Favorite wine of Sir Alex, Mourinho, Wenger …

Sir Alex got started on his interest in wine during a trip to Montpellier , France. Following the venture into the world of wine he developed a tradition of sharing a bottle of wine post-match with the opposing side’s manager. For instance Jose Mourinho or Arsene Wenger.

But which bottle of wine would be the preferred wine of Sir Alex Fergusson ?

Possibly the Italienske Super – Tuscan … Tignanello …

At least according to this article by Decanter!

The most extensive article however I have come across with regard to Sir Alex and his passion for wine is this one. You may have to use Tor to gain access though…

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Apparently Mourinho got inspired by Fergie and developed an interest in wine as well. Though the favorite by Mourinho became a bottle out of Portugal.

Barca Velha

Barca Velha is a Douro red wine which is produced in very limited quantity but the word is that it should be a fabulous wine.

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Another manager who made his name in English football , Arsene Wenger , must surely be a wine connoisseur as well.

Contrary to Mou and Fergie most likely the country of origin of Wenger’s favourite starts with an F and ends with an E 🙂