We have talked to Karla about design and football. A short Q&A session with 3 quick questions which might help you better to understand the Niemeyer badge which she has designed.

Click here to see the Niemeyer badge design!

Q: What kind of design have you been working on previously and can you point to any particular source which has inspired you ?

A: I have been working with all kind of design projects since I was 15 years old. I started with graphic design, evolved to the web, while graduating in Interior design. I believe everything that involves space needs design but there is nothing more fun than to design products for everyday life. 

Q: With regard to this badge design job in particular. How did you approach the job ?

A:  To me the final result, not just with this job, but in every project depends on the connection and communication between the different parties involved. I have no doubt that I am a good designer but what makes me even better are my customers. To work as a team bringing about constructive ideas, brain storm, and discuss the matter at hand is what makes a project evolve. I have always been blessed with this kind of team work on the projects I have worked on and I was delighted to have the opportunity to design a badge (something I didn’t do before). It made me really happy to represent my country in this way  with the World Cup being hosted by Brazil this year.

Q: We are now close to the kick-off at this year’s World Cup in football. Looking at the jerseys from different countries – anyone of them which you find of interest from a design standpoint ?

A: I am fond of simple, clean, and direct designs and I would say that in this context I like pretty much the designs of the France and Holland jerseys.

Karla Fernandes

design web / graphic design

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