Moscow is a big city with a varied population. Many different ethnic groups, nationalities, races, religions etc. call it their home. There is also a small Jewish community in Moscow.
Jewish centre Moskva
This is the Jewish center in the city center. It organizes cultural events, there is a synagogue, and a great rooftop restaurant.
Another important institution in any Jewish community is the food. Food has to be kosher for the orthodox Jews. And this aspect of life is served as well.
Moskva kosher supermarket
The next photo will show a Jewish family on their way back from a shopping trip to the supermarket.
Jewish family in Moscow
The gasstation is called Rosneft. Or Russian Oil. 40 Rubles for a liter of 95 octane. That is around 60 Euros cents or 65 Dollar cents. A good price for petrol at least when compared to Western European prices.

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