Which club is the best in European football ?

The ranking is provided by UEFA. The time frame is for the 5 last years.

The ranking is based upon points raked up both in the UEFA Champions League and in the Europa League.

Click here to see the full UEFA ranking!

We will just bring you the top 20 clubs here.

FC Barcelona

FC Bayern

Manchester United 

Real Madrid

Chelsea FC


FC Porto


Valencia CF

Atletico Madrid



AC Milan


Schalke 04



Liverpool FC

Manchester City

Sporting Lisbon


Compare this ranking to the top 20 clubs in the moneyleague by Deloitte:

Click here to see the Deloitte MoneyLEague 2012 ranking

14 clubs are the same.

 6 clubs perform better on the pitch than financially:

Sporting, Porto, CSKA, Benfica, Shaktar, Atletico Madrid

Maybe not surpricingly these are clubs from minor leagues but with good chances of qualifying for Europe every year.

Only outlier is Atletico Madrid which is due to the fact their success has been in the Europa League bringing the points but no cash.

The clubs which perform well financially but do not have great success in Europe:

Napoli, HSV, Tottenham, AS Roma, Juventus, Dortmund.

Not surpricingly all clubs from the major leagues where there is more money but fiercer competition. In the case of Juventus and Dortmund the reason is that these two clubs have seen their fortunes wane over a period of time but are now bouncing back. UEFA uses figures for a 5 year period. Deloitte only for one year. So fortunes are easier to reverse in the Money League than in the UEFA ranking.




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