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New EPL 23/24 name and number font

The Premier League will change font starting with the 23/24 season. The current design has been in use since 2017.

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5 standard colors seems to be the playbook once again. In the photo you will see 2 x white, most likely just to show how it looks like on a blue, red shirt respectively. Accusations of Curry favoring red / blue teams are thereby taken off the table.

The sleeve badge seems to have seen a bigger overhaul than the letters and numbers.

The biggest change to letters plus numbers is that the numbers now come with a pattern engraved.

The sleeve badges are very different in style though.

Seems like they follow in the footsteps of Nike and adidas and eliminate all noise in their logo and try to keep it is as basic as possible.

To see the full story from the joint Avery + EPL press release click here!

The new font will launch together with the new EPL kits come May 2023.


Liverpool printing 2013/14: name and number + sleeve badges

Liverpool home printing for the season 2013/14 the official style and size.

Liverpool home jersey PS PRO printing PRO S badges

The name and number kit is from Sporting ID. It is the new font which was introduced before the start of the season 2013/14.

Liverpool home printing 13/14 PS PRO

Lets take a closer look at the details.

Liverpool PS Pro number close up

Finally let’s take a fresh look at the new English Premier League sleeve badges.

The new product is called PRO S – the photo below shows the player size badge.

Liverpool badges PRO S

In case you need additional information by the manufacturer we advise you to follow the link right here below.

Click here to learn more about PS PRO and PRO S from Sporting ID