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Real Madrid 22/23 home kit – Benzema 9

New Real Madrid home kit for the season 2022/23 was launched shortly after the UCL final on the 28th of May. 2022.

The new home kit is white (surprise , surprise….) and this time around with purple, black contrast.

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The sponsor continues to be the airline out of Dubai, Emirates.

The name and number kit at the back of the jersey is black. The club logo is purple. The font is new for the season 2022/23.

Two options are available for sleeve badges. UCL and La Liga.

First up the UEFA Champions League version.

Followed by the badges to be used during the La Liga season 22/23.

Real Madrid

New Real Madrid home jersey 2016/17

The Real Madrid home jersey is white period. Therefore the question coming up at the start of each season is not whether the new home kit will be white or not. The question coming up is which contrast will be used on the white background ?
For the season 16/17 the answer to that question is Purple.
Real Madrid home jersey 16/17
The printing will most likely be purple as well.
The launch day is 14th of July. 4 days after the EURO 2016 final. Does that indicate a big signing is on the way to Madrid – a signing which will be announced a few days after the end to the EURO 2016 ?

Real Madrid

Real Madrid away kit 2015/16

The new Real Madrid away kit for the season 15/16 is an all grey affair.
Different shades of grey are used though for jersey, shorts, and socks respectively.
Real Madrid away jersey 15/16The contrast to the grey base color is neon green, while the sponsor logo is white.
The name and number printing to the back of the jersey is also white.
Real Madrid away shirt 15/16
The fabric is very soft and smooth and the pattern is slightly molded.
Full Real Madrid away kit 15/16
The t-shirt like character of the jersey vanishes somewhat when the jersey is paired with shorts and socks. The darker shade of the shorts makes the jersey come alive and become more business like. After all football is a serious matter.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid third jersey – The Dragon

The Real Madrid third jersey 2014/15 has been designed by Japanese designer

Yohji Yamamoto

The design is very cool with a dragon being the prominent design element to the front of the jersey.
Real Madrid third jersey Dragon
Collar , logos, 3-stripes are all in white.
Real Madrid CL away jersey - black
A really stylish jersey blurring the lines between fashion and performance.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid home kit 2014/15 – model view

The Real Madrid home kit is an all white affair. That is the one thing that does not change.
Real Madrid home kit model all white
The contrast is black with a staint of pink. The socks are mainly grey underneath since this part is not visible when cleats or shoes are worn.
Real Madrid name and number kit
The official name and number kit is black / grey. Same with shorts number. Club logo is engraved at the bottom of the numbers.
Real Madrid home shorts number 7

Real Madrid

Real Madrid 14/15 away jersey Model Golden Boy badge

The Real Madrid away jersey was released back in June along side with the home kit.
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The pattern in the fabric resembles a star which is symbol to honor the rich and successful history of Real Madrid in Europe. When the design was conceived little would they know that Real Madrid would regain European glory the very same year that the jersey would be released.
Real Madrid away jersey 2014/15
The badge to the left arm sleeve is what we call the Golden Boy badge 2013 and is to honor the best individual player in the world of football for the season 2013.
Real Madrid away kit + Golden Boy 2013 badge

Real Madrid

New Real Madrid jersey 2014/15

New Real Madrid home and away + goalie jerseys are now out.
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New Real Madrid jerseys 2014/15New Real Madrid third jersey out in August. Real Madrid 3rd jersey out in time for the UEFA Champions League.


Real Madrid home kit Zidane patch

We have been to Marseille to look at the roots of Zidane.
This French Algerian model shorts us the badge and gives us a look out over the city in the direction of the neighborhood where Zidane grew up.
Zidane badge Real Madrid home
and as well we take a look at the pattern of the home jersey. With the strong flash light enlightening the foreground the pattern becomes clearly visible.
Real Madrid home kit pattern
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Review: Real Madrid Long Sleeve home jersey 2013/14

Real Madrid 2013-14 Home Long Sleeve Shirt Review
by Julian Smith, NYC
Real Madrid home jersey Long Sleeve 13/14
FINALLY! 12 loooong years in the making, and billions in money spent (probably no matter what currency you’re thinking of) and Madrid have won their tenth Champions League! There was a feeling in recent years that it was getting closer, but it seems that the club unlocked the secret during the 2013-14 season. Seasoned veteran (and proven winner) Carlo Ancelotti certainly had something to do with it, as did world record signing Gareth Bale after his initial growing pains, but the stellar player of the greatest player in the world two years running (yeah, I said it), Cristiano Ronaldo, really was the glue to bring everything together and achieve this glorious title.
The only thing that could dampen the parade of such an accomplishment would be a poor shirt that would have to be viewed for eternity in the replays of the season… and while all three of Real Madrid’s shirts this year were not anything stellar, their home shirt unfortunately falls a bit off the mark.

The Shirt

Real Madrid home jersey L/S 13/14
Real Madrid’s 2013-14 home shirt stays true to the clubs nickname, “Los Blancos”, with the color white dominating 99% of the shirt (not including sponsors, badges, and printing). The collar is a common circle opening, with a slightly more rigid border around the neck hole.
Real Madrid home printing 13/14
The material is quite nice, soft and comfortable, but the structure of the shirt does not feel quite right. When worn, it feels almost boxy and does not lie well on the body (see cover picture). I have noticed this could be only a factor for the long sleeve shirt… so please take note of that.
Real Madrid home jersey details
One of the most noticeable attributes of the shirt is the horizontal stripes running across the body. This is by far my least favorite part of the shirt, and takes away from the discreet elegance that has donned Real Madrid’s home kits for centuries. This may also be the culprit for at least the box-y look of the shirt I referred to earlier.
Real Madrid home jersey 13/14
The club badge is sown into the shirt, unlike the plastic print badge that was applied in years past (and what seems to be used for the upcoming 2014-15 shirts).
The trim on the shirt is an electric orange color; the Adidas logo and triple stripes going down the arm are in metallic silver.
Real Madrid home jersey long sleeve
The under arms have ventilation running all the way from the shoulder, to the pit, down the sleeves.
RM long sleeve
I love long sleeve adidas shirts for the cuffs on the sleeve openings. They have used this design for a few years now and it looks and feels great, not only the material but also when worn. The material doubles over to create the cuff to create the look and feel.


Real Madrid home printing 13/14

I have been disappointed with Real Madrid’s printing in recent years, but this year seems to be a bit of the inverse (I usually like the shirt, and not the print).
RM printing 13/14
While the font is a bit overdone and slightly bolder than I would like, it is better than in years past and adds a bit of Spanish flair. I would prefer that they opted for a more modest design that would fit the plain and graceful shirts of years past.


Real Madrid home jersey L/S 13-14
Certainly one of the worst reviews I have ever done, but that isn’t to say this is a poorly made shirt. As a collector, I appreciate the effort to manifest a club’s culture and heritage through their shirt, and I just think Adidas got it wrong this year. Still, it is an integral piece of Real Madrid’s history, and should be part of any true Madridistas collection!
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