Not long ago did Meta copy Telegram and introduced channels on WhatsApp. Meaning that individuals or organizations now have a way to broadcast directly to people who decide to follow their channel. It is not really a discussion forum but rather a one to many way of communication.

But which football clubs have seen the most sign ups so far ? Some of the usual suspects are at the top as expected while other clubs have either seen an unexpectedly low sign-up or a higher than expected following thus far.

The list including number of followers. M = millions , K = thousands

Real Madrid – 50.5m

FC Barcelona – 32.5m

Man City – 29.2m

Liverpool FC – 20.2m

Man Utd – 13.9m

Tottenham 8.2m

PSG – 6.4m

FC Bayern – 3.6m

Dortmund – 2.6m

Arsenal – 2.3m

Chelsea FC – 1.7m

Inter – 1m

AS Roma – 594K

Atletico Madrid – 413K

AC Milan – 274K

Ajax – 102K

Juventus ? looks to be absent

Marseille ? looks like it is absent

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