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Review: Arsenal home shirt 11-12

I’m reviewing the latest 2011/12 Official Arsenal Home football shirt. Made by Nike. This was released in June 2011. Made In Thailand

The shirt is very similar to the 2010/11 shirt but this shirt celebrates the 125th anniversary of arsenal football club.


Arsenal home shirt 11-12


The Shirt is Red with a ribbed style collar with white sleeves which feature a red rubber stripe down both arms.


Arsenal crest Laurels


The Arsenal Crest has 15 Lauren leaves to the left which represents arsenal’s strength “which arsenal and their fans needed at the start of the season” on the right of the crest there are 15 oak leaves which mark the founders of arsenal football club. Just Under The Leaves there is the dates 1886 & 2011. This is very similar to the original woolwich arsenal shirt but obviously without the dates. “Take a look at the history books” Under the crest there is the word “forward” this is to show the club will continue to grow and be a future force again!!!


Arsenal crest laurels close up


Nike tick is embroidered. The sponsor, arsenal logo are rubber material. All are well made and show quality which you would expect from Nike. Wash labels in the shirt are quite large & are explained in several languages.


Arsenal chest Swoosh


Arsenal sponsor logo Fly Emirates



Authentic Label on the bottom right corner – designed to the exact specifications of championship athletes product code 015948302


The shirt is Dri Fit which is the latest technology in sports wear- label reads Pulls away sweat to keep you dry and comfortable which I totally agree with as I often wear my arsenal shirt in the gym


The shirt size seems to be slightly bigger than other previous seasons, which gives more room for movement. The shirt is also light in weight which makes it more comfortable to wear


I have owned all arsenal shirts from the past 10 years and always wear them with pride this one will be no acceptation knowing the clubs history has been thought about and built into this shirt


Review by

Simon Gregory / Hull / UK


Chelsea Product Reviews

Product Description: Chelsea youth shorts 11-12

Look Cool And Stay Comfortable With The Adidas Chelsea Youth Soccer Shorts Item #V13912 



Manufactured by Adidas, these shorts are guaranteed to keep you comfortable while helping you look good at the same time. The shorts are made from 100% Clima Cool Polyester, so your sweat is pulled away from your body and you stay cooler whether you are playing a game, working out, or just relaxing around the house. The Adidas Chelsea soccer shorts are made to be durable, so they can stand up to all of your great moves and last a long time. The exquisite logo on the right front panel of the shorts add to the appealing look of these shorts, and the elastic waistband ensures a proper fit and comfortable wear. Available in sizes ranging from youth extra small to youth extra large, it is a sure bet that every young soccer player will love to wear these shorts out on the field.


Chelsea home shorts 11-12 youth


Buying the Adidas Chelsea youth soccer short is very easy and convenient when online ordering is used. These shorts can be found at fantastic savings when you compare prices online, and the price you pay can be less than $50. The white striping on the sides of the short add a decorative edge, and the comfortable fabric offers flexibility in movement that many other shorts can not provide. The blue and white colors offer a nice contrast and sporty fashionable look, and the fact that this apparel is machine washable is just an added bonus. Designed to stand up to rugged wear and hard play, these shorts are also designed to look great the entire time and offer an ideal fit both on and off the field.




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Review: England home jersey 10-12

 Review: England national team jersey

By Aaron Holtsclaw


I am reviewing an extremely nice England Jersey manufactured by Umbro. It is all white with no stripes or other markings on the shirt. There are tiny red and blue crosses in a pattern around the neck and shoulder areas but otherwise it is dominated by white. The England crest sits above the wearers heart with the 3 Lions stretched across it. Above the crest in white on white is a single star for the World Cup victory in 1966. The other breast is adorned with the Umbro logo which appears out of place on such a pristine jersey. The collar is almost like a throwback to the jerseys worn by the 1966 team. Most replica jerseys have a very average collar similar to a t-shirt while this jersey has something special. If you could travel back in time, you could imagine Sir Bobby Charlton running around the pitch in this jersey. You might be distracted by his comb over hairstyle which tried to hide his bald spot but your eyes would be drawn back to this awesome jersey. It fits snug on a person used to wearing a 3XL shirt.  The listed size is 46 which would probably translate to a XL or XXL in the United States.  Though it fits snug, this is a nice Jersey with excellent construction and a clean look to it. Though England is going into Euro 2012 with a bit of controversy around the Wayne Rooney red card, you could see him or potential future England Captain Phil Jones wearing this jersey in the tournament as they try to shake off years of disappointment and win a major trophy. Regardless of whether you want to wear this jersey looking forward to the next tournament or to support the history of this great countries side which has yet failed to live up to expectations, you will look great in this jersey.

England home jersey 10-11



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Review: AS Roma home jersey 11-12

Kappa Roma Home 11/12 Jersey Review


By Zach Jepson


To put it simply, the new 11/12 home Roma jersey by Kappa is visually stunning but has some setbacks that keep it from being a “must-buy”.  First, the most notable feature of the shirt is that it is made of a material known as Lycra.  Lycra can best be described as almost a spandex like material and because of that, it makes the overall fit of the jersey very tight.  The new kit also features embroidered club crest, kappa logo, screened “Wind” sponsor, and screened kappa logos.  The crest on the home shirt differs than those on the away and third shirts.  The crest on the home is the original crest while the new crest is featured on the other shirts.  The embroidered Kappa name is located on the right shoulder, making it a unique location compared to the other larger manufacturers.  The screened Kappa logos are on either side running from the bottom hem to the armpit, I personally think these weren’t needed and it makes the shirt a bit “busy”.  The “Wind” sponsor is a highlight for me as I have always been a fan of it and the blue in the curved line really looks great on the burgundy and orange of the jersey. 


AS Roma home jersey 11-12



                      Now, I love the shirt because of how it is just entirely different than anything Nike, Adidas, or Puma releases to the public.  The colors are outstanding and they are much brighter than what is shown on the website.  You have to see this jersey in person to see how stunning it looks. I wore this shirt around town and got a lot of compliments from strangers…lots of lady strangers, that’s right guys, want to talk to a new lady friend?  Buy this shirt.  But listen to this advice first.  Kappa’s sizing is absolutely crazy.  I don’t know what they could be possibly thinking but I think they must be based out of Amsterdam rather than Italy (Amsterdam, that’s not a knock on you—you keep doing what you do).  If you want a size similar to your normal jersey or t-shirt size you need to order three sizes up.  If you want a tight fit like how a Nike compression shirt or Under Armour Coldgear shirt would fit, then order two sizes up from your regular size.  This means if you’re a small in Adidas and you want a looser fit then you need to order an XL in this.  I wear a large in Nike, Adidas and Puma…I’m a XXXL in this.  Now, this is where thing’s get even wackier.  Not all of Kappa’s sizing is the same!  A Fulham shirt by Kappa fits differently than these Roma shirts.  I have a 10/11 Fulham shirt (Go Dempsey!  I’m from the USA…yes I know I’m a Spurs fan, Dempsey is an exception), and it is made from Lycra too but their sizing is much more similar to how a Nike or Adidas shirt would fit like.  I recommend only going up one size in those.  If you wear a large, grab an XL in a Fulham Kappa shirt.  The sizing is just out of control and that is a major annoyance for this reviewer.

                      So, what we have here is a shirt that looks great but has a crazy sizing scale.  Also, it’s not much different than any of the other Roma shirts Kappa has released in the past 5 years.  In my opinion, if you own a home Roma shirt by Kappa from the past few years, don’t bother buying this 11/12 one. However, if you’re a Roma fan without a shirt…I’d definitely buy it…but three sizes larger than your regular shirt size.  Additionally, any guys having trouble with the ladies…buy this shirt; it’s an easy compliment grabber and conversation starter.  You’ll be getting phone numbers in no time.  Don’t believe me?  Buy the shirt.  Or ask Francesco Totti.  Remember, the King of Rome is not dead people.  



FC Barcelona Product Reviews

Review: FC Barcelona home jersey 10-11

Review: 2010-2011 FC Barcelona Home Jersey

By Gerard Banez

 Why does one buy last year’s model of your favorite team’s game jersey? In this review, I will share some general thoughts on this topic, as well as more specific comments on the 2010-2011 FC Barcelona home jersey.


FC Barcelona home jersey 2010-11



The Cost

Sometimes, but not always, last year’s jersey doesn’t cost as much as the current model. When marked down, the older jersey represents a better value. Jerseys usually don’t change much from year to year, and having the most recent version, especially if a lot more expensive, isn’t really necessary.


 The Look

Another reason to buy last year’s jersey is the look. From the first time I saw it, I liked the 2010-2011 FCB home jersey. I have always liked the primary colors, and this jersey features yellow much more than past versions of the FCB jersey. The yellow ribbed collar and sleeves stand out and complement the traditional bold red and blue striping well. Another reason I liked this jersey is that I always admired the fact that FCB did not feature a shirt sponsor and, for several years, actually paid UNICEF to feature their logo. The UNICEF logo is prominently featured front and center on this jersey, which was the last sponsorless jersey before FCB negotiated its current Qatar Foundation deal. Mes que un club (more than a club) is on the left shirt sleeve, and tots units fem forca (all together we are strong) is on the inside of the jersey behind the FCB badge.


The Team

A third reason to buy an older jersey is to recognize and honor the team that wore the shirt. The 2010-2011 version of FCB is arguably the best ever Barcelona side (in my opinion, better than the 2008-2009 treble-winning group). Some have even argued that it may have been the best club side of all time. In comparison to the 2008-2009 group, the first under Guardiola’s leadership, the 2010-2011 side played an even better form of the Tiki Taka style that their coach encouraged. This side featured the incomparable Lionel Messi as well as the other two 2010 Ballon D’Or finalists, Xavi Hernandez and Andres Iniesta (all graduates of the famed La Masia, FCB’s youth academy). Multiple members of the 2010 World Cup championship team from Spain played their club soccer at FCB.


Bottom Line

In sum, the 2010-2011 FCB home jersey is a very good looking shirt, and the team that wore the shirt was one of the best ever. If you like attractive, colorful soccer jerseys and want to recognize one of the winningest sides ever, get one of these before they are no longer available. This shirt is and will be a classic. 


Final Words

If you read my review of the 2011-2012 FCB away jersey, it is useful to note that the 2011-2012 jersey was a replica version whereas the 2010-2011 FCB home jersey that I review here is an authentic version. Comparing the two side-by-side, there is very little that distinguishes them. One difference I noticed was that the authentic was shipped in a cardboard box, while the replica came in a plastic bag. The other difference is that the authentic has a vented seam along the sides of the jersey. Otherwise, the fabric, feel, details & colors appear to be the same. The many similarities and few differences suggest that purchasing a replica jersey may provide better value than buying the authentic version. 


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Review: Tottenham home jersey 11-12

Review: Puma Tottenham Home Jersey 11/12

By Zach Jepson


The new Tottenham home jersey by Puma looks very plain upon first sight.  The shirt is solid lilywhite throughout with only a few navy details.  Three embroidered Puma cats-one on each sleeve, and one over the left chest and the embroidered team crest over the heart.  There is also the new “Aurasma” sponsor dead center in middle of the kit.  The jersey also has a white collar and the back and sides are made of a mesh that allows air to pass through easily.  That’s all the basic aspects included on the shirt, now time for my opinion…


Tottenham home jersey 11-12



                      The new Tottenham kit is great.  It’s plain but it’s truly a thing of beauty.  Sometimes less is more, you know?  As a Spurs fan, it is a pleasure seeing Bale, Van deer Vaart, Dawson and the rest of the lilywhite’s wearing this on the pitch each week.  The only problem is that this shirt won’t be making an appearance in the Champions League this year, but alas, you’ve got to have goals and I hope our Spurs will be back next year!

                      The shirt features a slight stretch and Puma has finally nailed their sizing down to how it should be.  For years Puma was unpredictable with their sizing…the 07/08 kit was wide and short, 08/09 fit true to size, 09/10 fit really short and wide, 10/11 was long and wide.  The sizing is now finally perfect.  I would say it’s similar to Adidas sizing rather than Nike but it’s true to chest size a 42/44 is a large, etc.  Personally, sizing is very important to me, if a shirt fits really short or wide, I likely won’t wear it, so why buy it?  It’s a shame that Puma finally made a great shirt…when it’s their last year being the Tottenham manufacturer.

                      As far as things that detract from the jersey…there’s really nothing.  The only nitpicking would be with the new “Aurasma” sponsor but that’s just because I think the logo is not as visually appealing as the Autonomy logo from last season.  Also, Autonomy dropped the ball because they couldn’t decide on what they wanted to the jersey which is why the release date was pushed back until late September.  It always seems Spurs have trouble with the sponsor and their jerseys are always released late because of that.

                      So with the amount of items released by a team by their kit manufacturer, how would I spend my limited dollars?  I think that the kits are the most important thing but there are several points that either make or break a purchase from me.  The sizing is important was I said earlier, but the team crest NEEDS to be embroidered.    Lately, it seems that a Nike and Adidas are deciding to not embroider all the team crests anymore and personally, that’s just being cheap.  They justify it by saying it makes the jersey lighter but I think it’s a lot cheaper to screen a logo rather than having it stitched on.  For example the new Arsenal and Real Madrid shirts feature screened logos similar to the sponsors…it looks cheap and I think it makes it look like a knock off shirt from eBay.  Luckily Puma hasn’t done that with any of their kits yet.  I think that when companies are making kits, t-shirts, pants, training gear, jackets, fleeces and other items…for me kits come first, and training gear second.  I rarely purchase other items because there are just too many.  It’s nice having variety but when each item is $50-75; you have to pick and choose.

                      Overall, I’d say the new Tottenham kit is nearly flawless.  If you’re a fan, it’s a definite buy, especially with not knowing how Under Armour will handle their range next year.  You also can’t go wrong getting it customized with your favorite player from MMSports because they are one of only a handful of shops to offer authentic Lextra player names and numbers as well as authentic on field size badges.  Any questions ask, but I think it’s a must buy.


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Review: Danish national team jersey 2009-11

Review: Denmark soccer jersey

By MM Sports Joker ambassador Aaron Holtsclaw


The Jersey I am reviewing this month belongs to the Danish National Team whose nickname is the Red and Whites. Being American, I was not aware of this history of this side. I knew that United great Peter Schmeichel was from Denmark as well as current United keeper Anders Lindegaard. A little research on the history revealed that the past wearers of this jersey had won Euro 1992. Quite an accomplishment from a side that initially didn’t qualify for the tournament but was admitted due to FIFA sanctions against Yugoslavia. I think the history of a side is important when looking at a jersey. The crest states that the Danish FA was started in 1889 which is over a century old. There is few clubs in any sport in my country that has lasted that long. Teams from the NFL didn’t start until post WW 2. So the history with this and other great European sides is incredible. Besides, which United fan wouldn’t be proud to wear the kit worn by The Great Dane? But let’s get to the jersey. It is made by Adidas and came to me in a size 2XL which is a snug fit for me. The Climacool design means it is worn tight to the body which is not the best for a Large man.  


Denmark home jersey 2009-11



The colors are the red and white of the flag of Denmark. The Adidas stripes down the arms are interrupted for about 6 inches before it resumes at the cuff which is an unusual but aesthetically appealing touch. The collar is a nice touch. A lot of jerseys in football have gone away from the collar which I feel is a mistake. The look of the collar gives it a touch of class and lends it a look of formality which most football fans feel about their clubs. The club or national team is something that should be respected. Kind of like putting on your best clothes to go to church. You put on your nice collared kit to attend the church of your teams football ground. Who doesn’t feel their team plays on hallowed ground? If anything it is hallowed by the fans praying for their team’s success. But I digress. The jersey has 2 Adidas logos. One in the center of the chest stitched into the fabric. The other logo is on a little patch above the right hip. There are a series of dashed across the chest and below the crest that form an interesting pattern that breaks up the fact that there is not a shirt sponsor splashed across the front of the jersey like most club teams have.  The last touch is right below the collar is the same DANSK (I am not sure how to put a dot in the middle right here like a bullet point) BOLDSPIL-UNION that appears on the crest. Overall the jersey is nice and a great conversation starter. Even though I am American, I have Danish blood in me so I have no problem wearing the kit I might have worn if my ancestors had never decided to cross the Atlantic.


Manchester United Product Reviews

Review: Manchester United home jersey 11-12

Review: Manchester United home jersey 2011/12

By MM Sports Joker Ambassador Aaron Holtsclaw, LA

 When the famous red shirt of Manchester United arrived in my mailbox, I was excited. Though I own versions from the past, pulling on the kit of the greatest team on God’s Green Earth never loses its appeal. The jersey arrived unadorned with number which I am told is how adults should wear it. A famous podcaster educated me to that tidbit. With the rise of the other half of Manchester to prominence, it has never been more important to wear the shirt once worn by Best, Law, Charlton, Cantona, Beckham, Keane,  Scholes and countless other legends. Though the shirt sponsor changes, the crest that those greats kissed is the same. I like the addition to this shirt of the black and white stripes to the collar and armholes.  They add a little touch of color that doesn’t diminish from the overall look but makes it stand out from previous versions of the shirt. The crest remains above the heart of the wearer as it should be. Those who pull on this jersey should have the club in their heart. Since Nike began manufacturing United’s jerseys this is my favorite. The simplicity of the design harkens back to the pre sponsor days when the kit was all about the team. The swoosh is over your right breast smaller than the club crest as it should be. Nike is a great company but not more important than the club. Just below the back of the collar, a single red devil sits saying, “I will watch your back in case some City supporter tries to sneak up on you and cause trouble.” He really doesn’t say that but I am glad he is there to watch my back. The kit is put together expertly. There is no stray strings showing and all the stitching is nice and tight. Overall, the jersey is of excellent quality and something any proud Red should wear.

Manchester United home jersey 2011-12



Review: Inter home jersey 11-12

 Review: Inter home jersey 11/12

By Inter ambassador Joe Palatano

F. C. Internazionale Milano is an organization with a cult following, folklore-like history and tradition. Inter fans are not only some of the most passionate in the world… They are also some of the best-dressed tifosi around.

The 2011/2012 Nike Inter jersey is a classic, well-built product fit for any fan of “Pazza Inter”, a club and squad which shares these qualities. The shirt is perfect to wear around – whether supporting at home, or showing off the nerazzurri colors with friends (or rivals).

Narrow-striped with a vibrant blue and black, this Inter Milan kit is everything the customer would expect – a perfect fan piece, and stylish option in your closet.


Inter home jersey 11-12 Coppa Italia badge WCC badge


My Inter shirt came with kit name and number Pazzini 7 perfectly applied – secure, and of authentic, highest quality. With added value accents such as black and blue stitching at the seams, bold Inter crest, in-collar St. George’s Cross flag, and ‘inter’ stylized screening at the back of the neck – this is surely a collector’s item to show off.


Inter home jersey 11-12 Pazzini 7


The first aspect that really stands out about the Nike Internazionale 11/12 jersey is that it is collared.  Collars on football shirts can be a love-hate relationship. They can really make or break the look of the jersey, as well as the fun-to-wear factor.

If you’ve had any reservations regarding collared football kits in the past, forget them – this one is both enjoyable to wear and quite stylish.


Inter home jersey 11-12 collar look inside


Inter have opted for collarless over the past few seasons, but this one just seems to fit right with the club and its English origins in general.  The collar sits well on the neck and collarbone and always retains its shape – the firm, no slouch short collar blends seamlessly into the shirt itself. Forget intrusive collars, there’s no fuss or hassle with this classic one-button football shirt collar.

The material is a lightweight slightly dimpled or textured Nike Dry-Fit fabric that falls lightly on the shoulders and chest, thus making it really quite comfortable to wear.

Unlike football shirts from other kit manufacturers, the fit of this Inter jersey is not restricting at all. It is loose and airy in all the right places, giving the fan a comfortably full range of movement – yet it is form fitting with a flattering cut, meaning this shirt will not just hang there off of your back.

My shirt was delivered with Coppa Italia and Club World Cup patches attached.  These add-ons arrived well applied in the appointed places, with a manufacturer-direct level of craft and attention to detail. The shirt adorned with patches really adds value by displaying the accomplishments of the squad – you can’t help but feel like a fully decorated military general in this thing. 

Inter home jersey 11-12 chest


Without a doubt, this shirt is one gorgeous Inter Milan replica jersey. From the overall fit, to the style, the classic elements to the authentic cup and championship patches from MM Sport – my F.C. Inter Milan jersey is a standout item.



Review: Arsenal home jersey 11-12

Review: Arsenal Jersey

2011/2012 Home Jersey Arsenal FC

By MM Sports Arsenal Ambassador Robert Glavind, CANADA


Arsenal home jersey 11-12 preview of review



Just in time for the first English Premier League match of the season and the initial leg of the Champions League playoff, I received the new 2011/2012 Arsenal home jersey!

This year, Arsenal celebrate its 125th club anniversary and are sporting the slogan “1886 – 2011 Forward” incorporated into its kit logo.  This home jersey is fitting for the celebration of 125 years of tradition as it showcases the proud red body and white shirt sleeves so famously known as the proud Arsenal home kit.

Along with the traditional colours we find the ‘other’ hallmark logos of today’s Premier League jerseys…the club sponsor, Emirates Airline, is splashed across the midriff in bold font, meanwhile the jersey’s manufacturer, Nike has its emblem emblazoned over the right chest.

However, if your bullish about the standard Arsenal logo patch design, you may be disappointed here because the team shield is represented by the special ‘125th’ anniversary logo as a screenprint, instead of the embroidered patch of last season.


Arsenal home jersey 11-12 name and number kit v. Persie 10


The jersey can be ordered with or without name, number and patches, however I think these add to the authenticity and certainly the look.  The EPL patch is commonly seen on all teams and is a nice touch, albeit the quality seems a little more like an ‘iron on’.  I really hope it won’t begin to come apart!  The name and number are presented in a straight forward sans-serif font. All numerals sport the regal lion familiar to the English Premier League. 

My jersey arrived with my favourite player’s name and number on the back: v. Persie #10, the new Arsenal Captain for the 2011/2012 campaign!  I can assure you, he will not be slowed down by the weight of the jersey due to it being one of the lightest “Nike Dri-fit” jerseys that I have experienced yet. The weight of the material is a signature of the Nike performance line which is also known for its perspiration ‘wicking’ capabilities, enabling the footballer to maintain dryness and comfort.

The shirt’s design is obviously ‘functional’ like any footballer’s uniform should be, but the smart design incorporates a lower yoke which runs across the back of the shoulder blades, making for a broader look from behind. This stitching also serves as a great underscore for the club name found just below the collar, screened in bold print.


As mentioned, these jerseys are manufactured by Nike, therefore they carry the familiar embroidered Swoosh, an embroidered ‘DRI-FIT’ on the bottom right and ‘Authentic’ patch with official number above the bottom left hem.

This jersey fit is true to the manufacturer’s sizing code and is sure to please the most ardent and tradition loving fan of North London’s ‘Gunners’.

Reviewed by Robert Glavind