Nike fuelband coming to Europe | Nike + | Make it count

 The new Nike initiative when it comes to bringing the digital world to fuse or to meet the physical world – sports and movement in general is called Nike fuelband.

It launched in the US on the 22nd of February 2012. It hit the shores in Europe on 1st of April in Shoreditch in London. Later on 2nd of May it also arrived at Nike Town in London and probably in other locations across Europe.

The Nike fuelband keeps track of your movement throughout the day. It tracks the amount fuels used – a measurement which Nike has invented itself. Roughly 1 fuel = 5 steps. Then you can see calories burned, steps taken , and time. Maybe at a later point in time other metrics will be added. But for now this is what is in there.


So how did it come about ? Read the thinking behind the fuelband here!

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