Real Madrid

Real Madrid 10/11 home jersey – Custom Name

The Real Madrid home jersey for the season 2010/11 is quite stylish with white as the base and a bright blue as contrast.

The sponsor at the time was bwin, a betting/bookmaking company.

Zoom out and see how the energy and strength radiates from the club logo, sending shock waves through the leagues hitting opponents and rivals along the way.

Most fans prefer to have a player’s name + number on the jersey. But a certain percentage of fans opt for the custom name typically with their own name or nickname. This is how a custom jersey looks like in the official RM 10/11 font for the home kit.

The bold black font works out quite well with the white/blue color scheme for the jersey straight and blank.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid 23/24 third jersey – VINI JR. 7

The Real Madrid third kit for the season 23/24 is black with yellow contrast. Not that different from the away kit when it comes to the shade. Rather unusual with 2 kits with such similar color scheme within the same collection.

Here is the 3rd jersey with full ornamentation including the UEFA Champions League sleeve badges and the FIFA World Club champions patch to the chest.

The new number 7 after the departure of Hazard is Vinicius Junior who turned out to be the best Real Madrid player for the season 2022/23. Thus he has deservedly been awarded the old RAUL and RONALDO number. Not sure much the Mariano and Hazard number. . .

Real Madrid

Real Madrid 05/06 home jersey – PAVON 22

Pavones y Zidanes , the famous phrase to capture the strategy of Real Madrid president Florentino Perez. But in fact Pavon is not just an abstract concept but also a very concrete player. Flesh and blood.

The Real Madrid 2005/06 home kit was no particular beauty. It was the last season for the Galacticos at the Bernabeu.

The printing was fairly stylish though. Black at the core and with a silver outline. Pavon being one of the niche players was assigned the number 22.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid 15/16 home jersey – VARANE 2

The Real Madrid home kit 15/16 was a fairly “boring” affair white and silver. Very subdued.

The name and number printing could feel rather clumsy. Grey with no rounded edges all square.

Raphael Varane the centerback had become a staple at the Bernabeu standing tall on defense and helping the team going forward as well.

The LFP badge was yet to be replaced by the upgraded version La Liga.

As can be spotted from this close-up the club logo is in plastic. The white fabric actually has a pattern of squares built in slightly like a net.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid 22/23 home jersey – MODRIC’ 10

Real Madrid got back to its winning ways and conquered the league title thus they got to wear the small gold patch the following season. Later on they added to that by winning the FIFA world club championship thus gaining the right to wear the gold shield to the chest.

The title holder in La Liga gets to wear the small gold badge above the La Liga tournament patch.

The name and number printing was a plain black. Nothing fancy but a decent font to match the white and purple tones of the jersey.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid 18/19 away jersey – KROOS 8

Cristiano Ronaldo left the Bernabeu over the summer of 2018 after having won a fourth Champions League trophy with Real Madrid. That left a huge gab behind and nobody came in to replace him. Thus season 18/19 will not be remembered as something to cherish for Real Madrid fans. However, most of the supporting cast which had played a crucial role in winning the many titles alongside with Cristiano Ronaldo were still in place. Thus it did not take long to calibrate the machine and get back to its winning ways. One of the important pieces all along, German star midfielder Toni Kroos.

The away jersey 18/19 was actually quite stylish. Black with grey contrast collar and sleeves, and white logos to the center. Thus the printing would obviously have to be white.

To the right arm sleeve Real Madrid would wear a La Liga sleeve badge for the matches in the Spanish La Liga. If wearing the jersey in the UCL the La Liga badge would be replaced by a UCL badge instead.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid 11/12 home jersey – ÖZIL 10

Real Madrid introduced a white gold theme for the home kit for the season 2011/12. The club ended up winning the league title under Mourinho thus gold can be considered to have been the right choice.

This time around the club logo was in plastic. While the striped and the adidas logo were in embroidery / cloth.

The sponsor was the betting/bookmaking company bwin.

The name and number kit was faulty at the start of the season causing all kinds of problems. It was only rectified with a second round of production much later but caused innumerable problems at the time.

Mesut Özil was the playermaker at the Bernabeu for the championship season before he was shipped off the Arsenal.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid 12/13 away jersey – KAKA’ 8

Kaka’ was bought as a Galactico to take Real Madrid to the top of world football. He arrived at the Bernabeu alongside with Ronaldo, Alonso, and Benzema during the summer of 2009. However, while the 3 others shone right from the beginning the time of Kaka was marred by injuries. Similarities to Hazard would often spring to mind. Kaka was great for São Paulo FC, did well for the Brazilian national team, and rose to the very top with AC Milan. Expectations were great but apart from the occasionally display of greatness Kaka’s stay at the Bernabeu will be remembered mainly for not living up the expectations.

The away jersey 2012/13 was pretty stylish though. Dark navy with neon contrast. The printing could have been neon as well but the club opted for white which could then be applied for the third kit as well.

Real Madrid is from the year 1902 thus in 2012 the club celebrated a 110th anniversary. Usually not a great anniversary but in the case of football clubs and shirt designers any kind of occasion is ceased to build a story and a design upon.

To the right arm sleeve the jersey is equipped with LFP sleeve badge.

The club logo is embroidered and not in plastic. A huge advantage since embroidery tends to age much better than plastic logos.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid 20/21 home kit – NACHO 6

Full back Nacho got his break-through during the 20/21 season when all of a sudden Varane as well as Ramos were out. Nacho and Militão picked up the slack and from there on Nacho has an integral part of the squad as the versatile player who fills in where needed.

Real Madrid introduced a women’s team during the 20/21 season and thus the shirt design for both men’s and women’s team came with a feminine touch.

The font chosen for the 2020/21 season was a standard blue color strains of white being visible inside the navy blue framework.

The template for the jersey was a strange one very loose fitting and no strict trims to delimit shoulders over chest portion. An experiment which might have been successful on its own terms but probably not something to repeat.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid 09/10 third jersey – RONALDO 9

Real Madrid came out swinging for the season 2009/10. 3 new kits and 4 new star players. At the time home and away jerseys would come with LFP La Liga badges as standard while the 3rd kit would come with Champions League badges. Thus in the case of the RM 3rd kit 09/10 it is essentially the Real Madrid UCL away shirt for that particular season. Let’s have a look at the details.

Spanish flag above a logo to commemorate the club’s long and successful history. Betting firm Bwin as the sponsor logo. Club crest to the left chest and adidas logo at the center. The fabric is dark grey. Stripes look almost beige in color.

The UEFA honors badge to the left arm sleeve. 9 for nine titles at the time of shirt launch.

Right arm sleeve. The Champions League tournament badge, StarBall. The design has been basically unchanged since the inception back around 1992/93.

The official name and number kit for the season 2009/10 by Sporting ID. The first season for Ronaldo at the Bernabeu. The clear white color provides a very visually pleasing contract to the dark grey fabric of the jersey. A stylish kit front , and back.