Chelsea 22/23 blue kit

Chelsea home kit is always blue. The shade of blue can differ though. For the season 22/23 the shade of blue is pretty straight forward. Blue as blue in blue.

The contrast is white and the sleeve badge in navy/white looks great on the blue background.

The white printing with the black outline goes well along with the blue shirt as well.

The squad is solid but can they get it all together ? A lot of changes at all levels of the club have taken place over the summer. Maybe a bit of time is required before it all gets settled……..

Misc. Clubs . . .

Harry Kane 10 x Tottenham Hotspur season 22/23

Harry Kane might be the best Premier League player ever not to win a title. Will it happen this season ? Rather questionable to say the least. Man City will be hard to topple domestically. And internationally there are at least 6-8 clubs across Europe which would be the favorite in a direct match-up with Spurs.

But the Spurs kit looks quite decent with the white base color, the yellow contrast + the name and number set in navy.


Liverpool home 22/23 kit, shirt, jersey, uniform etc.

The Reds at Anfield are back. Yet again their kit is designed and produced by Nike. The Premier League name and number kit is stable for the league matches.

Sponsor logos are abundant.

The real deal Premier League sleeve badge looks much more stylish though.

Manchester United

Christian Eriksen #14 x Man Utd 22/23

Changes at Man Utd. New coach/manager , new players, new director. Will it work out ? Will Man Utd once again become a force to reckon with … That is yet to be seen. So far the signals have been mixed.

Among the new players have arrived at Old Trafford are Danish international Christian Eriksen.

He comes out of the Ajax school thus the number 14 is not a bad choice as shirt number.

No Premier League shirt without the iconic sleeve badge.

FC Barcelona

Robert Lewandowski 9 x FC Barcelona 22/23

Bayern super-star Robert Lewandowski made the switch to FC Barcelona in the Spanish Catalunya province. Lewa had won everything there was to win with Bayern and was ready to move on for new challenges abroad. Barca were looking for someone to take over from Messi. Thus it was not very difficult for the two sides to come together and put together a contract tying up Lewa for 3 years at the Spotify Camp Nou.

The Play version of the Barca home printing 22/23.

Almost impossible to fit in on a youth jersey. The only conceivable way to make this happen. Curve it.

Manchester City

Jack Grealish x Man City home 22/23

Jack Grealish had a tough start to his Man City career last season. But maybe just maybe he will start to shine for the campaign 22/23.

Grealist is the number 10 for the Citizens so one should expect some quality from a player wearing the iconic number 10 shirt.

Man City with the golden patch to the right arm sleeve due to the fact that the won the Premier League of the 21/22 season.

Manchester United

Man Utd 19/20 home kit – Van De Beek #34

Fresh in with the 4 o’clock train. Van de Beek arrived at Old Trafford over the summer of 2019. The backdrop was a very successful Ajax campaign during the UCL 18/19 season. It did not take long though before expectations were shattered and VDB found himself somewhat off that elusive starting 11.

Hope is the last to die. And VDB is still under contract with Man Utd. And with a new sherif in town AKA Ten Hag well who knows if there will be a turn around in fortunes.

The Premier League is place where to be.

Manchester City

Man City 22/23 home jersey – Erling HAALAND #9

New Man City jersey, New Man City player = Man City home jersey Haaland 9

The jersey is from Puma while the printing as well as the sleeve badge is from Avery Dennison.

Check out this little beauty here, next make it even more beautiful.

and finally add the badge of honor. Champions 21/22 gold patch.