the season in Italy. As well as the last home match for AC Milan.
New AC Milan home jersey 2014/15
and what do we see ?
asymmetrical stripes
the old AC Milan logo has been re-introduced instead of the current logo.
white Adidas stripes to the shoulders and sleeves.
a high crew collar.
space at the end of the sleeves for sleeve badges
a pretty cool design for the jersey. Will the team do due justice ?

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AC Milan away kit personalization review

  AC Milan Away 11/12 Jersey with Ibrahimovic #11 Customization Review


Today, I will be reviewing AC Milan’s away kit for the current season, among their greatest away kits in recent memory. Alongside my study of the jersey, I will be talking about the greater value of the customization on this kit, the name and number of the invincible Swede striker, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and the power of his presence in AC Milan’s squad. You will be getting some insight into the player that has earned his place among football’s modern legends and his impressive run in Milan’s 10/11 and 11/12 seasons. As always, thank you to MMSports for this unique opportunity, now let us get this review started!


AC Milan away jersey 2011-12



AC Milan and Zlatan Ibrahimovic


If you know AC Milan, then surely you have heard of their latest exploits in competitions around the football world, and where you hear “Milan”, you hear the name, “Ibrahimovic”. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is an international football superstar, a player of the Swedish national side and the goal-scoring machine of AC Milan, the latest of renowned clubs he has played for over the years. Look back at the clubs he has played for and you will get a great perspective of this man’s skill, Inter Milan, Barcelona, and Juventus, to name a few. In football terms, Ibrahimovic is a household name; he is an incredible striker and performs with an impressive skillset unique to his style. There are never enough words to describe Zlatan Ibrahimovic, but one fact could sum it all up; “Ibra” is on a victorious streak of eight straight league titles, and that is with five different clubs. 


Ibrahimovic for AC Milan

(Image Sources, Clockwise from Top-Left:,,,


So what does Ibrahimovic mean to AC Milan? Many could argue that the 2010/2011 Serie A league title could be attributed to Ibrahimovic’s stellar performance supporting the club all season long; I am among those who believe it. His presence has been felt all around the AC Milan fan base, as well as the squad itself. He has brought confidence and great success to a side that desperately needed to hit the reset button after many losses, both trophies and matches, to Inter Milan, the club’s bitter rivals. His talents on the field have been compared to that of a conductor; he has attacking vision that relates to that of Ronaldinho, setting up goals and movements that would seem otherwise impossible. He commands influence on the field.


Now, it is time to look a bit deeper.


 After all that I have mentioned, how is it that this player’s name is not so frequently brought up when searching for players? Why is it that Ibrahimovic is more feared than other players? Let us face it, Ibrahimovic scares other teams, and it is easy to see why. For all of the skills he enacts upon the ball, he occasionally reveals a perilous temper. It has been said that Ibra plays well when he is angry; frustration does sometimes bring the best out of him, but it also brings the worst. He was suspended twice last season, and though a bit harsh of a punishment, he faced a three-match suspension after a cheeky slap in a clash with Napoli recently. His antics have been part of the reason that, though well-known and incredible as a player, Ibrahimovic is never brought into the “Messi vs. Ronaldo” discussion. Both of those players are also goal-scoring machines, but besides having more of a striking mentality and less of a dynamic support role, they also flare up less than Ibrahimovic does.



The 2011/2012 AC Milan Away Jersey


Now with a brief look into the modern marvel that is Zlatan Ibrahimovic, it is time to take a look at the kit that sports his name and number.



AC Milan away jersey 2011-12 Ibra 11



The Look


The 11/12 Away Kit for AC Milan is stellar. As is the case with most of Milan’s previous away kits, the jersey is all white with black and red details. The big new look this year around is the vertical stripe, half-red, half-black, running down the left-side of the front, right underneath the club’s emblem. The cool design shows an asymmetrical look that adds a striking uniqueness to the jersey and makes it more appealing than past Milan away jerseys. The “Fly Emirates” sponsor text, as well as the Adidas logo, are shaded in Milan’s particular red; last year the Adidas logo, as well as the general secondary color of the away kit, was actually black. Last year’s low collar has been scrapped for a more athletic neckpiece and the signature Adidas three-stripe design that runs down the shoulders are “Red/Black/Red”, another attractive visual aspect that does carry over from last year’s jersey. Lastly, a thin red trim runs around at the end of the sleeve.



AC Milan away jersey sleeve
AC Milan away jersey front 2011-12



 On the back, the top is adorned with this year’s exquisite “Associazione Calcio Milan” tag, written in gold with a thin, tiled Italian flag design beneath it. Just like on the AC Milan 11/12 home jersey, a thin strip painted with the national colors of Italy runs down the sides all the way to the bottom, a detail that is as subtle and elegant as it was when first seen on the home jersey. The customization is very attention-grabbing on the away kit; the name and number are in a rounded, somewhat fat font that emphasizes the boldness of the content. Both the name and number are a deep red outlined thinly in black, putting even more attention in the red details of this kit. It has a more AC Milan feel than the white away kits of the past with black details.



AC Milan away namekit 2011-12 Ibra 11
adidas hologram AC Milan away kit


The Fit


AC Milan’s new away kit has quickly become an athletic favorite to me. The jersey is of Adidas’ thinner, more heat friendly line of tops and it is easily felt. It has a less obtrusive feel than the home one, and the pointed collar calls for less hindering of movement of the head. Around the stripes of the shoulders and underneath the arms, the mesh segments of the Adidas Climacool technology help keep you cooler in the heat, and as the unusual Summer weather runs by here in America’s Midwest region, I’ve had a good chance to check it out.


Many Adidas jerseys, such as this one, are designed with longer torso shapes and I am a big fan of this choice. The jersey runs farther down but is a very good fit on the upper-torso and chest. If you prefer tightness all around, there are always Tech-Fit and Authentic variants, but for the more casual, shirt-like fit, these jerseys are the way to go. Adidas has done a great job here, as they have with the home and third jerseys of AC Milan.


AC Milan away kit collar 11-12
AC Milan away jersey 11-12 Ibrahimovic 11


Ibrahimovic and the Future of AC Milan


The kit is really polished, and with a brief technical view of it out of the way, I can look one last time at the spirit of the name and number customization I have for review here. You have read but a taste of what Ibrahimovic’s run up to Milan has been like, and now here is a short look at the future of AC Milan with their number 11, Zlatan Ibrahimovic.


AC Milan was matched with Barcelona for the UEFA Champions League Quarter-Finals draw, a setup that will play into Ibra’s hands seeing how his rocky time at Barcelona would be best put away with a victory over them. There is no doubt that he will be the Milan player to watch over both matches against the Spanish giants. Past that, Serie A is full of tough matches with teams like Roma, Lazio, Inter Milan, and Juventus, and Ibrahimovic will have to show his skills to help push the team forward. Of course, it is not a solo effort, but I for one believe that a good presence can uplift everyone, and Ibrahimovic is known for injecting life into the field. AC Milan will be the club to watch in Italy, with their Serie A league strong, at the moment, and players like Ibrahimovic shining in the form of their lives. There’s never been a better time to sport his name and number.




AC Milan’s Away jersey for the 2011/2012 jersey is a testament to all of the away kits the club has ever had. It is a clean, sporty top with a simple and abstract design that brings the best out of the club’s secondary colors. It fits very well with a slightly longer and looser feel than other jerseys but the right shape and material to keep you cool while you watch or while you play. I place the kit among the best of Milan away shirts in recent memory.


On the subject of Ibrahimovic, he is a start-studded player with many trophies and titles to his name. He brings an attitude and intimidation factor to the field of football that is still unchallenged today, and he sports the attacking vision and skill that combine to make a unique player versatile in many areas. He has proven to be a respectable player, when you do not push his buttons, and he continues to highlight Milan’s performances in Serie A as well as other competitions. At the age of 30, Ibrahimovic will soon be waning down the last few years of his playing career, as in this sport, most players fade out in their 30’s, but this man’s legacy surely will not. Look for him to win this year’s Serie A title once again with AC Milan, and I assure you that he, and the rest of the club, will put up a spectacle of a fight for the Champions League trophy. Thank you for reading and thank you MMSports for this chance to mix things up!




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Review: AC Milan home jersey 11-12 Scudetto

 ACM Ambassador: AC Milan Home Jersey 2011/2012 (Scudetto)


With AC Milan now back on the field, they’re sporting more stars than ever before, brandishing formations with the likes of Robinho, Cassano, Alexandre Pato, and the one and only Zlatan Ibrahimovic. There’s never been a better time to stand behind a team like Associazione Calcio Milan, and fortunately, they’ve been pushing the brave styles of their jerseys more than ever this year. So now, courtesy of MMSports, I shall show my thoughts on AC Milan’s new 2011/2012 Home Jersey, including the Scudetto patch!

AC Milan home jersey Scudetto patch




The Look


As if to perform the polar opposite of the 2010/2011 home jersey design, AC Milan went back to old ways this year. Last year, Adidas and AC Milan introduced a jersey with large vertical stripes bathed in shades of black and red. What they have done now is pounce back to the older styles of many stripes and in fact, the new AC Milan jersey has twenty-one thin stripes. I will not lie, the look of many stripes did not at all seem appealing to me at first, but as I watched the team play their home matches and witnessed other fans adorning the new jersey, it began to strike me as a very attractive design choice. Once visions of the old jersey faded away, I grew a new appreciation for what could perhaps be Milan’s best home jersey yet! Aside from the stripe altercation, the second most significant change could just be the best one. As the Milan crest itself shows, white has always been an fundamental color choice of the team’s merchandise and styling, though curiously enough, it always appears absent on the team’s home jerseys. Adidas has finally changed that presumption. AC Milan’s 11/12 Home Jersey has a very sharp look with slick finesse; the jersey has a white ring neck, white sleeve cuffs, and even the signature Adidas stripes upon the shoulders are now an eye catching arctic white shade. The design is careful to keep the polar white schemes from unnecessary interference with the black and red stripes all Rossoneri  followers have come to love, and I cannot stress enough just how nice it looks. It looks great on the field, and it looks great on the street; AC Milan’s new home jersey is dashing! In addition to those core changes that have been beneficial to the design culture of Milan, Adidas performed the favor of lightly shifting the locations of the Adidas logo and the Milan crest; making them that little bit more distant in order to keep the jersey’s design clean and polished.


AC Milan home jersey 11-12 details



Thanks to MMSports, I received for review a version of Milan’s new home jersey that included the famed Scudetto patch! The Scudetto Shield, in the Italian league of Serie A, is representative of a league title. Since AC Milan proudly lifted the trophy last season, they will spend this season, in all competitions, sporting the Scudetto patch on their jerseys! The patch is a shield shape containing the three stripes of the Italian national flag. It is bordered with a thin golden outline. For serious Milan fans, such as myself, the value that the Scudetto patch holds is far greater than it would seem; this symbol means more than just another trophy, it represents a victory as a team and as a worldwide fan-base. For those interested in obtaining an AC Milan jersey, I would highly recommend purchasing a version that includes this patch, for its value in meaning is as fantastic as its value in style; without the Scudetto patch, the jersey loses some of its soul. Adidas made this jersey aware that it would be played with a Scudetto patch, and as such, many of the design choices revolve around the presence of that patch. Take my word for it; this jersey looks very nice with the “We won the league trophy last season!” patch.


AC Milan home jersey front



The Fit


In terms of fit and comfort, all I can say is, “Wow!”, why would I react like this? It is simple, I am without a doubt, a fan of AC Milan, and when I talk about a jersey, all Milan fans know what jumps to mind. Last year’s jersey, though it had a very nice look, did contain one basic flaw that would be the downfall of one of the most important features of sporting merchandise: inconsistent comfort. The way that the some of the colored seams met, as well as the over stretchy a
bundance of mesh material throughout the large stripes… last year’s jersey really was not all too comfortable to wear. Do not get me wrong, it was not terrible, but once I put on this year’s jersey, I knew I could never go back. Adidas threw the body mesh concept out of the window. Now, as it should be, the mesh segments are focused in the under-arm area. The rest of the jersey? Well, as Adidas continues to prove year after year, their “Climacool” technology and the fabric of their jerseys is of premium quality. The wear is silky smooth; unlike last year’s jersey, I do not feel inconsistencies in the overall design. The whole jersey is one straightforward feel, and as usual, whether you are a fan that purchases a jersey for sportswear or just casual apparel, the physical feel adapts to what you do. It is comfortable for relaxing, and it is just as comfortable for taking a jog, the new Milan home Jersey does not disappoint.

AC Milan home jersey Clima Cool



The Extras


In terms of extras, I mentioned the fan-essential Scudetto patch previously, but in addition, like all other jerseys, you can get this one customized with a favorite player’s name and number. That authentic customization, as well as the Scudetto patch, will make a great AC Milan set for any fan that surely will not be forgotten. One cannot forget that the Scudetto patch is a rarity; who knows when you will see it available again? If Milan wins this year’s Serie A race once more, then you can expect more Scudetto patch studded jerseys in the future, but is that a risk worth taking when you can grab the jersey of a championship caliber team with the sign of victory right now? That’s a question of how loyal your “Cuore Rossonero” may be, and I throw a personal and grateful “thank you” to MMSports for allowing me to review this edition of the jersey.


AC Milan home jersey details front



My final verdict on this new style for AC Milan’s home jersey is simple. With the new emphasis on a bright white trim, the reverting to more stripes as well as adding even more, and an increasingly appealing and stylish look, the AC Milan Home Jersey for 2011/2012 could be the best AC Milan jersey to date, and surely ranks among the best Adidas jersey of the season worldwide. AC Milan’s squad, as well as its fans, can be proud to sport the legendary colors of “il Diavolo” in a look as attractive as it can get. Regardless of your origins, whether you may be a heart bound Milan fan or maybe just a jersey collector, this is one to take into possession right now! I have been one of the biggest critics of the change in Milan’s home jersey, and I can tell you as I wear it now, this is hands down the new jersey to beat for the Italian champions.