Aston Villa fan number One: Prince William

Aston Villa Fan Number One: Prince William

Sports is huge in the UK like it is in the US. So everybody is somehow related to sports being active or supporting a team but in any case following.

The royal familiy is no exception. Thus Prince William is a huge Aston Villa supporter.

Prince William wearing an Aston Villa baseball cap

It is unknown why he happens to support Aston Villa of all clubs but there is probably a pretty good explanation for that.

Aston Villa a club which has not been overwhelmed with attention over the past 20 years is probably happy to have the Prince among their faithful followers.

And it always brings a bit of publicity to have a famous fan. . .

Prince William alongside Ashley Young and the launch of an Aston Villa kit

English international Ashley Young now with Manchester United also features in the photo. And the launch of a new Aston Villa kit probably back from the season 09/10 or 10/11 when Villa had switched to kit supplier Nike.