Liverpool 21/22 away kit – Mo Salah 11

The prefered kit among the Liverpool faithfuls for the season 21/22 has turned out to be the away kit. Beige with green / orange contrast.

The sponsor logo is black which is usually an indication as which color the name and number kit will be.

Luckily Mohammed Salah is Mo Salah in the short form of speaking but has been reduced to M. SALAH when it comes to the name on the jersey. Worst case scenario is another LFC player: Alexander-Arnold ………

The sponsor logo to the left arm sleeve is luckily helt in a black colorway. Thereby it is not as obstructive as sponsor logos in a radical different color may sometimes be.

and to complete the 360 degrees view , let’s take a look at the tournament and campaign sleeve badges to the right arm sleeve.


Liverpool away kit 2014/15 bright yellow

The Liverpool away kit for the season 2014/15 comes in a glaring yellow color.
An adventurous choice for the pale and colorless northern England.
in a Mediterranean context the choice seems excellent though.
Liverpool away jersey 14/15
and from the other side:
Liverpool away jersey backside
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Liverpool Product Reviews

Review: Liverpool FC away jersey 11-12

Review: Liverpool away jersey 11/12

By MM Sports Liverpool ambassador Debra Capp and family 

Recently, I requested MM Sport send us a Liverpool FC 2011/12 away jersey in a child’s size for my son, Lachie. Immediately he tore open the package and held up the shirt I knew I’d made a mistake.  I should have ordered the woman’s size. For me.

This is a beautifully stylish garment, in solid grey and silver with red trim. The cut of the jersey features a shallow V neck with red piping; inserted shoulder panels and shaped side panels. This means a very flattering fit: a shirt that will look good on anyone. Understated vertical drop stitch stripes provide a background for the metallic silver lettering of the Club’s sponsor and the mock appliqué Liverpool FC crest in silver Lurex.  If, like me, you appreciate different textures on a garment, you will enjoy the suede feel of the flocked Premier league badges and player’s name/number as well as the shiny smoothness of the embossed Adidas logo. For those who look for detail, see if you can find the holograms that appear in two places on the shirt.

Liverpool home and away kit 11/12 boys


The fabric used is Climacool; developed by Adidas to wick moisture from the underside of the material to the exterior enabling the body to stay cooler and drier during strenuous exercise.

My son’s verdict: really comfortable.

Liverpool away kit 11/12 worn by Australian boy


Where we live in the southern part of Australia, soccer and Aussie rules are the prevailing football codes. Our beautiful country town of Castlemaine has a vibrant soccer club including a strong female component. Lachie’s team boasts a number of Liverpool FC supporters, including the coach, so he was eyed with envy when he arrived at training in one of the latest jerseys.

Australian boys in full Liverpool uniforms


As usual, delivery was most prompt. Thank you MM Sport.

I hope you enjoy the photos I’ve include of my sons Lachie and Oscar in their Liverpool FC gear from MM Sport.