Custom (haute couture)


As is the case with any and all jerseys that have a name and number on the back, the shirt may feel a little tight because of the printing. It is not uncomfortable at all and in fact, the number printing on the front cannot even be felt in most situations. There are various versions of each jersey, such as Authentic, Match, and Replica, that all have differing feels and builds. This one is great with the customization and it feels natural to have it. It is not like there are not world-class players to choose from in Spain’s squad!


The Customization

Custom (haute couture)

Spain home jersey front number


The printing on this Spanish jersey is really good. I like the bold font and thicker text, and the use of Spain’s yellow makes the detail really stand out. The adhesive is flawless and you will have to be going out of your way to damage the printing.

Spain numbers



The text is a standard bold font in all capitalized letters, but the number is larger and thicker in character width. Each of the numbers has a thin diagonal stripe design upon it to put a bit of attention on the numbers. The customization is bold and big on Spain’s jersey and I recommend it if you are picking up the jersey.

Spain lettering

Spain home jersey name and number kit



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