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Real Madrid pre-match jersey – printing

Real Madrid and other teams wear a pre-match top which is used just for warm up before the match. After warming up they will return to the locker room to put on the match kit.

Below is the kit used by Real Madrid for the season 2021/22 for pre-match appearance.

And the same kit from a different angle, perspective.

Finally is an image showing the top with the official name and number kit applied.

The printing is the official name and number kit 21/22 used with the away and the third kit. The players do not have the pre-match top customized thus you will not be able to spot this variation in the stadium. This is a service offered to the fan who likes the top but would like to add the printing as well.

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Review: Real Madrid T-shirt

Review: Real Madrid T-Shirt

By the MM Sports Ambassador Sean Moran


The Real Madrid Tee is a very stylish and sleek looking t-shirt that any Real Madrid fan would love to own.  This t-shirt is a classic Adidas product made of cotton and polyester which is very breathable.  This shirt would be a great product to wear for training, fan wear at games, everyday activities, and it has a sleek look that would work in a party oriented scene.   It fits true to size and perfect for anyone with a muscular body because it accents the shoulders, arms, and chest.


 Real Madrid tee black gold



The jersey is a classic Adidas jersey style for Real Madrid but as a t-shirt with the Adidas symbol on right side of the chest and the Real Madrid crest on the left. 


Real Madrid tee sleeve Real Madrid tee top logos



The shirt has a classic v neck style with Adidas signature three strips down the shoulders and arms to the end of the sleeves in gold.  At the bottom of the sleeve it has R M stitched on the shirt witch stand for Real Madrid.


Real Madrid t-shirt logo details



The shirt also has a golden line down the side of the shirt that starts at the armpit and ends at the bottom of the shirt.  This gives the shirt a very sporty look to it that any sports fan can appreciate.  All together I feel that this shirt is a solid product that any soccer fan would love to have for the team and lucky for us Real Madrid we can have for a very affordable price.