Buzz 2013/14 Manchester United

After 20 years of success Man Utd have fallen hard during the season 2013/14 under the reigns of new manager David Moyes.

The sleeve badges might still be in gold but nothing relating to the club currently really feels like gold.

And one thing is for sure. After the current season the gold rush will be over and they will go back to wear the ordinary white/blue badges for the season 2014/15.

Manchester United home jersey 2013/14

The jersey is red and the collar is black. The jersey is decent without being spectacular in any ways.

It is not going to create a lot of stir nor a lot of buzz. Solid craftmanship but nothing more.

The color is important but so is the collar. So let’s bring it on.


Man United home collar 2013/14



This is no way that one can ignore the logo. The heart and the soul of the jersey.

The pattern of the fabric is easier to distinguish on a close-up shot like this one.


Man Utd home logo 2013/14


and where does the Red Devil come from ?

Manchester United is technically speaking not from the City of Manchester but from the outskirts and a location called Trafford. The coat of arms of Trafford contains a Red Devil. Bingo.

Trafford Coat of Arms

That one is nice but this one is coool. Looks like a modern and upgraded version.

Trafford Old or new ?


and there it is again. On the backside of the neck. Not a Red Devil but a nice little Black Devil. Not bad either under the red background.


Man Utd Black Devil

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