World Cup Champions 1930-2010

FIFA World Cup winners 1930-2010



The World Cup in football has not produced many winning nations over the course of time since its’ incection back in 1930. Furthermore only countries from Europe and South America have ever won. Whether that will change in the future is yet to be seen but so far no signs of any end to the European- South American duopoly.


The winners are:

1930 – Uruguay

1934 – Italy

1938 – Italy

1950 – Uruguay

1954 – Germany

1958 – Brazil

1962 – Brazil

1966 – England

1970 – Brazil

1974 – Germany

1978 – Argentina

1982 – Italy

1986 – Argentina

1990 – Germany

1994 – Brazil

1998 – France

2002 – Brazil

2006 – Italy

2010 – Spain

2014 – ?


A total of 8 countries have won it – 5 European and 3 South American. Out of a total of some 220 member countries of the FIFA family.

Not everyone is equal though when it comes to winning the trophy. Brazil has five titles. Spain only one.


So here comes a list over the number of titles each winning nation has won.

Brazil – 5

Italy – 4

Germany – 3

Argentina – 2 

Uruguay – 2

France – 1

Spain – 1 

England – 1


Thereby we can see that Europe holds a narrow 10-9 lead versus South America. Almost like a Ryder’s Cup between Europe and America only that contrary to golf the power in the sport lies to the south of the Rio Grande river.





FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona jersey World Club Champions badge

 FC Barcelona jersey World Club Champions badge

FC Barcelona won the FIFA World Club Championship in December of 2011. This gives the club the right to wear a special badge until December of 2012. The badge is called the FIFA World Club Champions badge.


FC Barcelona home jersey 11-12 World Club Champions badge


To the left arm sleeve Barcelona wears a sponsor logo from the Catalan TV station TV3. The first Catalan TV station to broadcast exclusively in Catalan. During the time when Barca did not have a sponsor logo on the jersey this would be the only commercial content on the jersey (apart from the logo of the athletic apparel sponsor).


FC Barcelona home jersey TV3 badge and World Club Champions badge


On the right arm sleeve Barcelona has the LFP badge from the Spanish league. When they play Champions League football this badge is replaced by the UEFA Starball badge. This is the only change though. Jersey, WCC badge, TV3 badge, shirt sponsor + name and number kit all remain the same.

For retail all jerseys come with the LFP sleeve badge pre-printed though. It is usually sewn on while some times it can be printed. The badge for the retail jerseys is slightly smaller than the one worn on the pitch by the players.