Here is a look at the segments of my reviews and how I attribute them to the necessities of reviewing a jersey.


The Introduction

 I always start my reviews with a brief introduction. Maybe I will talk about the team, maybe a player in particular… The point of the introduction is to bring up the subject of the review. I think the introduction is important because it gives me an opportunity to note the success or maybe just the present state of the club or player at hand. It gives me a chance to slip in some statistic or fact that I can come back to throughout the review, before I take a deeper look at the actual product for review.


The Look

 I would definitely say that the most important part of reviewing a jersey is describing the visuals and significance of what I call “the look”. I describe the look as the visual appeal, design, and style of the jersey. At the end of the day, we do judge things by how they look. An awesome fitting jersey that has everything right with it will not sell anything if it looks awful or lacking. At the end of the day, you are wearing the shirt because you want to “show” something. The subject of the display could be your representation, your colors, or maybe just your style. No matter what the point is, it is how your shirt looks that brings that point across. In reviewing, it is important to take some snapshots of the design, both literally and figuratively, for the reader to understand what they are looking at, both in the jersey, and in your words.


The Fit

Just after the look, “The Fit” is the most important section. If you are going to spend the amount of money most jerseys cost, you had better make sure you are getting a quality, well-sized, and properly made jersey. Most purchasers are going to be looking for a jersey that will be worn for watching matches or getting together with other fans, so the importance of fit strikes a more casual note than athletic. In that case, replica jerseys should be comfortable whilst maintaining the athletic, sporty look and feel of what the players wear on the field. The authentic and match jerseys are a different market, in general, than that of casual purchasers. If I am going to gift my German friend a German National Jersey, I am going to look for the approximate size from a set of standards and, in all likelihood, grab the home jersey and give it to him. It is just not common for someone to go purchase one of the super-authentic jerseys unless they are collecting that sort of thing or are an athlete in the field of football who is actually complimented by such products.


The Customization

 If necessary, depending on the jersey, a “The Customization” section is plugged into the review. Here, I give readers an opportunity to read about the finder details of the name and number additions to the shirt. I usually note the quality of the printing, in both look and adhesion, as well as the effect on comfort to the wearer. Typically, I support it with a couple of photos of said customization and any final notes.


The Conclusion

Lastly, after the review, I always include a conclusion. It allows me to go back to any subjects I mentioned, usually the most important of the review, and note them once again before giving a send-off and a recommendation to the reader. I like conclusions because they bring closure to the text and give the reader an opportunity to think about what the review brought to their attention. It is possible that the review made them rethink their idea of a jersey, possibly in a positive or negative way, or maybe they are indifferent. It is here in the conclusion where you wish you could read minds and determine the final effect your review had on the reader.


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