Juventus reviewer takes questions in the mixed zone after the game!

Q&A session with Jonne Keranen , Finland.


Q: Which was your first jersey and whom gave it to you ?

 A: My first jersey was a long sleeved Juventus home jersey with number 10 (Baggio) on the back. My uncle gave it to me after his trip to Italy in the early 90’s. If I recall correctly it was made out of some kind of woolen material like some jerseys were back in those days. I was maybe six or seven years old.


Q: If you were to give a piece of advise to the clothing manufacturer what would that be ?

 A: Listen to the fans. Specially with jersey designs. That’s my biggest advice. After all, fans are the ones who buy jerseys. It would be wise for example to include some fan feedback during the design process. Fans know the traditions of the club and have many good ideas regarding shirt designs but their opinions are rarely taken into consideration.

 A: Other advice would be to pay more attention to the durability of jerseys. As jersey materials are nowadays so light weight and breathable, durability might be overlooked. People don’t want to see their jerseys start to bobble after a couple of washes. But I understand the fact that manufacturers bring new jerseys to the market annually for almost every club nowadays, so durability is not the first thing on their agenda. 


Q: If you were to give a piece of advise to the name and number kit manufacturer what would that be ?

 A: Use thicker and more durable materials. Sporting ID’s Sencilia is a good example of a durable material. The name and number is usually the first thing that shows wear on a football jersey. I’d like to see Sencilia type material on other than just Premier league print sets too.


Q: What is the greatest challenge for your favorite team right now ?

 A: The greatest challenge for Juventus at the moment is getting through from the group stages in the Champions league. It would require at least a point at Shakhtar that is not an easy task. In the Serie A the main challenge is to be consistent. Juventus has great depth in their squad at the moment so I’ll doubt it would be a problem.


Q: When evaluating the club at the current moment what is more important: the legacy or the players in the current squad ?

 A: I’d say 70 % current squad, 30 % legacy. You can’t just dwell on past success like Liverpool supporters. You have to look forward. But having said that I have to admit that the legacy of the club is still very important. In order to totally understand what it means to support your club, you have to know the club traditions, history and how the legacy of the club has been formed.


Q: Thank you for those interesting answers to our questions. Always good to get a fresh perspective from the outside. To hear it from the fans.

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