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Review: AC Milan gymsack

  ACM Ambassador: AC Milan 11/12 Gym Sack


The broad spectrum of products produced by Adidas for teams of its brand is almost limitless in scope and in a positive way, the vast categories of products invade our every way of life. However, today I’m not reviewing an AC Milan towel, or AC Milan silverware set. No, today’s product is actually very much a suitable one. Thanks to MMSports, I’ve had the opportunity to review another great product that has more uses than its name implies: the AC Milan 11/12 Gym Sack. I’ll be covering the look, per usual, as well as the product’s purpose, and you, as a reader, will gain insight into another great Adidas product that you could find surprisingly useful. Follow me below!


AC Milan gymsack and soccer ball
AC Milan gym sack 11-12 adidas logo



The Look


Let’s just face it; AC Milan’s colors are red, black, and white, in order of priority. Everything from AC Milan’s diverse collection of products will follow these colors, but it’s all about how they are used. The AC Milan 11/12 Gym Sack has an athletic design and is all black on the back, and upper area of the front. The sack has the greater, lower part of the front in Milan’s iconic red, sporting the three-stripe Adidas design vertically upon it. Centered above the red segment is high-quality screened AC Milan emblem, no “10+ time league champions” star mind you, as the more general merchandise has a tendency to display just the crest. The all-black rear side of the gym sack sports the Adidas logo in white near the top, with no other design or image element anywhere around it. The drawstrings are white, as is the lining around the front’s great red segment. Overall, Adidas has ensured that this product says AC Milan in every way possible and that’s just what a Milan fan wants in their product.


AC Milan gymbag Ac Milan gymback close up
AC Milan gymsack full view AC Milan gym sack full view





The Purpose


The 11/12 Milan gym sack is, as the name implies, primarily an athletic product, designed with the purpose of easing the transportation and movement of athletic supplies such as player gear, balls, and otherwise. The drawstrings allow you to freely tighten and subsequently loosen the sack’s opening, and a zipper on the top of the front open up a new opening with which to store even more. Some testing from myself revealed that no matter how you decide to hold the sack, it’s very well made because it’s always comfortable. It can be worn like a backpack, or just held easily with a hand; the drawstrings are large enough to devote free will to the user of the gym sack.


AC Milan gym pack adidas logo
AC Milan gym pack ACM logo


Other than its feel or athletic focus, the great thing about bags is that they’re good for anything! The sack, around the size of a standard school backpack, is convenient and functional for moving anything around. It’s great for taking some playing gear to the park, and it’s ideal for traveling, there are few, if any limits to how you can harness a bag.


The Final Word


I think Adidas, as with many other products they offer, has done a great job of producing a product that looks great, matches their clubs theme, and most importantly, performs its purpose without hassle or failure. The AC Milan 11/12 Gym Sack is a great product that any Milan fan will appreciate, no matter what they intend to use it for. There can never be too many bags, for there are just so many uses for them. I would very much recommend this gym sack as a gift to any Milan fan, particularly one who hauls around their football gear; it is a great gift idea and at a great price!