Holiday season is coming. We are getting closer by the hour to the grand finale of the year of 2014. Holiday season means increased retail spending. But any productive relationship is always a two way road. The consumer gives more money to the business then it is up to the business to return the favor. Better service, brighter atmosphere, greater selection, and attractive bargains. We hope to be able to do it all for our customers.
The bargains will be a mix of coupon codes, free shipping , free printing, discounted products and more.
So this is how our calendar looks like at the time of writing.
Best deals to be expected will be for the Thanksgiving weekend including CyberMonday + Tues Wed. In other words almost a full week spanning from the 27th of November and until the 3rd of December. Less generous deals to be expected for Morten’s Evening and Green Monday.
10th of November: Morten’s Evening
27th of November: Thanksgiving
28th of November: Black Friday
29th of November: Small Business Saturday (offline)
1st of December: Cyber Monday
8th of December: Green Monday
18th of December: Free Shipping Day
20th of December: Super Saturday (offline)
furthermore . . .
Stamp and Ship Day: TBC
Free Printing Day: TBC
So make sure to check back for more on the dates listed above.

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