Denmark away kit 2022 – custom name

The official Denmark World Cup 2022 jerseys are produced by Hummel. The official printing is by Jetsport. A Danish company from the city of Viborg. In the photos here below it is the official shirt but not the official numbers which are on display. The printing is a standard font and not the official one as seen on TV.

The jersey itself is fairly boring. Just plain white, monochrome. The shade of white even looks a bit greyish. Let’s see if the play on field can live it up a bit.

With the name and number kit added to the jersey it does become slightly more vivid.


New Denmark away jersey 2014/16

New Denmark away jersey has just been launched.
First time the jersey will be worn in match will be in a friendly against England on the 7th of March.

Denmark away jersey

First time ever that the traditional red/white home and white/red away pattern has been scrapped. The home jersey is still red/white but this time around the away jersey is now white and navy.
The name and number kit accompanying the jersey is likewise navy.

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Review: Danish national team jersey 2009-11

Review: Denmark soccer jersey

By MM Sports Joker ambassador Aaron Holtsclaw


The Jersey I am reviewing this month belongs to the Danish National Team whose nickname is the Red and Whites. Being American, I was not aware of this history of this side. I knew that United great Peter Schmeichel was from Denmark as well as current United keeper Anders Lindegaard. A little research on the history revealed that the past wearers of this jersey had won Euro 1992. Quite an accomplishment from a side that initially didn’t qualify for the tournament but was admitted due to FIFA sanctions against Yugoslavia. I think the history of a side is important when looking at a jersey. The crest states that the Danish FA was started in 1889 which is over a century old. There is few clubs in any sport in my country that has lasted that long. Teams from the NFL didn’t start until post WW 2. So the history with this and other great European sides is incredible. Besides, which United fan wouldn’t be proud to wear the kit worn by The Great Dane? But let’s get to the jersey. It is made by Adidas and came to me in a size 2XL which is a snug fit for me. The Climacool design means it is worn tight to the body which is not the best for a Large man.  


Denmark home jersey 2009-11



The colors are the red and white of the flag of Denmark. The Adidas stripes down the arms are interrupted for about 6 inches before it resumes at the cuff which is an unusual but aesthetically appealing touch. The collar is a nice touch. A lot of jerseys in football have gone away from the collar which I feel is a mistake. The look of the collar gives it a touch of class and lends it a look of formality which most football fans feel about their clubs. The club or national team is something that should be respected. Kind of like putting on your best clothes to go to church. You put on your nice collared kit to attend the church of your teams football ground. Who doesn’t feel their team plays on hallowed ground? If anything it is hallowed by the fans praying for their team’s success. But I digress. The jersey has 2 Adidas logos. One in the center of the chest stitched into the fabric. The other logo is on a little patch above the right hip. There are a series of dashed across the chest and below the crest that form an interesting pattern that breaks up the fact that there is not a shirt sponsor splashed across the front of the jersey like most club teams have.  The last touch is right below the collar is the same DANSK (I am not sure how to put a dot in the middle right here like a bullet point) BOLDSPIL-UNION that appears on the crest. Overall the jersey is nice and a great conversation starter. Even though I am American, I have Danish blood in me so I have no problem wearing the kit I might have worn if my ancestors had never decided to cross the Atlantic.