Sochi marina is at the core of the city of Sochi.
Sochi harbour Sochi port
A number of yachts are parked here. In many different sizes. Putin is also supposed to have a yacht in the harbor of Sochi.
Sochi port main building
It is a very popular location for an evening stroll. It is always full of people even if most people do not have a boat. Those who do have boats on anchor are probably mainly wealthy Moscovites who visit rather rarely.
The actual yacht of Putin might look something along these lines. . .
Sochi and the yacht of Putin
Putin will travel from Moscow to the Sochi airport where there is a special VIP wing next to the commercial airport. From there he will go by helicopter either to his massive palace in the mountains, to the yacht or to the presidential summer palace which is probably the least luxurious of the three options available.

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