AC Milan Soccer Tee Review

 By MM Sports AC Milan ambassador Enrique Madrona Jr. 

Outside of the realm of jerseys, AC Milan’s line of additional merchandise encompasses a diverse selection of products right for particular fans. For review, courtesy of MM Sports, I received the AC Milan Soccer Tee from Adidas. So, what is there to say about this shirt from the 2010/2011 Serie A champions?


AC Milan tee cotton black



The Look


This Adidas shirt is just as it looks; the base color is black and the entire shirt is just that. This tee does not try to do anything new or experimental, but in doing so, Adidas has perfected the art of the general shirt, and in their long line of official club shirts, what differentiates these products are the designs.


The back of the shirt, as well as the sleeves and all edges, simply displays black. This is all to bring the attention to the urban styled design on the front chest area. The lowest layer of the visual design shows the enlarged number, “1899”, representing the year of AC Milan’s creation. The text has abstract cuts and slashes, with a cool, almost urban design. Overlaying “1889” are five white lines, treated with the same look as the numbers below. Once more upon the previous layer, the recognizable Adidas emblem shape, the rounded triangle found on the bottom side rims of their jerseys, sits upon the white streaks and red year number. This shape is filled in black and upon a red line running across the middle sits the eye catching AC Milan crest. The layered look is refreshing as Adidas opted to use such a design in place of a simpler, colored shirt with just an emblem. Above the front reads the text “AC MILAN” and finally, the Adidas logo on top. Together, the shirt portrays a great representation of AC Milan, using a combination of Milan’s signature black, red, and white palette. Having the design enclosed within a sea of black is a great look that puts the focus on the sleek imagery.


The Fit


Adidas’s careful attention to physical fitting on their jerseys is not lost here. This AC Milan soccer tee is lengthened to give a great slim look and it fits fantastically. I have many large sized shirts and they all feel a bit oversized; this tee fits a bit tighter on the upper-torso, and extends downward a little farther than most shirts. The result is an apparel product that can look really great and stylish if the right size is purchased.


The fabric is very smooth, properly assorted through the sleeves and chest to keep it comfortably tight. It never feels too tight or movement impairing and truly, like all shirts, it all comes down to picking the right size. I would recommend that those that dislike light tightness to just pick one size larger. In terms of touch, Adidas shirts are always maximum quality at great prices, and that is exactly what you’ll find here; very smooth material that’s great for any occasion.


Like all fans, I love jerseys, and they are almost my primary matter of apparel for representing, but when it’s not match day and you want that subtle fan look with great comfort, these sorts of shirts are the ultimate solution. Along with other merchandise, this shirt can help you show your “Cuore Rossonero” at a great price. I recommend all AC Milan fans to grab this shirt now; the mixture of classic il Diavolo colors, the low price, and the casual comfort are all great positives of this product!

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