Review: Denmark soccer shorts and socks

By Aaron Holtsclaw

 Today I am reviewing the remainder of the kit for the Danish National Team. I previously reviewed the jersey and I went into the history of the team and their success on the European level. That being done, I am going to focus on the parts of the kit that is often overlooked and under purchased by football fans. Myself being a Manchester United supporter, I own plenty of their jerseys but do I own the equal amount of shorts? No. There is not often times where you would wear the full kit for a team but seeing it together in this light makes me want to. The shorts are mainly white and made out of Adidas Climacool fabric. The fabric feels nice on your legs as you run or walk in these shorts and the contrast to the mainly red jersey looks very attractive to the eye. Above the right knee is the crest of the team which I explained the meaning of in my previous review. On the back of the left leg is the Adidas logo which features the manufacturer prominently but doesn’t detract from the main focus of the kit which is the team logo. As always, the Adidas stripes run down each leg in red rounding out the details. Of the few football shorts I own, these are one of the nicest. The overall look and feel is awesome. I would highly recommend these shorts to any supporter of the Danish National Team or to any American Football fan that has Danish roots. It’s a nice way to show off your heritage and support a great side in Europe. The last part of the kit is the socks. The socks are the same color of red as the jersey. The only other color is white in a few places. First, the Adidas stripes at the top of the sock where the elastic is dominates the look and says, “These are Adidas socks.” On the front of the sock is the DBU from the crest letting the wearer know that these aren’t average socks, they belong to the remainder of the Danish kit. The back of the calf has the Adidas logo in a raised pattern sewn into the socks like the DBU showing the quality of the craftsmanship put into these socks. Some socks have a heat transfer or thin construction to them which gives draws attention to the bootleg quality. It is clear that these socks are made of pure quality. The last feature is a number 5 within a circle. I am not sure if that is a sock size or something else but in US sizes, I wear a size 13 shoe and my feet fit comfortably inside these socks. They have the right amount of compression and room so they aren’t too constrictive. I am a big fan of socks and these are some of my favorites.  Though I am American, getting the chance to review this kit and explore the history of this team has turned me into a supporter. I can proudly wear these when I watch the team play in the future.

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