Neymar will join FC Barcelona for the season 2013/14

But which number will the Brazilian artist wear ?

For the Brazilian national team he wears the number 11. But number 11 with FCB is already taken up by Thiago.

Another option would be the number 7. Number 7 is currently with David Villa but since he is rumored to be leaving Barca it might become available to take up for Neymar.

Watch this video clip from Brazilian TV visiting the Barca megastore and talking to a fan!


In any case number 10 is not available. Number 9 is with Alexis and apart from that there are no more prestigeous numbers for an attacking player. So it has to be either 7 or 11.

Well , eventually it seems like number 11 has pre-vailed. So it will be NEYMAR #11.

Latest development is that apparently the writing of the name will not be NEYMAR but NEYMAR JR ! but he will continue with the number 11 as he was assigned just recently.



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