Errea x UEFA Kit Assistance program

Small countries do not sell a lot of kits thus it is difficult to pursuade any brands to produce a unique custom built kit. The result being that they usually end up with standard teamsport wear + a federations logo.

UEFA stepped up the plate and paid a brand to produce unique kits for these smaller nations. First company to produce the selection was Macron. Now another Italian company got the nod, Errea.

So here is what they came up with. Pretty stylish outfits.

Which countries are not present there ? Well, how about Gibraltar, Monaco, The Vatican, and other countries of a scale similar to Luxemburg or Cyprus: Montenegro, Moldova, Iceland…

FC Bayern Munich

Bayern 22/23 home jersey – Meister #10

FC Bayern München won yet another Bundesliga title for the season 21/22. In fact it was the 10th in a row. Thus they have the right now to wear a Bundesliga Meister 21/22 gold sleeve badge to the right arm sleeve for upcoming 22/23 season. The jersey is always red but occasionally incorporates a contrast color.

T-mobile is sponsor once again.

Mia San Mia is the club’s slogan. For some unknown reason the club’s name is written on the back of the jersey. Bundesliga tradition it seems.

Qatar Airways is the sleeve sponsor. Behind the club is logo is lurking to the chest.

And finally we get to the main feature of the 22/23 kit. The gold patch to the right arm sleeve. 10 League titles is what is shown below the Bundesliga logo.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid Champions of Europe 2022

Brilliant team performance by Real Madrid last night!

Man of the moment. Vinicius Junior made the decisive goal.

Player of the year 2022 will be ……. Karim Benzema … Who else is out there ?

He will join another Madrid legend, Luke Modric #10 who won the award back in 2018.

Impressive performance by los Blancos!

Real Madrid

Real Madrid 17/18 home kit – Ronaldo 7

Today is the 27th of May 2022. Tomorrow it will be the 28th of May 2022. On this day Real Madrid will play Liverpool FC in Paris in the UCL final. A repeat of the match on the 26th of May 2018 in Kiev.

On that day in Kiev Real Madrid wore the kit here below. A apart from the fact that the badge was the UCL sleeve badge and not the La Liga patch.

Ronaldo was not the man of the moment in Kiev, at least not directly.

Benzema and Bale , the BB of the BBC trio provided the goals for the Madrid 3-1 victory.

Will there be a repeat by tomorrow ? BBV (Benz, Bale, Vini)

Last time a non-European club won the FIFA World Club championship was back in 2021 when Corinthians beat Chelsea. European clubs have been increasingly dominant since then.

AC Milan

AC Milan 21/22 third kit – Ibra #11

Finally AC Milan landed another league title. Thereby they managed to equalize the lead Inter Milan had taken. So it is now back to a draw with 19 a piece. The next one is going to be important though since it will grant the club which captures it a second star above the club logo.

In Italy the rule 1 star for each 10 league titles. Juventus reigns supreme with 3 stars , but the Milano club winning the next title will go second in a very visual way.

The grand old man for ACM is Zlatan Ibrahimovic. He wears the number 11.

The name and number kit is from Stilscreen a Milano based company.

Seen from the side it is pretty dark, but the Puma to the sleeve.

News UEFA Champions League

UEFA Champions League new format 2024/25

The UCL will change from the current format to a more dynamic new format come 2024 and first be adopted for the season 24/25.

Click here to read about the new UCL format at

Two big groups each comprising 18 teams = 36 in total. 8 of which will qualify automatically for the knock-out phase. While 8 teams will face one another in order to qualify for the round of 16.

In essence that will mean that 24 out of 36 or 75% will make it to the next round in some form.

What are the benefits ? To quote UEFA…

What does the new Champions League format mean for fans?

  • More opportunities to see Europe’s top teams playing each other earlier in the competition.
  • Every game counts. The new league format will ensure that any result has the potential to dramatically change a team’s position, right up the very last matchday. Winning or losing could make the difference between a side automatically qualifying for the last 16, entering the play-offs or being eliminated from the competition.

Football Club valuations 2022

Yet another report trying to rank the football clubs of Europe according different metrics. Usually financial in kind. This time it is the website Football Benchmark which is behind the report.

Click here for more details directly from the mouth of the horse!

The list ranks the top 32 clubs.

According to which metrics? no clue )).

But the list looks strikingly similar to other such rankings.

Top 3

Real Madrid 3,184 billion Euros [adidas]

Man Utd 2,883 billion Euros [adidas]

FC Barcelona 2,814 billion Euros [Nike]

Followed by:

FC Bayern [adidas]

Liverpool [Nike]

Man City [Puma]

Chelsea [Nike]

PSG – 2,132 mia Euros [Nike]

Tottenham [Nike]

Juventus [adidas]


Arsenal [adidas]

Atletico Madrid [Nike]

Dortmund [Puma]

Inter – 996 mio Euros [Nike]

AC Milan – 578 mio Euros [Puma]

West Ham [Umbro]

Leicester [adidas]

Napoli [EA7]

Ajax [adidas]

Lyon [adidas]


Atalanta [Joma]

Everton [Hummel]

Frankfurt [Nike]

Roma – 413 mio Euros [New Balance]

Sevilla [Nike]

Valencia [Puma]

Galatasaray [Nike]

Benfica [adidas]

Porto [New Balance]

Aston Villa [Castore]

Villarreal [Joma]

Lazio – 302 mio Euros [Macron]

Misc. Clubs . . .

Tottenham away kit 21/22 – SON #7

Spurs has a decent away kit for the season 21/22. Very stylish, neat. Cool.

Spurs away 21/22
Son 7 Tottenham jersey

Very artsy look.

The front is almost better since more of the colorful pattern is visible.

The sponsor logo does not spoil the nice looking design. It looks fairly integrated due to the bright yellow color.