Inter Ambassador in the Green Room

 Inter Ambassador answers questions . . .

Why do you support your current favorite club ?

For me, the first and last question are inevitably linked. As a child and budding calcio enthusiast, my favorite teams had 1 thing in common – Baggio was on the roster. From Juventus to Milan, Bologna and so on all before the age of 10 – my allegiances hopped around along with the divine ponytail.

However, in 98-99 something changed – I got internet at my house and was no longer restricted to following calcio on RAI via once-a-week public television programming. I became addicted to Baggio’s goals and magical moments.. in

I was now not only following my favorite player, but following a massive club challenging in -what was- the best league in the world.. Taking in weekly goals and highlights. Other legends of that era included Vieri, Zamorano, El Chino, Djorkaef, even Pirlo and Ronaldo; I worshiped them. 

It was around that period of time that I received my first jersey as a gift – an authentic, thick-striped Internazionale home kit. I wore it everywhere and in doing everything and still feel a sense of satisfaction whenever I have it on – that’s how I know I’m a lifelong Inter fan; my roots are deep.

Which piece of advice would you offer your club if you were present at a board meeting ?

Italian football has lost its champions league spots and must now battle in all European competitions to regain its status as a top 3 league – giving 4 of its proud clubs the chance to thrive in Europe’s top competition once again every season.

However, I regretfully must advise inter to forgo Europa league success while focusing on winning the scudetto once again. As a top squad with only one competition to focus on, inter should be able to make a strong push for the title ala Juventus of this season with no taxing commitments outside the peninsula.

Being a perennial challenger and either winning the league or qualifying for the ucl directly is the only way to attract top talent to the side and maintain inter’s proud history.

Inter have had great success in the past 6 or so years, but also have suffered some huge disappointments in that time, dips in form, manager uncertainty and an aging squad.

Many of their current troubles stem from bad club and player management and a return to “Pazza Inter” or crazy Inter – an unpredictable but always enthralling state of affairs that can end in great victory or epic heartbreak.

The best years of Inter’s past 10 seasons have seen some of the world’s top players come and go – I would suggest bringing back the man who made it all happen, Oriali. As sporting director, Oriali signed prolific talents such as Ibrahimovic, Eto’o, Milito, Thiago Motta and more – while his successor Branca has brought on flops including Zarate, Forlan and Palombo.

Last, sign Stramaccioni as full fledged manager. He’s clever, charismatic, and has the support of the players – compared to the other options out there, the man affectionately dubbed ‘Stramala’ may have a promising future at the nerazzurri post.   

What is the low point of the club while you have followed it ?

The obvious low point during the time I have followed Inter was the ___ season in which Inter led the title race until the last day.. Only to lose to bitter arch-rivals Juventus after an historic collapse. I distinctly remember seeing a soggy eyed Ronaldo on the sideline weeping as the scudetto slipped through black and blue fingers – an image we as Inter supporters won’t soon forget.

What is the high point ?

The highest highs of Inter’s success came with the 09-10 season treble: scudetto, coppa Italia AND the legendary Champions League victory over Bayern Munich.

The victory was not only a win for Inter’s trophy cabinet, but all of Italy -whether they accept it or not. In beating Bayern in the final, Inter secured the 4th and final champions league spot remain with Serie A for one more season.. Though the accomplishment was largely unappreciated.

It is also the season where a personal favorite of mine for years came to life and etched his name in the history books – there was no striker better than Diego Milito, il Pricipe, in 09-10. Period. 

Which is/are your favorite jersey(s) from your club ?

For me, this question is a very tight race – and would have to be a draw in my eyes between my very first Inter jersey or 98-99 and the 09-10 shirt.

Purely on aesthetics, the 09-10 shirt wins with its smart stripes and tight ribbed collar.. Though the 98 shirt comes close with the bold, chunky black and blue stripes – my mind often wanders back to the champions league winning shirt being that it is the collector piece I do not have! Help me MM Sport!!

From a nostalgia standpoint, one shirt is what Baggio wore as he roared like lion, the other Milito donned as he twirled like dervish – its a tie!

When you were a kid which player would you like to become ? or who was your favorite player ?

As stated numerous times in this interview, my favorite player since I began following calcio has been Roberto Baggio – divin codino.

I idolized him as a youngster in 1994. I followed him throughout his career and thought that I was his biggest fan – only to learn that every fan of calcio was also -without exception- a die hard Baggio fan.

As an aspiring soccer player, trying to star on my high school team with all my might – I turned to Baggio. I purchased his career highlight vhs in the Le Stelle di Calcio series title Baggio – il Divin Codino and watched it
religiously, studying and learning each of his moves and using them to great effect against my opponents on the pitch.

I had even purchased his autobiography, Una Porta nel Cielo (written in Italian) and had my father read and translate it to me – a little bit each night – until he grew tired of the scholarly undertaking and I was forced to become a strong Italian language scholar myself to continue learning from Baggio in his own words.

Being a die-hard Roby Baggio fan has shaped a lot of my young life! Will there ever be another like him.. Surely not. I hope that he will turn to manage the nerazzurri sometime soon.


Real Madrid

Real Madrid ambassador Green Room

Green Room Real Madrid

By the MM Sports Ambassador Sean Moran


Why do you support your current favorite club?

I support Real Madrid because as a kid growing up in the United States I was never able to watch soccer and at the age of 10years old my first game I saw on TV was a Real Madrid game.  Ever since that game I have followed the club and would never route for another club in Spain.


 Which piece of advice would you offer your club if you were present at a board meeting?

–  As of right now I really don’t have much of anything to say except to find a way to stop Lionel Messi and Barcelona.


  What is the low point of the club while you have followed it?

-One of the lowest points of the club for me was when Real Madrid was sent out of the Champions league by Arsenal FC on February 27 2006.  Because I felt that they had the talent to take the Champions League title and fell short.



What is the high point?

– The high point for Real Madird during my time of following the club was when they won the Champions League in 2001-2002 against German side Bayern Leverkusen.




Which is/are your favorite jersey(s) from your club?

-2007 away jersey



 Real Madrid Champions League away jersey / 3rd jersey 2006-07



When you were a kid which player would you like to become? or who was your favorite player ?

-My favorite player as a kid was not a player for Real Madrid it was Dennis Bergkamp from Arsenal FC.  This was because       when I saw him play I saw how skilled and smooth of a player he was and just new if I played soccer I would model my game after him.



What is the greatest experience you had with your club – team?

-Unfortunately I haven’t been able to see my club play live.  But I hope to travel to Europe and watch them play one day.






Valencia ambassador in the Green Room

 Valencia ambassador in the mixed-zone tells the story about his favorite teams



-Why do you support your current favorite club ?

Arsenal and Barcelona along with Bilbao and Valencia (+ spain, dutch and french national teams). I also follow Sevilla and Tottenham, though since there are only so many hours in the day I don’t follow them as closely. I think the common bond is inventive play (excluding France and, surprisingly, holland this last world cup – I followed Holland since the early 90’s and this past team was a bunch of thugs that had nothing in common with the euro 2008 team and the WC team of 98 – the team with davids, bergkamp, stam, the brothers de boer, overmars, etc?). 


-Which piece of advice would you offer your club if you were present at a board meeting ?

I’m not very good with this type of question. I guess, maintain an emphasis on winning but not at the expense of creative play (because there are plenty of italian style teams already).


-What is the low point of the club while you have followed it ? 

Newcastle’s comeback vs. Arsenal January/Feb 2011. Arsenal seemed primed to challenge for the league, champions league, etc. and that was the moment it all came undone. Barcelona’s loss to Inter in the Champions league a few seasons back. Not only did Inter not have the courage to actually play the game, Bojan’s last minute score to bring barca back from the brink was disallowed (the calls always go against poor mourinho, or so he continues to insist). 


-What is the high point ?

Barcelona’s 5-0 win last season and comeback win last December vs Madrid. Arsenal’s entertaining play in the winter of 2010.


-Which is/are your favorite jersey(s) from your club ?

Barcelona’s anniversary jersey 3 or 4 years ago. Nice collar, straight forward stripes and no “qatar foundation” (and similarly detalied jersey’s a few other years around that time). Recent shirts have gotten lame (please get rid of that bland crew collar).


-When you were a kid which player would you like to become ? or who was your favorite player ?

I actually played lacrosse as a kid and young adult and started getting into soccer after my playing days were past. I’ve always liked the playmakers – iniesta and xavi, of course, but guys like jesus navas (his was the charge up the right wing that led to the spainish wc win), overmars (in years past) and others.






FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona ambassador speaks out

 FC Barcelona ambassador talks in the Green Room

Q&A with MM Sports’ Barca ambassador Gerard A. Banez


-Why do you support your current favorite club ?


(1) I support Barca because of its attractive, possession-oriented, tiki-taka style of play; its commitment to youth dev’t and policy of developing and promoting its youth team players; and the club’s commitment to huminatarian values & efforts.


-Which piece of advice would you offer your club if you were present at a board meeting? 

(2) With all the club’s success over the past several yrs, the board must be doing a lot of things right. If there was one suggestion I would give, it would be to incorporate more B-team players into La Liga games during the regular season. La Liga games would provide good opportunity to the B players, enhancing their dev’t and providing them with the experience needed to contribute when they play more regularly. I think the B players would be hungry and provide good energy. This practice would also give the starters some rest and possibly eliminate some of the complacency and pedestrian efforts that have been seen this yr. I have no doubt that Barca is still the best in the world, but I doubt that they will win La Liga this yr because of these issues. The team will play well in big games, like a CL final, but struggle in less important ones. A sprinkling of B players now and again could help in the present and also serve as an investment in the future.


-What is the low point of the club while you have followed it? 

(3) Not many lows, but I would point to the slips against inferior squads, mostly in La Liga this yr.


-What is the high point ? 

(4) Highs would definitely include the many championships won. This yr alone would include the run from the CL final, the Super Cups, to the FIFA Club World Cup. Moreover, I would point to the commitment and execution of the Barca style of play and the joy that team members appear to have playing with one another.


-Which is/are your favorite jersey(s) from your club ?

(5) Xavi & Iniesta.


-When you were a kid which player would you like to become ? or who was your favorite player ? 

(6) Growing up in the US when there was very little soccer, I still remember getting caught up in Pele & the NY Cosmos of the old NASL. I also liked an American soccer player, probably the best of that era, by the name of Kyle Rote Jr. If I could turn back the hands of time, I would love to grow up to be Xavi or Iniesta, who, in my opinion, are the two best midfielders in the world. If only my body would cooperate.





FC Bayern Munich

FC Bayern ambassador talks

The FC Bayern ambassador speaks out in the Green Room


 Q&A with MM Sports’ FC Bayern ambassador Ben Roden.


 -Why do you support your current favorite club ?

I first came to love football while watching the World Cup. I was impressed with the Germans, and really started supporting Bayern because I recognized so many great players from Die Nationalelf.


-Which piece of advice would you offer your club if you were present at a board meeting?

Invest in better central defenders! When everyone is fit, each part of the Bayern squad could be considered World Class, with the exception of the central defense. Badstuber is a great passer, but often falters in defense. Boateng is athletic and strong, but needs to mature. If Bayern want to consistently compete in the Champion’s league, they need an experienced top-quality centre half to shore things up at the back. 


-What is the low point of the club while you have followed it?

Inter knocking Bayern out of the 2011 Champion’s League…I don’t think I can ever forgive Goran Pandev πŸ˜‰


-What is the high point ?

I’ll hold off on this one until Bayern win the CL at the Allianz this year πŸ™‚


-Which is/are your favorite jersey(s) from your club?

The 2007 Home kits were great, but my favorite has to be Bayern’s black Euro away kits this year- simple and intimidating. 


-When you were a kid which player would you like to become ? or who was your favorite player ?

Miro Klose – quite possibly the most underrated striker in world football. Even at the age of 33, he’s still one of the best



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AC Milan

AC Milan ambassador speaks out

AC Milan ambassador in the Green Room 


Q&A with MM Sports’ AC Milan ambassador E. Jr. Madrona



-Why do you support your current favorite club ?

I support AC Milan because I enjoy teams with a lot of history, both on the field and off. Also, I like teams with a lot of culture and diversity, not necessarily just in the squad roster, but in the style and play of the team as well. AC Milan is a team that likes to experiment on the field, and though it doesn’t always lead to success, it definitely catches your attention. I, like most football fans, love to watch great football played on the pitch, and AC Milan is a team that rarely disappoints.


-Which piece of advice would you offer your club if you were present at a board meeting ?

AC Milan has incredible potential, but there’s always an obstacle of some sort between the team and deserved international success. If I attended a board meeting, I would have many subtle recommendations, but there is one aspect of the team that I would most push to change. AC Milan has an amazingly deep squad, but so many great players comes at the cost of playing time, and AC Milan is too content with switching frequently between many different players throughout the season. On paper it works well, but when you look at the unshakeable giants of football, such as Barcelona, you’ll find a deep squad that isn’t afraid to stick to a standard starting set of players. AC Milan’s biggest issue, in my personal opinion, is that the team cannot connect through experienced chemistry since they are constantly shifted around. A great example of this is Thiago Silva. The Brazilian defender is one of the ultimate best defenders in the world, and if you put him with AC Milan defenders Nesta and Zambrotta, he really shines. Now that Nesta and especially Zambrotta see less and less playing time, other new defenders, like Mexes from Roma, get to make their place. Because they are changed all the time and Thiago Silva is the constant, he has no time to adjust to their playing styles and they have no time to learn how best to work with Thiago Silva. As a result, there are some matches where it is really clear that the defenders don’t know how to work with each other, regardless of their world-class talent. This is the same for many other parts of AC Milan like the midfield and attack, on occasion.


-What is the low point of the club while you have followed it ?

For me, the low point of AC Milan was the defeat to Tottenham Hotspur in the Champions League for the 2010/2011 season. AC Milan, though greatly successful back in Serie A, struggled to play well against the Spurs and ultimately were eliminated from the prestigious Championship. It was not the loss that I consider the issue, so much as the lack of confidence and skill on the field. AC Milan pretty much gave the position away after two disappointing matches against Tottenham Hotspur, and I, as a fan, felt let down.


-What is the high point ?

Undoubtedly, the high point of AC Milan as I’ve followed it was the Serie A title for the 2010/2011 season. In all of my football watching years, rarely have I seen such hard-earned success. The 2008 Euro Cup with Spain’s victory was an example of amazing football all the way through, and the trophy was well deserved. I consider AC Milan’s 2010/2011 campaign similar; I watched every match and saw a team that needed to take the throne for themselves, I saw a team that was resurrected through the likes of Ibrahimovic and Robinho. AC Milan proved worthy of the Serie A trophy, and I relished the victory for a long time.


-Which is/are your favorite jersey(s) from your club ?

AC Milan has had many great jerseys over the years, but if I had to choose the best ones, I would say that the 10/11 Home Kit was possibly the best AC Milan kit for me. In close second is surely this year’s third jersey, the

11/12 Black Third Kit. I like the home jersey because of the large vertical stripes, I felt that though AC Milan has used larger stripes before, this was a better use of the design. I’m sure much of my appreciation of it is due to it being the home jersey of a most successful Serie A season for the team. This year’s (11/12) third jersey cannot be argued with; it’s clean, it’s elegant, and from a technical standpoint, it has an incredible build and comfort. I really like the third kit this year, though as AC Milan has recently stated and proven, it is a cursed kit. Black kits have never treated AC Milan well and recently, the team announced the return of the yellow kit for the team next season; no longer will AC Milan sport the black third kit. That may be a hint that if you like the jersey, pick it up now. I had the pleasure of reviewing it for MMSports.


-When you were a kid which player would you like to become ? or who was your favorite player ?

Though born in Spain, I’ve been raised in a few places that don’t include that Mediterranean and as such, though the Spanish National Team is “my”

team, I’ve always been and still am a huge fan of the German National Team.

Without a doubt, alongside with Ibrahimovic, among my absolute favorite players is Miroslav Klose, the undeniable striker from the German side. I knew nothing of Ibrahimovic until I spotted him in the 2008 Euro Cup playing for the Swedish side, and until then, Klose had a monopoly on my favorite players. Though his major playing career will be approaching its end after this year’s Euro Cup, nobody can deny that he has left his mark on football, German and otherwise. He is usually underrated and under hyped as national tournaments approach, but he natural climbs his way up the goal scoring table until everyone sees the name again and again. Without a doubt, as a child, Klose was the player for me.



Enrique Madrona Jr.





 Greenroom or should it be the Locker Room ?


Acclaimed US TV journalist Charlie Rose, famous for interviewing the successful and famous in diverse areas such as sports, TV and media, business, government, and education – has also brought about a slightly different concept: The GreenRoom. The GreenRoom is more like a monologue where a person answers a number of set questions which vary very little from time to time.


Click here to see a few examples of how this looks like!


The standard questions asked include:

first job

best advise ever offered

career low point

career high

childhood dreamjob

favorite books


So lets try to twist the questions slightly in order to fit this agenda.

I would now like to ask the ambassadors the following questions:


-Why do you support your current favorite club ?

-Which piece of advise would you offer your club if you were present at a board meeting ?

-What is the low point of the club while you have followed it ?

-What is the high point ?

-Which is/are your favorite jersey(s) from your club ?

-When you were a kid which player would you like to become ? or who was your favorite player ?

-What is the greatest experience you had with your club – team ?







The Ambassador Challenge


The Ambassador Challenge


By now we have received a number of great reviews covering different aspects of the soccer jerseys selected for reviewing. The reviews were written without the presence of any particular guidelines nor much editorial interference.

The results were great but to receive 6 similar reviews of similar types of products will not be entirely productive. So we now up the ante and challenge our ambassadors on their analytical capabilities and not least their creative thinking.

This is what we call The Ambassador Challenge.

Before we get to the challenge let’s try to provide some background info.

According to Sports Markt a German sports market consultancy soccer jerseys make up 53% of the total licensed sporting goods market. That is a big chunk of the total but at the same time it means that 47% of the total sales are not jerseys. Included in that second group are products like match wear (shorts & socks) , training wear (tops, track suits), leisure wear (tees, tops), merchandise (scarves, flags), equipment (bags), hardware (balls) etc.

While the jerseys sell themselves pretty much as being the physical representation of the club or the team par excellence it can pose a few challenges to actually market and sell the products from the other categories.

The traditional way of slicing it (with the goal of selling more) is by producing substitutes and complementary products while at the same time trying to segment according to different attributes. In the sales process β€œcross-sell” and β€œup-sell” features are prevalent mechanisms. But where does this take us exactly ?

Our point of departure has been the jersey. We have shipped out jerseys and in return received reviews of those jerseys. Most of the jerseys we sent out were customized. Customization features as an β€œupsell” in the world of soccer. Shorts and socks would typically be the predominant β€œcross-sell” products since together with the jersey they would make up an entire kit as seen on TV. For kids that might work well while for many adults shorts and socks are not complementary since grown-ups are not keen on imitating someone else down to the slightest detail rather adults prefer to create their own style by adding different elements from different sources.

Challenge Number 1:

Part 1:

For those ambassadors receiving a jersey customized (upsell version) and a plain jersey blank on the back what is strongest argument for making the upsell ? What makes the customer decide whether to add the customization (whether badges, player name or custom name) or whether to leave it blank ? How important is price in order to make this decision ? Is there a specific price point which acts as the decider ? What kind of value does badges / name & number kit bring to the jersey. Is design of the name and number set important or is it primarily about relating to the player ? Is the upsell easier to make than the cross-sell ? because the jersey is THE item where all the attention is focused etc.

Part 2:

The cross-sell. If you want to induce a shopper to add a second item to shopping cart assuming that the shopper has already added a jersey which products would you present to this individual ? And what would be their attributes ? Would it be the shorts and the socks to make up the full match kit ? Would it be a discounted jersey from last season to avoid paying full price for two products but functionally obtaining two full good jerseys ? Would it be an entirely different product type – like a piece of merchandise or a basic pair of branded Nike shorts with no club affiliation ? etc.

Challenge Number 2:

Product segmentation & substitution / complementary effects.

Nike works with a number of different short sleeve tops which can be ranked like this:

Authentic match jersey (900 DKK RRP)

Replica match jersey (600 DKK RRP)

Stadium match jersey (400 DKK RRP)

Pre-Match top (400 DKK RRP)

Training top (300 DKK RRP)

Cotton Tee (250 DKK RRP)

My best guess is that these products are substitutes rather than complementary products. That either you buy a training top or you buy a replica jersey. But you do not buy a training jersey for training, a pre-match top for warming up before a match, and a match jersey for playing a match. For the fan it is either or.

At mmsports we have had difficulties in getting any significant sales volume of the training wear products like the pre-match top, the training top, the cotton tee. The customers seem much more inclined to buy a previous season or even several seasons earlier jersey at the price points represented by the training wear s/s tops.

At the other end it is very difficult for the consumer to figure out what the difference / benefit is between the 3 different kinds of jerseys. Long sleeve – short sleeve seems to be a no-brainer though.

If a training top / pre-match top / fan tee / graphic tee etc. were to become a popular product for the fan what would it take ?

Different price point ?

Different product attributes ?

Different use among athletes or different marketing strategy ?

Or is it a dead end which should rather be dis-continued or limited to the point of obsolescence ?


So we have now posed two challenges to our ambassadors:

One relating to the jerseys

One relating to the jersey substitutes

Of course these questions might be answered quantitatively by looking at the numbers and all the data available but sometimes qualitative methodologies bring different insights and can provide out of the box information which the numbers cannot do.

So that is why we now bring you these 2 ambassador challenges which can be used to frame part of the review. The issues raised should not necessarily be answered point by point but it would be interesting if part of the thinking were to be included in the Sep / Oct reviews.


By the numbers. From the Nike Fall 2011 whole sale catalogue.

The Man Utd adult men’s range.


Away – 1 piece

Home – 1

Goal keeper L/S – 2 pieces

Long Sleeve away – 1

L/S home – 1

Total number of items including styles (meaning different colors of a product): 6

(had the authentic jersey and the stadium jersey also been available it would have been: 8-9)

Match kit:

Away sock – 1

Home socks – 2

Match shorts – 4

Total: 7

Training wear:

Training top – 2

Sleeve Less top – 1

Pre-match top – 3

Training top II – 2

Midlayer top L/S – 2

Rain jacket – 1

Longer short – 1

Pants – 1

Side line jacket – 2

Trainer jacket – 2

Authentic track jacket – 2

Total: 19

Short sleeve tops: 8

Long sleeve tops: 9

Bottoms: 2

Leisure wear:

Authentic tee – 2

Core tee – 2

Core polo – 2

Authentic polo – 3

Rugby shirt – 1

Core hoodie – 2

M65 jacket – 1

Best hoodie – 1

Best jacket – 1

Authentic hoody – 2

Caps – 2

Total: 19

Short sleeve tops: 9

Long sleeve tops: 8

Other: 2

All together: 51 Man Utd products (53 including authentic and stadium jerseys)

13 match kit products ( 26 % )

38 leisure and training wear products ( 74 % )


MM Sports on Twitter

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MM Sports Global Ambassador Program

MM Sports Global Ambassador Program

(1 word) MM Sports is introducing a new initiative: the MM Sports Global Ambassador Program. In order for this program to succeed we need your help! We are looking to recruit 12-14 ambassadors to cover different themes within the sporting goods and merchandise industry of soccer. Each tenure will run for 6 months. Every month we will ship a new product to the Ambassador. Thus during the period of time that the ambassador is serving he or she will receive atleast 6 products from a given team that he or she covers free of charge! Shipping will be on us as well. The product will be shipped as gift or as sample in order to avoid import tax and duty.

In return for the free merchandise we will expect the ambassador to provide us with a well-written product review of the product received. A quality product review will be between 300 and 600 words long (or even longer if deemed beneficial) and may include photo and video material if deemed relevant.

The MM Sports Global Ambassador program is as the title indicates open to anyone anywhere across the globe. No geographical criteria is included in the selection process nor is any particular geography given any preference.

What is important to bear in mind is that the word “ambassador” has been carefully chosen and is of relevance in order get this to work. An ambassador in the sense of a diplomat is a representative who carries the load and responsibility of a whole country, including the state, the governement, the citizens of the country, companies – businesses etc. Therefore the ambassador has to  tread carefully and act in a “diplomatic” manner. By diplomatic we mean respectfully and tacitfully.

In the case of soccer there are a number of stakeholders involved in dealing with well-know international brands like Liverpool FC or Manchester United. The club itself, the massive fan base, the kit supplier, MM Sports, and everybody else involved one way or another with the beautiful game. (333 words).

Therefore the individual who is chosen as ambassador for instance the “MM Sports Liverpool Ambassador” has to be well-aware that there are certain ramifications related to the post. What is NOT the kind of review we are looking for is an outright rejection of a product, harsh critisism, extreme applause, unfair comparison or the like. What we ARE looking for is a balanced discussion with Pros and Cons but without any extreme judgements. Carefully chosen words which will not be polemic , while of course being truthful to one’s opinions and trying to bring about an objective statement with a personal touch reflecting one’s own beliefs. We do look for personality to shine through but not at the cost of fairness nor moderate use of language.

What we need are high quality,  well-written, and useful reviews for a wider audience.

The MM Sports Ambassador program takes off in August 2011 with the aim of covering the season 2011/12.

We currently hold just 1 ambassador post still open:

-UK ambassador. We are looking for An individual from the United Kingdom. The exact content of the position TBD. Meaning we are open to suggestions! OPEN!

-Real Madrid (code “RM ambassador”) TAKEN!

Please refer back to us in January 2012 if you are interested in covering Real Madrid.

-FC Barcelona (code “Barca ambassador”) TAKEN!

Please refer back to us in January 2012 if you are interested in covering FC Barcelona.

-Valencia CF (VCF ambassador) TAKEN!

Please refer back to us in January 2012 if you are interested in covering Valencia.

-Manchester United (MU ambassador) TAKEN!

Please refer back to us in January 2012 if you are interested in covering Man United.

-Liverpool FC (LFC ambassador) TAKEN!

Please refer back to us in January 2012 if you are interested in covering Liverpool.

-Arsenal (AFC ambassador) TAKEN!

Please refer back to us in January 2012 if you are interested in covering Arsenal.

-Chelsea FC (CFC ambassador) TAKEN!

Please refer back to us in January 2012 if you are interested in covering Chelsea.

-Inter Milan (Inter ambassador) TAKEN!

 Please refer back to us in January 2012 if you are interested in covering Inter.

 -AC Milan (ACM ambassador) TAKEN!

Please refer back to us in January 2012 if you are interested in covering AC Milan.

-FC Bayern Munich (FCB ambasador) [not to be confused with Barcelona which carries the tag “Barca”] TAKEN!

Please refer back to us in January 2012 if you are interested in covering FC Bayern.

-Joker (Joker ambassador) [you will get different jerseys from different clubs] /there might be more than 1 joker appointed/.

Joker 1: TAKEN!

Joker 2: TAKEN!

Joker 3: TAKEN!


If you would like to become the new MM Sports Global Ambassador – first crop starting in August 2011 – what you need to do is the following:

send us an email at:

In the title line write the ambassador program you are interested in covering, using the code indicated in parentheses for instance: CFC Ambassador.

In order for the application to be accepted you need to provide us with full contact details so we can get in touch with you and so that we would be able to send you the merchandise at a valid postal address.

And yes this information will be kept private and will not be used for any other purpose. Unsuccessful applications will not be used at all.

A short and concise text making your statement basically answering the question: why should we pick you ?

Please bear in mind that what is important is not whether you know a lot about soccer or whether you have a huge collection of merchandise already, or whether you perform well on the pitch. What is important is your ability to craft a well-written text which can be of use to a wider audience with an interest in the industry at large or a product in particular.

There is no deadline for applications. As soon as we find someone useful for the job this individual will be tapped and get started immediately.

All announcements related to this project will be released on Twitter:

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The reviews will get published on our blog, product detail page or in other media where we would find it useful to bring them.


-MM Sports reserves the right to edit , reject , change , and re-edit a review before and after publication.

-All reviews will be reviewed before publication to ensure quality.

-MM Sports’ decides exclusively which products will be sent to the ambassador. No complaints about product choice will be accepted. If the ambassador is asked to review a pair of shorts while the individual would much rather see a long sleeve jersey landing in his mailbox then there is nothing to do about it. Since jerseys is the primary fcous there will be one or more jerseys involved in a 6 months package but it is important to stress the point that this it is not the ambassador’s job to pick the product for review. Questions such as size and maybe choice of player if a jersey is to be printed will be brought up though.

-The agreement can be brought to an immediate end in case the ambassador does not fulfill his or her obligations: Does not comply with agreed deadlines, does not provide well-written and to the point reviews, uses a language or
a tone unsuitable for publishing in the public sphere.

-We do reserve us the right to publish snippets of applications (without naming of names) in order to show potential suitors what the successful application looks like.