New park in Moscow a stonethrow away from the Kremlin. There used to be a big hotel complex on the plot of land.
Check out the details at the website of the architectural firm!
Beware you need flash to access the website. Mozilla Firefox thus is recommended.
and there is also an official website in Russian click here for more!
Zaryadyve Park Moscow
So what will the plot of land with new park actually contain ?
Upper right corner is a hotel. Below that is a concert hall and on top of the concert hall is a hill covered by a roof to maintain a pleasant temperature year round. There is also a viewing hole through the roof at the very top direction Kremlin.
Further to the left there is an ice cave , a media center, and a restaurant.
The walking bridge hoovering out over the river is also part of the complex as well as the pier below where a river ferry will take people to the new park from down stream and possibly also from upstream maybe with a landing board on the opposite side.
The physical environment is supposed to be a representation of the fauna in different regions of Russia like taiga, steppe, tundra, and forest.
Construction is well under way but still some time to go before completion.
New park in Moscow close to the Kremlin
The idea is to inaugurate it on the Moscow city day first weekend of September. Only the landscaped areas will be open by then. The buildings will not be ready at this date but will only be completed throughout 2018. Or beyond . . .

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