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Review: Arsenal long sleeve jersey

Arsenal Jersey Review: 2010/2011 Away Jersey / Third Jersey 11-12

By MM Sports Arsenal ambassador R.G.


Arsenal third jersey 11-12 long sleeve



This 2010/2011 season away jersey reminds me of the first jersey bought for me by my father.  In 1983, he purchased the Arsenal away jersey which the team sported that season with multi-tone bright yellow vertical stripes and the navy blue Cannon over the left breast! So I suppose there is some tradition behind the yellow road ‘silks’.

I have always found the Gunner’s choice of ‘Optic Yellow’ and Burgundy a bit garish as far as the kit goes, but I have to admit the Arsenal jersey in full Burgundy with yellow trim (circa 2003) was a classy shirt!


Arsenal away jersey 10-11 neckline



The 2010 Away jersey is once again eye popping Yellow, but with a very thin vertical pinstripe of Burgundy.  The front carries the club sponsor, Emirates Airlines catch phrase ‘Fly Emirates’ screened across the mid-riff, along with the modern Arsenal crest embroidered over the heart.

As the manufacturer is Nike, the right chest carries the infamous ‘Swoosh’, so easily recognized as it is a household brand now worldwide. The back of the jersey sports the club name just below the collar in the middle of the back yoke.  This makes for a nice touch of detail.  My jersey has long sleeves, which I love because here in Canada my climate enables me to wear a long sleeve pretty much all year long. The sleeves of this jersey are fitted with Burgundy cuffs, matching the pinstripe and v-neck collar.  The model I am reviewing does not carry the name and number patches, nor Premier League badges, although for a small price these can be added to the jersey to complete the Authentic look. 


Arsenal away jersey 10-11 back side live model



Nike has done a great job with the development of the Dri-fit technology which produces a nice hand to the fabric, while maintaining top performance standards for keeping the player dry and comfortable due to wicking benefits in the material and ease of breathability.

You may recall Arsenal wore these silks in both its Champions league run in 2010, as well as numerous Premier league games. As a fan, my preference is a darker road jersey, however I can certainly see where, as a player, this kit would be extremely easy to pick out on a pitch and aid in the speed of playmaking.

All in all, I guarantee this jersey will make any Gunner fan ‘stand out’ in a crowd.

Reviewed by Robert Glavind