Favourite wine of Mancini, Ancelotti, Pep, Iniesta

Let’s try to break it down!

Sir Alex said that those managers he prefered to sit down with post-match to enjoy a glass of wine were Roberto Mancini, and Carlo Ancelotti. And why so ? Well, very simple – they brought with them the best bottles ))

And what was the favorite by Roberto Mancini ? Well, the one Fergie was very happy about and mentioned subsequently that enjoyed a lot was the Tuscan wine Sassicaia.

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It has been hard to find any reliable indications as to what may possible be Ancelotti’s favourite wine. But he has presented Cristiano Ronaldo with a bottle from Vega Sicilia on several occasions. Vega Sicilia is the winery in Ribero de Duero which put this region on the map so it is now counted alongside with Rioja and Priorat as one of the 3 big in Spain.

The favorite wine of Ancelotti is possibly Vega Sicilia out of Ribera del Duero

Pep Guardiola born, raised, and resident in Catalonia when not coaching abroad, is obviously also into wine. In order to be able to get a decent meal in Manchester he had to open his own restaurant in the city. But which is his favourite wine? Possibly Priorat. But otherwise another of the great Spanish wines AKA Rioja and/or Ribera.

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One footballer not just buying and drinking but one who is actually producing as well is Barcelona star A. Iniesta. Another one is Pirlo in area around Brescia, Lombardy.

Andres Iniesta has gone one step further and he is not just drinking wine he is also producing wine.

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I am sure Iniesta is not the only Spanish player involved in wine making.


Favorite wine of Sir Alex, Mourinho, Wenger …

Sir Alex got started on his interest in wine during a trip to Montpellier , France. Following the venture into the world of wine he developed a tradition of sharing a bottle of wine post-match with the opposing side’s manager. For instance Jose Mourinho or Arsene Wenger.

But which bottle of wine would be the preferred wine of Sir Alex Fergusson ?

Possibly the Italienske Super – Tuscan … Tignanello …

At least according to this article by Decanter!

The most extensive article however I have come across with regard to Sir Alex and his passion for wine is this one. You may have to use Tor to gain access though…

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Apparently Mourinho got inspired by Fergie and developed an interest in wine as well. Though the favorite by Mourinho became a bottle out of Portugal.

Barca Velha

Barca Velha is a Douro red wine which is produced in very limited quantity but the word is that it should be a fabulous wine.

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Another manager who made his name in English football , Arsene Wenger , must surely be a wine connoisseur as well.

Contrary to Mou and Fergie most likely the country of origin of Wenger’s favourite starts with an F and ends with an E 🙂