What will the World Cup 2006 be best remembered for ? That Italy won its’ 4th World Cup in the history ? A magnificent event in Germany where the entire country backed up the event and where the highlights were many but the lowlights few. Or for the end to Zidane who ended his career with a spectacular red card against Italy in the final ?
Football was back at its’ best after a rather awkward tournament in Korea/Japan 2002.
Italien VM 2006 vindere
Italy won by having the best team while not necessarily the best individual players.
Cannavaro ended up being elected as the best player in the world in 2006. A rare feat for a defender. Usually these awards go to the offensive forces and in particular the goal scorers.
The FIFA sleeve badge had been re-designed with a white background to become more visible at a distance and in particular on TV.
The footwear had now left the black/white color scheme once and for all in favor of the full color palette.
We do remember the farewell to a hero. Zidane’s epic farewell in the final of the 2006 World Cup where the French maestro was shown the red card which at the same time was the end to his career with the national team as well as at club level. Respect to one of football’s greatest ever.
Zidane siger farvel VM 2006
A magnificent career and a great rebound for Les Bleus though eventually they had to see them beaten by Italy in the penalties.
Finally the World Cup 2006 will be remembered for the magnificent atmosphere all over Germany not the least at the 1 mile long stretch on Unter den Linden with a fanzone where a million + fans would gather to watch the matches together on the big screen.
Brandenburger Tor die Fan Meile 2006
Ronaldo entered the big stage in 2004 at home and had since matured and was now the leading star for the Portuguese team.
Ronaldo Portugal World Cup 2006Ronaldo was number 17 at the time. Later he took over the number 7 from Figo. v. Persie in the background was the number 17 but is now the number 9. Two top players who have already been around for some time.

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