Real Madrid third jersey 2013/14

Last jersey of the season for Real Madrid. Their 3rd jersey / UCL away jersey.

For the first time ever the color is orange. This comes on the back of a red 11/12 and a green 12/13 jersey. Also first time ever these colorways were used.


Real Madrid third jersey 2013/14


The players used for the presentation Benzema, Marcelo, Bale are all endorsing adidas. So they have been carefully selected for the event.

The full kit consists of jersey, shorts, and socks all in orange. The ball the player hold on to is the official UEFA Champions League match ball for the season 2013/14.

The name and number kit for the jersey is black with orange club logo and is the same as for the home jersey.

For retail the jersey comes without sleeve badges. Neither the LFP badge nor the UCL badges StarBall + Honors are present this time around.



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