FC Barcelona name and number kit away style

Camus asked the asked in the Sysiphos myth. There is only one question worth asking in life: is life worth living ?

With regard to the FC Barcelona name and number kit for the away jersey presented here below there is only one question worth asking: Why the JR ??

FC Barcelona away jersey 13/14 Neymar 11

NEYMAR is Neymar but who is junior ? How many players are currently active and who run around with the name of Neymar printed on the backside of their jersey ? Same situation with the Brazilian national team. NEYMAR suddenly became not only Neymar but Neymar JR. Where will he be headed next ? Towards Neymar Junior ? But the fact of the matter is that the jersey of the Brazilian startlet carries the writing of NEYMAR JR both for Barca n Brazil.


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