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Review: FC Bayern hoody top

Review: FC Bayern hoody top

By MM Sports FC Bayern ambassador Ben Roden


Even as Manchester City trudged off the pitch and out of this season’s Champion’s League, it was tough for this Bayern fan not to feel a twinge of envy. I certainly couldn’t covet City’s introduction into the Europa League, the Champion’s League’s awkward yet well-meaning younger brother.

 Nor were the Citizens’ two spectacular goals a cause of my jealousy– I had little hope that Bayern’s team of youngsters and fringe players would stand much of a chance against City’s first teamers. 

Why then, on what should have been a triumphant evening, did I find myself in reluctant admiration of the Citeh? Perhaps it was because, even in defeat, the boys in blue possessed an indomitable flair, a devil-may-care defiance – in short, Man City has Bad Boy appeal.

Desperate to capture the bad-assery, I immediately donned my new FC Bayern Munich jacket. I pulled the zipper to my chin, raised the hood, and surveyed the world around with a new-found swagger.



FC Bayern zip hoody top



This hoodie is the perfect piece for the Bayern supporter looking to embrace his inner rebel. Unlike other hooded sweatshirts, this one eschews pockets, leaving your hands free to engage in all sorts of flippantly illicit activity – buying unauthorized tickets to Argentina, making obscene gestures to opposing supporters, lighting your apartment on fire with fireworks – the choice is yours.

Along with the embroidered crest on the chest, the hoodie features two screenprints – a large, gray crest on the side of the garment, and the club name in red and white printed across the back.

There’s certainly function to match the flair – the jacket is thick enough to keep you toasty whether or not you follow your manager’s instructions to warm up.  The jacket does run a bit snug, so if you need to conceal firearms when entering the local nightclub, plan on ordering a size or two larger than your usual.

 If you’re looking to inject some City-esque bad-boy flair into your Bayern apparel, lay your money down for this excellent jacket.   Unlike City’s squad, you won’t need Sheikh-funds to afford it.