Chelsea away jersey 2023/24

The Chelsea away jersey 23/24 was launched prior to a new sponsorship deal had been landed. Thus as default the jerseys are sold without sponsor logo. However, the company provided the CFC cup prints also sells the sponsor logos loose.

To the right arm sleeve there is the Premier League sleeve badge. New design for the season 23/24.

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Review: Chelsea away jersey 11-12

 Review: Chelsea away jersey 11-12 – personalized

By MM Sports Chelsea FC ambassador Ray Pottenger



Chelsea Away Jersey: Bold Like a Drogba Kick To Your Face


                      Tired of your plain, one color away jersey? Tired of the same old same old design year in and year out? Are you bold? Well the new 2011-12 Chelsea away kit is for you.


Chelsea away jersey 11-12



I’ll be honest, when I say that I first saw these jerseys online, I was a little reticent about reviewing it, because it appeared a bit gaudy in the pictures I saw on the official Chelsea site.   However, the way it looks in pictures does not do it justice.  The moment it came out of the box I was impressed with how eye catching it was in a good way.

Let’s start with the parts of the jersey that are the same. Made from the same Climacool fabric as the home Jersey, it has a base fabric color of black..  As per usual and contractual obligation, the Samsung logo is emblazoned across the chest of the jersey. The striped adidas racing stripes adorn the sleeves.  All of these things are well and good, but they are not what makes this jersey pop, and pop it does.


Deviating a bit from the Chelsea royal blue, this jersey has a range of blues checkering the chest staring from a bright aqua to the shoulders that eventually fades to back around the Samsung Logo.  The now you see it now you don’t effect is a visual reminder to your opponents of what you’re going to do when you cross them up. Aqua and white bands circle the v-neck collar and an aqua ring surrounds the openings to both sleeves.


Chelsea away jersey 11-12 chest


A really nice and simple touch I found was that the Chelsea emblem patch is in silhouette.   I almost like it better than the traditional colored patch.


Chelsea away jersey logo


As always the  people at MMSports have done a fantastic job of lettering and numbering using the official letters of the premier league. I got a Drogba #11. A powerful player for a powerful  jersey.  


Chelsea away jersey 11-12 Drogba 11


This is a fantastic jersey that is sure to turn some heads and get attention for all the right reasons.  I can say with full confidence you should go get this kit… if you’re bold enough.