Deloitte Money League 2012

Which football club has the highest revenues ? In principle the reach of the inquiry is global. But since all the top money making clubs are in Europe it is effectively an exclusively European exercise. To no small extent due to the highly successful UEFA Champions League.

The revenues are calculated according to three 3 revenue streams: match day (tickets, catering etc.), commercial (sponships and merchandise etc.) TV (broadcasting deals nationally, internationally).

The list is comprised of the 20 highest grossing clubs. Important to note that it is all about the revenues but NOT about the profits. The list focuses exclusively on the money the club is taking in but not on expenditure, debt, amortization, interest payments etc.

The list is compiled backward looking so the numbers acrue to past year and last season. So money league for 2012 uses the figures for the 2010/11 season.

Click here to see the report from Deloitte!

Nevertheless here we go bringing you the top 20 clubs pr. revenue.

Real Madrid

FC Barcelona

Manchester United

FC Bayern


Chelsea FC

AC Milan



Schalke 04


Man City



AS Roma




Valencia CF



Does money buy success ? To a certain extent it looks like it. 14 out of these 20 clubs are also on the 20 over the best clubs in European a ranking generated by UEFA.


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