Dortmund 21/22 home kit – Haaland #9 – BL badge

Dortmund lost their best player upon the closure of the season 21/22. Haaland left for Man City. But while he was still at BVB he was obviously the best selling player at their store.

In the German Bundesliga they wear a league badge to the right arm sleeve.

And from another angle. Where the sponsorlogo to the left arm sleeve is also clearly visible. Car manufacturer Opel seems to be shirt sleeve sponsor.


Denmark away kit 2022 – custom name

The official Denmark World Cup 2022 jerseys are produced by Hummel. The official printing is by Jetsport. A Danish company from the city of Viborg. In the photos here below it is the official shirt but not the official numbers which are on display. The printing is a standard font and not the official one as seen on TV.

The jersey itself is fairly boring. Just plain white, monochrome. The shade of white even looks a bit greyish. Let’s see if the play on field can live it up a bit.

With the name and number kit added to the jersey it does become slightly more vivid.


Denmark name and number kit – World Cup 2022

The Danish national team will use a white name and number set for the home and third jersey, and a red name and number kit for the away jersey.

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Nothing unusual about that. The printing is a carry over from EURO 2020 (which took place in 2021).

Contrary to club jerseys the national team jerseys come with a small number to the front.

The back is fairly similar to that of club jerseys. Name at the top. Number below.

The name KJÆR and the single number 4 is a pretty straight forward affair. Letters and numbers are plain white with a tiny silver lining. Due to the monochrome jersey design the printing gets to play an important role with this jersey.


Denmark 3rd jersey World Cup 2022 – the color is black

Denmark will typically go with 2 kits: red home kit and white away kit. The flag is red/white but predominantly red thus it makes a whole lot of sense with that distribution. However, for the EURO 2020 which was finally getting under way in June of 2021 well there was a slight addition to that very traditional scheme. An all red third jersey.

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That jersey turned out to be the most popular of the lot. So maybe that was the reason why Hummel decided to go with a 3 kits line-up again for the World Cup 2022. But this time the choice fell on black as the color for the third kit. A rather unusual color for the outfield shirts for Denmark. The goalier keeper has been black occassionally. But otherwise the uniforms are always either red or white or a combination of the two. Interesting to see how the fans will respond. If they will embrace or scorn the all black third kit.

A very blackish black. A little bit of grey or charchoal might appear sleeve and shoulder but for the rest it is plain black.

The printing is the same as for the home kit. White with a silver outline.

The front numbers are white as well. Very noticable on the black background.

and from a slightly different angle. The player being featured here is of course Christian Eriksen the great star on the Danish team of 2022.


Denmark home jersey World Cup 2022 in Qatar

New Danish home kit by Hummel has launched. The kit will be put to use during the final 2 Nations League matches in September. As well as for matches during the World Cup 2022 in Qatar during November and into December. Finally the kit will be worn for the EURO 2024 qualifiers.

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The home kit is unsurpricingly red. Not much white to be seen. It is pretty monochromely red. Dark red. Deep red. Claret red.

In case the kit is customized a white name and number kit is applied.

The sleeves have detail similar to the design of the 1992 EURO shirt. Denmark won the European Championship back in 1992 and thus the 1992 is often used as a reference when new kits come out. The templates often used are those from the 1984 kit and the 1986 kit.

Christian Eriksen is of course the greatest star currently in the Danish team. Thus number 10 and ERIKSEN is the best seller among the national team shirts.

Manchester United

Man Utd 22/23 away kit – Eriksen #14

Man Utd sports 3 kits for the season 22/23. Maybe an additional fourth kits will be launched throughout as well. The home kit is always red, obviously, while the away kit can take on almost any color. However, a recurring theme is of course white.

The printing for the white home kit is black. Standard Premier League style.

The sleeve badge is the classic Premier League in dark blue. But on top of that there is also the No Room For Racism campaign logo. An additional badge which will run at least three seasons: 20/21, 21/22, 22/23.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid away 22/23 – purple rain of trophies

Real Madrid is going well. Everything is quiet at the club currently. A defeat at some point might blow up the supposed harmony but it would take a lot more than just that to take down the house.

The hottest property right now is Vinicius Junior. VINI JR. 20 as the shirt reads.

The other main actor on the scene at the bernabeu is Karim Benzema. Together the two make up quite a leathal duo upfront.


Chelsea 22/23 blue kit

Chelsea home kit is always blue. The shade of blue can differ though. For the season 22/23 the shade of blue is pretty straight forward. Blue as blue in blue.

The contrast is white and the sleeve badge in navy/white looks great on the blue background.

The white printing with the black outline goes well along with the blue shirt as well.

The squad is solid but can they get it all together ? A lot of changes at all levels of the club have taken place over the summer. Maybe a bit of time is required before it all gets settled……..

Misc. Clubs . . .

Harry Kane 10 x Tottenham Hotspur season 22/23

Harry Kane might be the best Premier League player ever not to win a title. Will it happen this season ? Rather questionable to say the least. Man City will be hard to topple domestically. And internationally there are at least 6-8 clubs across Europe which would be the favorite in a direct match-up with Spurs.

But the Spurs kit looks quite decent with the white base color, the yellow contrast + the name and number set in navy.


Liverpool home 22/23 kit, shirt, jersey, uniform etc.

The Reds at Anfield are back. Yet again their kit is designed and produced by Nike. The Premier League name and number kit is stable for the league matches.

Sponsor logos are abundant.

The real deal Premier League sleeve badge looks much more stylish though.