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European Football Kit Supplier Report 2012


 Jersey is main source of income for clubs

Cumulated sales of replica jerseys for all of the 98 clubs in the five key European top flights currently amount to approx. 11.1 million.


Dominant market leadership of adidas, Nike and Puma 

A total of 27 different jersey brands / sport equipment suppliers are represented in 

the top flights of the key European football markets in 2011/12 and provide at least 

one of the 98 clubs in the competitions with on-pitch apparel. These include a few 

clubs who launch their own sportswear collections and kit suppliers with a 

geographically limited range of operation. 

The number of active companies has been fluctuating between 27 and 33 brands for 

seven years. However, the dominance of a few kit suppliers on the European football 

market has remained relatively unaffected when the number of clubs supplied is 

observed to benchmark market penetration. In these terms, the three largest kit 

suppliers, adidas, Nike and Puma, achieve a penetration level of 44 percent.


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