FC Bayern Munich Product Reviews

Review: FC Bayern home jersey 11-13

Review: FC Bayern Munich home jersey 11-12 +12-13

By MM Sports FC Bayern ambassador Ben Roden, Utah, USA


 “The price of success is sometimes suffocating expectation. So it seems to be with Bayern München. After a disappointing finish in last year’s Bundesliga campaign, and a heartbreaking exit from the Champions League, questions are being raised by pundits and fans alike: how can a team with so much history and so much talent fall short? After a busy transfer period and some strong signings, Die Roten now hope to quiet their critics and appease their restless supporters with a strong campaign.


 With Bayern challenging for silverware on multiple fronts, Allianz Arena will need to become a fortress for Bayern to succeed; appropriately, they will take to the home pitch in a kit that represents the legacy of Germany’s most successful club.

While previous kits have paid tribute to Bayern’s historical kits in literal terms, (the red and white stripes of the 10/11 home kit, for example) this year’s Adidas kit utilizes a simple design and important details to create a more spiritual successor to previous classics.

The color template is red and gold – the bright red of recent years has been replaced with a deep cardinal, accented with subtle stripes and gold details.  The color, while a slight deviation from the norm pays tribute to tradition, while the gold stripes and lettering represent FCB’s numerous trophies, both past and future.



FC Bayern Munich home jersey 11-12



The quality of the garment itself is excellent. The kit features Adidas’ ClimaCool fabric and vent panels for comfort, and a fairly traditional fit. The sponsor, crest, and name/number are of top quality and are integrated perfectly into the kit. The text on the back of the jersey is printed in metallic gold, and a small Bayern crest is stamped into each number. The club’s name is printed across the shoulders, while the player’s name is printed just below the number in the same distinctive font.


FC Bayern home jersey 11-12 + Schweinsteiger 31 printing


As is common with many Adidas designs, Bayern’s kit features a number of unique and impressive details that are unique to the club. Bayern is known to many as “Rekordmeister,” or in English, “Record Champion,” a title which refers to their numerous cups and titles – this nickname is emblazoned in a gold strip on the back collar of the kit.



FC Bayern home jersey 11-12 collar Rekordmeister


On the inside of the collar is the club’s motto – “Mia san mia,” a Bavarian phrase roughly translated as “We are who we are,” a further symbol of the club’s identity.



FC Bayern home jersey collar inside Mia San Mia


Even the vertical stripes on the front of the kit echo the checker of the Bavarian flag found in the team’s crest.

These details are small but well executed, enriching the overall design of the kit rather than distracting from it.

Overall, this is one of the best Bayern Munich kits in years –elegant, timeless and powerful.  Striking a perfect balance between simplicity and character, the kit perfectly captures the current aim of FC Bayern –drawing on the strength of Bayern’s legacy while looking ahead to the future.

Overall Rating: 10/10″




Aston Villa fan number One: Prince William

Aston Villa Fan Number One: Prince William

Sports is huge in the UK like it is in the US. So everybody is somehow related to sports being active or supporting a team but in any case following.

The royal familiy is no exception. Thus Prince William is a huge Aston Villa supporter.

Prince William wearing an Aston Villa baseball cap

It is unknown why he happens to support Aston Villa of all clubs but there is probably a pretty good explanation for that.

Aston Villa a club which has not been overwhelmed with attention over the past 20 years is probably happy to have the Prince among their faithful followers.

And it always brings a bit of publicity to have a famous fan. . .

Prince William alongside Ashley Young and the launch of an Aston Villa kit

English international Ashley Young now with Manchester United also features in the photo. And the launch of a new Aston Villa kit probably back from the season 09/10 or 10/11 when Villa had switched to kit supplier Nike.

Chelsea Product Reviews

Review: Chelsea FC home jersey 2011/12

 Review: Chelsea home jersey 2011/12

By MM Sports Chelsea ambassador: Ray Pottenger


Another year, another campaign for the boys in Blue. Is there a better way to get ready for the season than getting the new home kit? 

All in all, this year’s jersey is pretty stylish. The designers made some alterations that make the 2011-12 iteration both distinctive from past jerseys and yet instantly recognizable as representing Chelsea.

Chelsea home jersey 11-12 front


The flash made the stripes hard to see.



  The front of this year’s model has a nice set of thick, horizontal stripes of alternating shades of blue, an eye catching change-up from the usual straight blue shirt. Samsung, Chelsea’s main sponsor, has its moniker proudly emblazoned across the chest. Chelsea’s badge is nicely stitched onto the left breast.

Chelsea home jersey focus on logos




The shoulders are a white mesh material with blue adidas tri-stripes giving it a race car feel.   I chose to go with the Premier League badge, which (sadly) is white this year with a straight blue back. 

Chelsea home jersey 11-12 EPL badges


Next year they will be gold.



 I chose to get a Torres #9 on the back. The numbers and lettering are white with black outline. The Premier Lion adorns the base of the number.


Chelsea home jersey 11-12 Torres 9 printing


El Nino will return to form this year, mark my words.




The fabric is adidas’s Climacool, which seems to get softer and thinner each year.  That is definitely not a bad thing. Thinner lets the shirt breathe a bit, which is good for the dog days of summer. Climacool is also durable and will not stretch out too much when that jerk who thinks he’s playing for the UEFA Cup instead of a pickup game keeps tugging on your jersey. You’ll be able to hip him off and continue on your run while still looking good.  The jersey also has a nice cut that gives even the non-athlete the illusion of at least some chest definition.

On the whole this is a great jersey for showing your Chelsea pride, because everyone looks better in blue.






Manchester City Product Reviews

Review: Manchester City home jersey 11-12

 Product Review: Umbro Manchester City Home Jersey 2011/12

 Immediately after being selected to a “joker” position by the MM Sports Staff, I was extremely excited to see what would be coming in the mail.  A few days after receiving my first shipping confirmation, the package arrived.  I felt like a young boy on Christmas, I had absolutely no idea what was in the package and I feverishly began to open the parcel.  I pull away the tissue paper and…Manchester City! My first reaction was utter disappointment…could I really review a team that I loathe so much?  It wouldn’t take me long to realize that despite our opposing views on how a team should be built, Manchester City knew how to dress with class.

It didn’t take long for the disappointment to subside because as I inspected the jersey closer, I realized that Umbro had produced one of the classiest kits I have seen for some time.  Since being purchased in 2008 by Nike, Umbro has specialized in producing kits unlike any of the other larger manufactures.

Manchester City home jersey 2011/12


                 The jersey is made like their newer England kits with the jersey almost feeling like a t-shirt.  The outside feels like cotton while the underside feels more like a traditional jersey. It is odd at first but the comfort is unsurpassed.  The vibrant sky blue color really stands out and received many compliments while being worn later that day.  There is mesh for ventilation around both arms and down either side of the shirt.  There is also an additional strip of ventilation on the shoulders located on the backside of the jersey.   The club badge and Umbro logo are both embroidered to perfection.

The color scheme is flawless because the “Etihad Airways” sponsor and Umbro logo are both in a dark charcoal color that sits on top of the sky blue beautifully.  The collar is v-neck and there is an inner collar that a checkerboard pattern of blue and white.  On the backside, there is a “Tailored by Umbro” and a line design embroidered on either bottom side.  The front of the shirt has polka dots that are dark on the bottom hem and they lighten and fade away towards the collar.  This was a nice touch because I think it brings the entire jersey together.  Aesthetically, it is a beautiful shirt.

In summary, I think Umbro did a superb job on the new Manchester City home jersey.  The color, sponsor logo, badges and overall aesthetics are all great.  It looks great to play in or for walking down the street and being casual.  Despite not being a fan of Manchester City, I can admit that it may be the best looking kit in the premier league this season.  It appears to me that Umbro did not hold back and wanted to produce a top-notch kit for City’s first champions league campaign.  I would recommend the kit for fans of City and for collectors looking to add a beautiful piece to their collection.


-Zach Jepson


Product Reviews Real Madrid

Review: Real Madrid home jersey 2011/12

Review: Real Madrid Home Jersey 2011-12

By the MM Sports Ambassador Sean Moran

The Real Madrid Home 2011-12 team jersey features a sleek simplistic design.  The climacool technology that Adidas has used on this jersey works well in all conditions whether games, training, or leisure.  The mesh underarm design allows for optimal cooling.   This 100% polyester jersey features the embossed team crest on the upper right chest, and the Adidas logo stitched on the left front chest. The front screen-prints features the team sponsor (bwin) who has consistently maintained sponsorship for Real Madrid over the last several years.

Real Madrid home jersey 11-12 sponsor logo


Also stitched on is the league patch on the right arm.  

Real Madrid home jersey 11-12 LFP sleeve badge


   This jersey features the teams initials (RM) embossed into the collar and its name (Real Madrid) into the collar and its name (Real Madrid) on the inside of the collar seaming.

Real Madrid home jersey should stripes Real Madrid collar look

This white game jersey with gold accent trims on the collar, arm trim and around the underarm mesh adds to the sophisticated look to this sleek polo.

Real Madrid jersey side fabric


  The bottom right front displays the Adidas authentic mark, while the left bottom displays the screen-print climacool logo.

Real Madrid jersey adidas authentic mark Real Madrid jersey clima cool logo


 Name & Number kit:


Also, the screen-printed back features your favorite player name and number. Also found on the bottom of the players number is the teams crest.

Real Madrid home kit Özil 10 Real Madrid logos engraved in numbers


Final Remarks:

The sizing of this jersey is true to size, while offering a form fitting style.  The fabric is light weight with a tight weave of fabric, the under arm area is a mesh woven material to aid in moisture wicking and heat control.  The polo style collar is a loose weave of fabric.  The polo style opening provides a stylish sporty look.   The stitching of seams is tight and well done but will give with motion of the wearer.  The shirt has great style and design, while exhibits a well manufactured product. 

Overall this is a well-made jersey that any team supporter would be proud to wear to publically display their enthusiastic spirit.


 Sean Moran

New York/ August 11, 2011



See the official Real Madrid promotional video of the jersey here:

Real Madrid

New Real Madrid Champions League away jersey 2011-12

New Product: Real Madrid Champions League away jersey 2011/12

Launch date of the RM CL away jersey 2011/12: 25th of August

We present the Real Madrid Champions League away jersey for the season 2011/12.

The color chosen for this year’s edition is red. Quite unusual since the usual color is purple, grey, blue, or shale.

However, according to adidas and other sources close to the issue it is not the first time in the history of Real Madrid that they wear a red jersey for European away matches. The same thing already happend on a couple of occassions during the 1960s and the 1970s.

Real Madrid Champions League away jersey 11-12 red

The sponsor logo is white as are the stripes on the sleeves.

The name and number kit that goes with the jersey is also white. Compared to the gold of the home and the away kit.

The jersey comes with a blue UEFA honors badge to the left arm sleeve + the UEFA starball patch to the right arm sleeve.

Product Reviews Valencia

Review: Valencia CF home jersey 11-12

Review: Valencia home jersey 2011-12

By the MM Sports Valencia ambassador Peter Locascio


The new Valencia CF (FC to those English language speakers) 2011/12 home jersey is supplied by Joma, a change from the last few years jersey supplier, Kappa. The jersey is substantially white with black and yellow/orange trimming around the neck, hips and sleeves (the left sleeve trim has “ AMUNT VALENCIA” in yellow/orange stitching and there is a black Joma “J” logo on each shoulder). The La Liga “LFP” patch (Liga de Fútbol Profesional) is fully edge stitched onto the left shoulder, an indicator of a well manufactured product.


Valencia home jersey sleeve LFP badge close up

The Valencia CF shield is situated on the upper left chest and a black stitched “Joma” is on the upper right chest (orientation when wearing the jersey). The stiched text is nicely executed and is another indicator of the high quality of this jersey. “AMUNT VALENCIA” with the VCF shield is printed on the inner collar and the inner band of the jersey bottom.



Valencia CF home jersey front  


A small yellow/orange bat is stitched onto the bottom back of the jersey, a nice touch.

Valencia home jersey backside bat



My jersey was ordered with authentic player name and number on the back (Mata, 10). The contemporary font is sans-serif black with silver “shadow” highlight on each letter and numeral and silver VCF shield on the bottom of each numeral. The player customization is of the same high quality as last year.


Valencia home jersey Mata 10 printing  


 The VCF shield close-up:


Valencia CF numbers with club shield



Final Remarks:

The jersey was not supplied with a sponsor logo on the front. The 2010/11 “Unibet” logo was one of the most attractive sponsor logos in all club football and I will certainly have no objection if Valencia CF jerseys later in the season are shipped with it printed on the front. 

The front and back fabric is finely woven while the side and arm fabric is a somewhat more open weave. The underarms are a mesh like fabric for ventilation. 


Unlike last year’s VCF Kappa jersey where I needed to size up a full size (something I rarely have to do), the 2011/12 Joma jersey fits to size, if slightly slimmer than the 2010/11 Joma jerseys.


Overall, the jersey is of substantial quality. While we all (at least club football fans) are proud to publicly exhibit our team association, it’s always nice when the shirt has style, quality design and is well manufactured. Valencia CF fans can rest assured this is the case with the VCF 2011/12 home jersey.


Peter John Locascio

New York City/August 10, 2011

Se official Joma presentation video here:




And another Valencia promotional video for the new jersey:



New MM Sports Website Beta

MM Sports Beta website

We hereby introduce the new MM Sports website. The website is still in a beta version in the sense that the final migration from our current website has not yet taken place. But besides that the website is already by now operational. We need to test it and to have it tested by the public in order to rout out bugs or potential usability problems. But hopefully we will be able to make the switch from Beta to Alfa within the next couple of months and before the holiday season.

The new website has been built on the Magento platform which is a new e-commerce platform dating back to 2008. The platform is Open Source but is being backed by a company Varien. Varien provides paid versions beyond the freeware community edition. Thus there is a professional version and an enterprise version which are leased to companies or corporations which need a supported and fully tested solution.

The big advantage running on a platform like Magento is that it is very cost efficient. A number of extensions are available at a low cost and there is a large developer community which can provide assistance for custom tasks which is not covered by the basic framework nor any of the extensions available.

In 2011 Magento was finally acquired by Ebay which now owns the shopping platform entirely. It is part of Ebay’s newly defined strategy about being a player in all kinds of e-commerce. Not only by providing the e-commerce platform for auction based deals or fixed priced sales that we now from But also as a technology company in the sphere of e-commerce tecnology, fulfillment and marketing (thus the acquisition of GSI Commerce), and the acquisition of Magento etc. Not the least by trying to push its’ market leading payment service Pay Pal.

So we will probably expect to see an even tighter integration between Magento , Pay Pal and in the future. But most likely the open source component will be maintained so it is up to the merchant whether he or she wants to use the integrated services from Ebay Inc.

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MM Sports Global Ambassador Program

MM Sports Global Ambassador Program

(1 word) MM Sports is introducing a new initiative: the MM Sports Global Ambassador Program. In order for this program to succeed we need your help! We are looking to recruit 12-14 ambassadors to cover different themes within the sporting goods and merchandise industry of soccer. Each tenure will run for 6 months. Every month we will ship a new product to the Ambassador. Thus during the period of time that the ambassador is serving he or she will receive atleast 6 products from a given team that he or she covers free of charge! Shipping will be on us as well. The product will be shipped as gift or as sample in order to avoid import tax and duty.

In return for the free merchandise we will expect the ambassador to provide us with a well-written product review of the product received. A quality product review will be between 300 and 600 words long (or even longer if deemed beneficial) and may include photo and video material if deemed relevant.

The MM Sports Global Ambassador program is as the title indicates open to anyone anywhere across the globe. No geographical criteria is included in the selection process nor is any particular geography given any preference.

What is important to bear in mind is that the word “ambassador” has been carefully chosen and is of relevance in order get this to work. An ambassador in the sense of a diplomat is a representative who carries the load and responsibility of a whole country, including the state, the governement, the citizens of the country, companies – businesses etc. Therefore the ambassador has to  tread carefully and act in a “diplomatic” manner. By diplomatic we mean respectfully and tacitfully.

In the case of soccer there are a number of stakeholders involved in dealing with well-know international brands like Liverpool FC or Manchester United. The club itself, the massive fan base, the kit supplier, MM Sports, and everybody else involved one way or another with the beautiful game. (333 words).

Therefore the individual who is chosen as ambassador for instance the “MM Sports Liverpool Ambassador” has to be well-aware that there are certain ramifications related to the post. What is NOT the kind of review we are looking for is an outright rejection of a product, harsh critisism, extreme applause, unfair comparison or the like. What we ARE looking for is a balanced discussion with Pros and Cons but without any extreme judgements. Carefully chosen words which will not be polemic , while of course being truthful to one’s opinions and trying to bring about an objective statement with a personal touch reflecting one’s own beliefs. We do look for personality to shine through but not at the cost of fairness nor moderate use of language.

What we need are high quality,  well-written, and useful reviews for a wider audience.

The MM Sports Ambassador program takes off in August 2011 with the aim of covering the season 2011/12.

We currently hold just 1 ambassador post still open:

-UK ambassador. We are looking for An individual from the United Kingdom. The exact content of the position TBD. Meaning we are open to suggestions! OPEN!

-Real Madrid (code “RM ambassador”) TAKEN!

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-FC Barcelona (code “Barca ambassador”) TAKEN!

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-Joker (Joker ambassador) [you will get different jerseys from different clubs] /there might be more than 1 joker appointed/.

Joker 1: TAKEN!

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If you would like to become the new MM Sports Global Ambassador – first crop starting in August 2011 – what you need to do is the following:

send us an email at:

In the title line write the ambassador program you are interested in covering, using the code indicated in parentheses for instance: CFC Ambassador.

In order for the application to be accepted you need to provide us with full contact details so we can get in touch with you and so that we would be able to send you the merchandise at a valid postal address.

And yes this information will be kept private and will not be used for any other purpose. Unsuccessful applications will not be used at all.

A short and concise text making your statement basically answering the question: why should we pick you ?

Please bear in mind that what is important is not whether you know a lot about soccer or whether you have a huge collection of merchandise already, or whether you perform well on the pitch. What is important is your ability to craft a well-written text which can be of use to a wider audience with an interest in the industry at large or a product in particular.

There is no deadline for applications. As soon as we find someone useful for the job this individual will be tapped and get started immediately.

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-All reviews will be reviewed before publication to ensure quality.

-MM Sports’ decides exclusively which products will be sent to the ambassador. No complaints about product choice will be accepted. If the ambassador is asked to review a pair of shorts while the individual would much rather see a long sleeve jersey landing in his mailbox then there is nothing to do about it. Since jerseys is the primary fcous there will be one or more jerseys involved in a 6 months package but it is important to stress the point that this it is not the ambassador’s job to pick the product for review. Questions such as size and maybe choice of player if a jersey is to be printed will be brought up though.

-The agreement can be brought to an immediate end in case the ambassador does not fulfill his or her obligations: Does not comply with agreed deadlines, does not provide well-written and to the point reviews, uses a language or
a tone unsuitable for publishing in the public sphere.

-We do reserve us the right to publish snippets of applications (without naming of names) in order to show potential suitors what the successful application looks like.