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Review: Real Madrid scarf and hat

 Review: Real Madrid Hat and Scarf combo

By the MM Sports Ambassador Sean Moran

First off, the Real Madrid knitted beanie hat.

The images below show the Real Madrid knitted beanie hat front and back!


Real Madrid hue forside Real Madrid hat back




This Real Madrid hat is one size fits all with a sleek look with a white base and three black rings around the beanie that symbolize the Adidas brand.  It has a gold trim at the base of the hat with the Real Madrid crest in the center of the hat.  This knit hat is designed to give athletes a hat to use for performance, comfort, and style.  It keeps our head warm while training or leisure in the winter months up in Buffalo, NY.


Real Madrid scarf gold black white Real Madrid scarf second half




The Real Madrid scarf is a sharp and stylish accessory that the great company of Adidas has given us Real Madrid fans to support our team.  This scarf is perfect to wear while watching in Real Madrid play in the cold weather or a way to show off your pride.  This product can go with any type of attire that you choose to wear.  With one side it shows the stitching of Real Madrid in the middle with on each side the three stripes that symbolize the Adidas brand.



Real Madrid scarf hala Real Madrid scarf other side crest 3-stripe




On the other side of the scarf there is HALA MADRID in bold stitching.  With the Real Madrid crest on one side of the scarf and on the other is the Adidas symbol.  This scarf also gets brought all together with black and fringe.


Real Madrid hat and scarf



This cold weather gear is a perfect duo for anyone who lives in a cold weather community.  They are a stylish way of showing your support to your favorite club. They would also be nice gifts with the holidays coming and with the cold climate that is a head of us.  Any true Madrid fan would love this to be under their tree when they wake up Christmas morning.