FC Copenhagen reviewer in the mixed zone after the match

So here we go again. Ready to pose some questions and hear the answers. This time from CH in San Jose, California.


Q: Which was your first jersey and whom gave it to you ?


* Umbro Manchester United 92-94 home. I bought it myself.


Q: If you were to give a piece of advise to the clothing manufacturer what would that be ?


* Be careful adding a collar. I know they have historical precedent but they can often make the shirt look ridiculous or old fashioned.


Q: If you were to give a piece of advise to the name and number kit manufacturer what would that be ?


* For Adidas FCK kits, the current shirt is a good template. Don’t add a collar and continue to produce replicas that are not tight-fitting for those of us not so svelte anymore!


Q: What is the greatest challenge for your favorite team right now ?


* Manchester United…need to upgrade the central midfield. Other than Cleverley, it’s aging and no longer world class.


Q: When evaluating the club at the current moment what is more important: the legacy or the players in the current squad ?

club or athletes ?


* Legacy is just that if you don’t have current players to keep up the standard.


Q: Thank you very much for these interesting answers. Very enlightening in fact.




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